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Heart and eyes

Looking into your eyes can cause your heart rate to be synchronized. There is a deep relation between heart and eyes. There where our website www.hearteyesmag.com comes in. We discuss love, family, and togetherness. Do you feel that you and your companion aren’t “in the same place” lately? It might be time to look into the eyes of your partner. Although it sounds somewhat cheesy, there are some scientific benefits to a look-in: studies show that couples who love each other and stare into each other’s eyes naturally feel synchronized heartbeats for three minutes. The only way you can confirm the validity is to experience it!

If you’ve ever felt “high” when you’re with your partner, and you feel like it’s just your imagination. Love alters the brain the same way as a dose of cocaine can and can even trigger the same sensation of joy. The process of falling in love activates twelve brain regions simultaneously.

Are you looking for an injection of natural painkillers? Take cuddling during Valentine’s Day. Cuddling has been proven to trigger the body to release oxytocin. This chemical reduces headaches and reduces the pain of other body parts for up to four hours. Before you go to the Tylenol, make sure you reach for your beloved!

If searching for a person like you, it may be an opportunity to look at other options. It turns out that opposites don’t just draw attention and stay together for longer. Research has shown that couples too similar or different are less likely to last as long. While the fundamental similarities are crucial, more minor differences are beneficial for a relationship.

Let us discuss all possibilities of lovers and couples in our magazine. Hearteyesmag.com welcomes you.

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