10 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You and Wants to Confess His Feelings

10 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You and Wants to Confess His Feelings

10 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You and Wants to Confess His Feelings

It’s hard to tell if the guy you like has strong feelings for you, especially when he doesn’t say it in so many words. But some non-verbal cues can clarify that he wants to be with you, and you should probably listen when he confesses his feelings to you. Here are ten signs he has strong feelings for you and wants to confess his feelings to you so that you can assess whether or not you wish to take things further with him.

1) He Always Looks at You

Not just when you make eye contact or when he thinks you’re watching him. He ogles at your every move because he can’t stop thinking about how great a catch you are. If that’s not a sign of romantic interest, we don’t know what is. The next time he catches your eye, send him a cute smile back—it will tell him that his feeling is reciprocated.

2) He Loves Your Best Quality

In love, your best quality might be your kindness or your sense of humour. It might be that you’re lovely, or maybe that he finds himself appreciating how hardworking you are in achieving success at work.

So each person is different, as are all relationships. Still, if there’s one common thing every couple can attest to, they fell in love with their partner because of something in particular about them. No one falls in love with someone because of something about them that they don’t have; the chances are good that if he has a crush on someone else—or likes someone else—it’s not because of her best quality! Maybe she’s prettier than you or taller than you.

3) He Has a Hard Time Saying No to You

Suppose a guy consistently makes excuses to spend time with you, constantly texts or calls when he says he’s going to do something else, or otherwise spends as much time with you as possible. In that case, these are reasonable indications that he has a lot of interest in being around you.

If nothing else, it suggests that your positive energy is contagious. Guys are suckers for good points! A person who dislikes being around someone will find ways to get out of their obligations, even if it means saying no or trying to make other plans.

4) When Talking About You, He Gets Excited

If your boyfriend loves talking about you, it’s a sign that he feels very strongly about you. When people talk about other people they love excitingly, they display affection for them. This is a good indication that your boyfriend is ready to admit his love for you, if not already doing so!

Additionally, suppose your man tells everyone about how beautiful or intelligent or unique or thoughtful you are and mentions what qualities make him fall in love with you repeatedly. In that case, your man may be ready to confess his love!

5) He Blushes When He’s Around You

When you walk into a room and give him your charming smile, there’s a good chance that he’ll blush. Men aren’t generally given to blushing very often, so when they do, they’re incredibly comfortable around someone or if they like them.

If your guy is always blushing around you, the chances are high that he has strong feelings for you. Look out for other signs (that will be mentioned later). However, in all likelihood, if he’s still blushing after a few months of being with you, then there are some pretty amazing things in store!

6) His Friends Appear Intrigued by You

Did your guy become unusually talkative while you were around? Did his friends seem suddenly interested in what he had to say? When someone is into another person, they can’t stop talking about them without feeling silly. If your boyfriend suddenly starts speaking glowingly of you around mutual friends, take it as a sign that there’s more than friendship. He may be reluctant to go out on a limb alone——but if friends see how much he likes you, don’t be surprised if that changes soon enough.

7) He Compliments You Often

A compliment shows that you’re thinking about her, Roni Dilbert, so when he gives you a genuine compliment, he sees what others don’t see or notices something special in you.

This demonstrates how he values who you are as a person rather than what your body looks like or what sexual acts you can perform together. His compliments should make you feel happy, confident, loved and beautiful.

8) You Are on His Mind a Lot

The more time a man spends thinking about a woman, even if it’s just recalling past experiences, it’s a sign that he values her opinion and cares what she thinks of him. He may not necessarily be ready to profess his love; however, making her feel special is never wrong.

If you find yourself on his mind often, take note! If he starts sharing personal details with you or showing interest in your daily life (like who your friends are), there’s a good chance that he likes you.

9) He Takes Regular Interest in Your Life

If a guy likes a girl, he needs to know what she’s up to. If it takes him two weeks to ask about your day or acknowledge that you went on vacation, there’s something off here. A guy with strong feelings will also keep tabs on where you are going, who you’re hanging out with, etc. He won’t want to miss anything about your life!

10) He Doesn’t Run from Commitment

If a guy starts steering clear of commitment when it comes to dating, beware. It’s possible that he doesn’t have time right now or is going through a bad breakup. But suppose he abruptly changes his tune from calling you the one after months together to not wanting a serious relationship. There seems to be a considerable possibility something else is travelling on in that case. He might be insecure about being in a committed relationship with you.

He may feel like he can’t measure up in your eyes because of his past relationships (and what better way to avoid dealing with those issues than by avoiding commitment altogether. Or maybe he isn’t ready for anything long-term at all.


Signs a guy is falling in love with you can be challenging to spot at times, especially if it’s only been a short time. Learning how to know if a guy has strong feelings for you will boost your confidence, especially as it pertains to dating and relationships.