“Who Do You Think You Are?” Music Video Premiere


By Kaitlyn Mura

The newest single by The New Schematics is a love song from Cory’s perspective, directed at his wife. The song not only has a catchy dance beat, but it has sweet, undeniably heartfelt lyrics sure to make anyone smile.  “Who Do You Think You Are?” is a slightly different sound for The New Schematics, and it is definitely not a single to miss out on.

The video opens up on an empty chair holding a pair of headphones and a yellow background wall. A few seconds later footsteps are heard and captions explaining what is about to happen pop up on the center of the screen. A woman who is introduced as Kristen, the inspiration for the single, sits down in the chair with headphones on to hear “Who Do You Think You Are?” for the first time.

As the song plays on we see Kristen’s uncut reactions to the song written about her, and less than a minute into the song she is dancing in her chair and singing along to the chorus.  The catchy dance beat of the song is easy to get into and viewers may find themselves dancing along with Kristen as the video goes on. As the song comes to a close a recording of Kristen from her husband’s voicemail play in the background. Smiling wide she looks off to the corner where the band is presumably sitting and mouths “is that me?” with a wide smile.

The simple nature of the music video allows for the song to truly shine, and though it may be simple it is clearly very well thought out. The color scheme used provides a positive vibe but still allows for viewers to focus on the lyrics and Kristen’s reactions. The video represents exactly what the song does, Cory’s undeniable feelings for his wife, and the unconditional support that she provides to him as he follows his dreams.

The video comes to a close just as the song stops playing, with a smile Kristen begins to take off her headphones as the screen goes dark. This single represents The New Schematics just as so many people see them, a positive and uplifting group that is sure to make you smile. “Who Do You Think You Are?” is not only an incredible song, but it is has a beautifully created video. There were no questions as to who the song referred to or what was happening in the video. All in all, I truly believe that this is some of The New Schematics best work yet, and I cannot wait to see what else they will do in the coming year.

You can watch the music video here: https://youtu.be/oXvmoWFQn9I

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