The Band CAMINO “Berenstein” Song Review


By Caylee Robillard

“Berenstein” is the latest single from the Memphis-based four-piece The Band CAMINO. The song was released as a surprise on December 15th, and it was met with excitement and anticipation. Sonically, the single is the classic indie-pop/rock that has gained the band a solid fan base; however, lyrically, this song has a bit of a twist. Inspired by the Mandela effect and the Berenstein Bears conspiracy, this song dives deep into alternate/parallel universes.

The Mandela Effect, also known as false memory, has many conspiracies under its spectrum — some of the most popular being: Jif or Jiffy peanut butter, Forrest Gump’s box of chocolate quote, and most relevant, The Berenstein Bears correct spelling. The idea behind the concept is that collective false memories, like The Berenstein Bears actually being spelled Berenstain, actually exist, just in a parallel/alternate universe.

So, inspired by the ideal of alternate universes, The Band CAMINO wrote “Berenstein.” The chorus tells of an parallel universe where things might have been different, you might have been together, and where Berenstein was the correct spelling for The Berenstain Bears.

“At another place in time

Only parallel to mine

The universe was alright

When Berenstein was fine”

One thing you can rely on from The Band CAMINO is the bridge of most of their songs will hook you. There is a massive amount of emotion and longing in this particular song’s bridge, and it contains the kind of lyrics that you just have to scream…

“Wait for me, wait for me there

I’ll die if you die, wait for me I swear

Wait for me I’m still somewhere

You’re getting older without me, I’m scared”

We have all had those relationships where the timing was off or things just didn’t pan out, but maybe in another place and time it could have everything you’d imagined it would be. The concept explore in this single is a Utopian twist on a common issue, and the band was able to portray it seamlessly. This song has everything from solid production to conspiracy theories, and they are on the rise — keep an eye out for what they put out next and catch them on tour in a city near you!

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