Early Dating Signs He Likes You

Early Dating Signs He Likes You

Early Dating Signs He Likes You

It can be challenging to discern if somebody else you’re dating appreciates you or not. They might not be sure themselves — which makes sense since picking someone isn’t something that happens overnight! At the same time, if you’re interested in that person, it’s good to have some signs he likes you to gauge where your relationship stands. Here are some early dating signs he likes you can look out for…

Physical Signs

If his pupils dilate when you talk, if he can’t seem to keep his hands off of you, and if he smells like Axe body spray—he probably wants to make out with you. This doesn’t mean a guy is definitely into a girl just because of physical attraction, but it usually does indicate interest. As one study points out, previous research has shown that increased pupil dilation is associated with interpersonal attraction and subsequent behavior (physical or verbal) that demonstrates interest in an interaction partner. If his pupils are super-dilated, take it as a good sign!

And if they’re not at all, don’t give up hope. His eyes might’ve been dilated from something else. For example, some people get dilated pupils when they feel anxious or angry. Or maybe he’s got a lot on his mind? You shouldn’t read too much into someone’s eye size unless there’s other evidence pointing to him interested in you.

If his pupils aren’t dilated, that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t attracted to you; it could be for any number of reasons unrelated to feeling about you. But if his pupils appear more prominent than usual, he’s attracted to you. It’s worth noting that guys who are very physically fit tend to have larger-than-average pupils, so pay attention to how large they actually look rather than simply assuming a guy is into you based on how big his pupils appear.

Personality Signals

Many people believe that true love happens instantly and cannot be explained. The truth is that love happens due to behavioral interactions between two people. One of those behaviors, giving off signals or subtle cues, is something you can control even if you don’t think it’s working. Most people find out from experience whether someone else likes them because they receive signals to show their interest. However, there are ways for you to send out alerts that make it clear to others that you like them without having to risk rejection—thereby avoiding embarrassment and unnecessary heartache!

Just remember these four steps;

  • let your body language do most of the talking.
  • keep your tone light.
  • speak softly.
  • smile often.

However, follow these simple guidelines. At least one other person will understand when you say I like you to someone who involves interacting your feelings with his own. The keys here are honesty and respect: You want him to feel good about himself—and yourself. So before sending any signal at all, please take a moment to consider how much information he needs about where things stand between you two.

Attitude Signals

All in good time. There’s no rush to jump into a relationship, and if your guy is feeling that way, too, it’s a promising sign. Dating should be fun and exciting, not stressful or urgent or forced. There are no expectations other than having fun, Sussman says. If he seems like he’s enjoying spending time with you so far, take heart: A new study from researchers found that people who communicate genuine positivity via body language and tone of voice are more likely to have relationships last over time.

Just ask yourself: Does your guy seem genuinely excited about being with you? If yes, then his positive attitude could be an early indicator that he’s interested in pursuing something more severe down the road. (Bonus points if he has excellent manners.) Don’t rule out small gestures like taking your hand when walking together.

Whitaker says he may feel shy about public displays of affection at first, but there are small ways for him to show you how much he cares. One example: Giving you his jacket when you’re cold outside because he knows how sensitive you get to chills (and that’s why he gets nervous when holding hands).

Now go on a few dates! Asking questions will make him feel comfortable around you. You should also make sure that things aren’t awkward during those conversations. It can help him relax if you make things enjoyable by talking about your passions, such as sports, movies, or politics.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

It’s so cliché but true: Actions speak louder than words. Don’t expect a guy to be forthcoming with his feelings or say what he actually means (or even wants). 

Pay much attention to his words and deeds and how he interferes with other women if you want to understand exactly if a guy likes you.

Has he been checking you out or asking about you? Did he include your name in a list of people at a party? And don’t forget that men typically make decisions faster than women; if there’s interest on his part, it may not take long for him to decide whether or not to pursue you.


Whether you want to believe it or not, there are ways to tell if your crush is actually into you. It’s also worth noting that all other people’s perspectives over whether a person’s behavior is a sign of importance may differ. So, while these clues may indicate a potential like-like situation, they don’t necessarily confirm anything.

But regardless of what everyone else thinks—the person who knows best (i.e., whoever holds your heart) probably agrees with at least some of these signs! And even if they don’t think your crush is flirting, they can take comfort in knowing that sometimes love happens without any warning or reason…at all.