How many rounds can a man go per night

How many rounds can a man go per night

How many rounds can a man go per night? | Crazy Facts about men

Getting pleased multiple times in bed is what every couple wants. But for how long? The duration varies from person to person and includes many factors as well. 

This article will discuss how many rounds a man can go per night and what factors are included in varying the number of rounds. 

What factors are included?

Here we have discussed some of the most common factors which can affect your bed life.


As the age grows, the number of rounds you can go per night decreases. Generally, a 20-year-old man can do more rounds than a 40-year-old man. However, there are supplements available that can help in enhancing your performance.

According to experts, a man in their 50’s starts having sexual performance issues, which affects their performance. But this doesn’t mean that people in their 20’s cannot go three, four, or five rounds. It is possible based on your health and diet as well. 


Your lifestyle plays a significant role in your number of rounds. If you have an active and healthy lifestyle, you can take more time in bed than a man with an unhealthy lifestyle. 

A good lifestyle refers to eating healthy, organic food and working out regularly to keep your body in good shape, rather than having excessive junk food, consuming too much alcohol, smoking, and not working out regularly. 

According to experts, smoking and stiff drinks are the main reasons that cause lower sexual performance in men. The majority of man who smokes and drinks too much cannot go more than two rounds per night.  

So, if you want to enhance your sexual performance, start adopting a healthier lifestyle to get more rounds in bed. 


Man with poor health and diseases like obesity and cholesterol issues can reduce testosterone level and reduce sexual performance. Heart problems are the most common ones as well in reducing testosterone levels.

When involved in sexual activity, the brain transmits signals to nerves within the pen, increasing blood flow and enhancing performance.

So, heart issues, cholesterol issues, obesity can highly affect your performance. Moreover, it would help if you prescribed your doctor before taking any pills. It can affect your health if you have any blocked arteries. This could mean lower rounds than a healthy man of the same age. 

Depression can lead to loss of libido, thereby decreasing the number of rounds per night. Other medical issues that can be issued are spinal cord injury, diabetes, cancer, etc.

How many rounds can a mango per night?

After considering all the issues addressed above, we have come to some results. 

For 18-35-year-olds

If you are 18-30 years old, it is between 15-40 minutes before eja*culating. The number of rounds one can go is 2 to as high as six rounds per night. 

The numbers can go up and down depending on the factors discussed above. We can say that if you have a positive lifestyle and you have good health, your refractory period will increase. 

For 35-70+ year old’s

You can either be impressive in your sexual performance, or you’re of no use at this age. You can go from 1 to 4 rounds per night. But, again, your lifestyle, health, and eating habits play a massive role in this age.

You can go up to 40 minutes before eja*culating if you have good health and lifestyle, or you can go less than 30 seconds as well if things aren’t going well.

How long to wait for round 2

For or*gasms, studies show that it again depends on how old the person you’re having sex with is. For an 18 year old, an average refractory period is 15-20 minutes and at least 20 hours for a 70 year old. 

However, the refractory period varies from person to person according to his lifestyle and health.

How long does it take for a woman to be ready for round 2

Women have to wait a few seconds for the second round, and they can have numerous or*gasms in a single round.

However, as discussed before, the male refractory period varies before eja*culation. Some men are ready in minutes, and others take hours or days, depending on their age and other factors.

How to recharge for round 2?

After you are done with the first round, you need to distract yourself for a short time to recharge for round 2. It helps in regenerating your dopamine. Foreplay can help as well in recharging you for round 2. 

Usually, a young man from 18-35 years old needs around 15-20 minutes to recharge for round 2. But, again, this depends on your lifestyle and health factors. 

However, a man above 50 years won’t go any further after the first round. But if you have good health and diet, you can do anything!.

How to increase your number of rounds?

Tips to enhance your number of rounds and decrease refractory period for men of all ages. These factors are for everyone and positively affect every man irrespective of age, health, and lifestyle.

Reduce the frequency

Men can see if reducing their sexual intercourse frequency can help them cut down on time for a second round and increase the number of rounds.

For example, if a man has sex every day, he should try having sex alternating days or twice a week.

Try new positions

Changing positions now and then may provide some men with a different form of sexual excitement and affect the testosterone level positively, which could affect the time it takes for them to become aroused for the next session.


Ears, necks, lips, and testicles are more sensitive to touch than other body parts.

Therefore, pulling or twisting these places can increase sexual excitement while shortening the refractory period and increasing the number of rounds.


Your bed life matters a lot and helps lead a happy life. It is essential to keep yourself and your partner happy in their bed life. We shared some of the best tips that will help you increase the number of rounds. 

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