Summer Series Part 2 : Tommy’s Weekly Playlist


By Tommy Rodriguez

The following list is a continuation of Heart Eyes Magazine’s Summer Series, where I will take a look at three essential summer songs each week and add them to our ever growing Summer Playlist…we hope you enjoy! Check out part one of the series here.

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Fake Mona Lisa” 

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If there’s one thing that Carly Rae Jepsen is an expert at, it’s creating pop bangers designed for the summertime. “Fake Mona Lisa,” a standout track from her latest 2020 album Dedicated: Side B epitomizes the carefree nature of a summer romance. The electronic synths have a surprising amount of weight to their melody, guitars buzz like honeybees in a garden, and the drums bring an infectious bounce. Jepsen hasn’t lost her hit-making ability since “Call Me Maybe,” and this is song has great potential to become another bop for the season. 

Fabolous feat. Mikey Shorey & Lil’ Mo – “Can’t Let You Go” 

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Fabolous may not have the most illustrious career in the 2010s, but his 2000s catalogue is proof that his work still stands the test of time. “Can’t Let You Go” is one of his most iconic hits, and it’s a perfect song to play while social distancing from a loved one. The separate guitar strums work alongside each other in a beautiful way as the drums set the stage for a slower, intimate dance. Fabolous’s monotone, straightforward delivery contrasts beautifully with Mike Shorey’s soulful hook and Lil Mo’s poignant crooning. For a day when you miss that special someone a little more than normal, this may be the cure. 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads Will Roll” 

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Few bands have the energy of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs; even fewer combine electronic and rock music quite like they have. “Heads Will Roll” is an absolute banger on every level, perfect for a workout or even just waking you during a midday study session. Everything goes all out: the guitars roar, the synths are as finely tuned as they can possibly be, and the drums never let up. The song’s writing and performances, however, are its shining achievements. As Karen O belts out “Off with your head!” with a Queen of Hearts vigor, the hook sticks. It’s sure to inspire you to have a rave in your home as vibrant as the summer festivals we miss so much. 

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