PHANGS Releases New Single “Eyes Off You”


By Camryn Wolfenbarger

Though his first album was just released a few months ago in July, the indie dream pop artist PHANGS is back at it again with a new single “Eyes Off You.” Released December 15th, the new tune has a similar musical style to his last album and lyrics filled with love and longing for someone that all of us can relate to at one point or another.

     In an interview with Atwood Magazine, the artist discussed the influences on his music, especially how his childhood and his mom’s music taste shaped his taste. He commented, “We had this huge boombox – very 90s – and she would blast Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson or Boys 2 men.” These influences are extremely present in his music, a common theme that he seems to be sticking to in his new release. His new single is a continuation of the master craftsmanship he displayed on his first LP, incorporating not only 90s RMB sound, but also 80s synth pop. The combination gives off a definite throwback feel, which is reminiscent of artists like LANY and The 1975.

     Although he is not necessarily a big artist yet, PHANGS is definitely a musician on the rise, and an artist whose fan base will only keep growing. If you’re looking for a new sound, while still wanting to stick to the indie pop scene, PHANGS is your guy.