When to give up on an Aquarius man? Things to do if he wants you back

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When to give up on an Aquarius man? Things to do if he wants you back

To give up on an Aquarius man? It’s easy to fall in love with an Aquarius man, but the truth is he’s not perfect, and here’s why. Aquarius men can be difficult, especially when you first start dating them, but the truth is they are more than worth the effort. Do you have a great relationship with an Aquarius man? Maybe he wants you back, and you don’t know what to do? Well, there are some things you need to consider before taking him back…

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How To Handle An Aquarius Man Who Has Given Up On You

An Aquarius man who has given up on you is a rare creature, but unfortunately, it does happen. You could be in a new relationship with him, and he’s already decided he doesn’t want it to work out. Or maybe you broke up several months ago, and now he’s changed his mind about you.

Either way, don’t read too much into his sudden interest in being together again — just because an Aquarius man wants you back doesn’t mean he suddenly thinks your relationship will work out. A strong personality will make all of your frustrations worthwhile if they can handle that dynamic.

Signs An Aquarius Man Is Giving You A Second Chance

One of your biggest fears when an Aquarius man breaks up with you, is if he will come back. Let’s talk about when he might do that so you know what to expect and what to do next because what matters most is getting him back.

Well, here are some red flags that may indicate he’s giving you a second chance:

When he’s lonely. For example, sometimes men don’t have anybody in their lives, and it gets too lonely.

When he misses your friendship or companionship. Often, exes miss each other’s friendship and companionship but not necessarily romance.

When he realizes how much he loves you

Men often realize they love someone after they lose them and think about her constantly. When he realizes his mistakes and wants to make things right again, this can happen when guys realize they were wrong for breaking up with you in the first place or want to fix something they did wrong while dating (like ghosting). When his friends convince him that you two should get back together again. This is especially true if his friends opposed your breakup from day one!

When he’s had time to reflect on his life and see where you fit into it, after spending time apart, many people realize they made a mistake by letting go of somebody important to them.

When he sees you happy with another guy, many men become jealous when they see their ex-girlfriends happy with somebody else—and wonder why she couldn’t be happy with him instead!

This can be difficult to gauge when he sees that you still care about him, but if there are signs that you still care about him, the chances are good that he cares about you. 

When An Aquarius Man Acts Differently Around You

If you notice something different about your man around you, it’s best to ask him about it. He most likely wants to be honest with you and may have changed for reasons that aren’t as personal as they appear at first glance. An Aquarius will always tell you when he likes or dislikes something – or someone – so if he hasn’t yet, ask him why. Don’t get mad at him because he doesn’t behave like that normal guy we all know and love!; instead, look at why that is and then try talking to him about his behavior before making any rash decisions.

How To Keep An Aquarius From Giving You The Runaround

Trying to pull one over on an Aquarius is a fool’s errand. Trying to make an Aquarius jealous will never work. One of their best traits is that they’re upfront, honest, and logical. If he’s not looking for anything serious, don’t be fooled into thinking you can change his mind. If you want him back, an in-person conversation would be best to see if he’s genuine about wanting you again. But if it’s clear he’s moved on or doesn’t care about getting back together with you, save yourself some time by writing off your broken relationship as a loss and moving on with your life. Better luck next time!

The Best Ways To Get Your Aquarius Boyfriend To Notice You: This can be tricky because he isn’t going to go out of his way to get to know you if there isn’t any chemistry between you two. The trick here is being a little flirty without seeming like you’re throwing yourself at him, which might make him think twice before taking things further.

The key here is making sure your interest in him shows subtly and that he takes the initiative rather than feeling like he has to do all of the heavy lifting himself. Make sure that whatever you do makes sense for who YOU are so there’s no miscommunication between what you want from each other. Always respect boundaries, too!

How To Get An Aquarius Back After A Breakup

While some zodiac signs are better at holding onto relationships than others, if you’re having a hard time getting your Aquarius man back after a breakup, it might be a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. Before you turn your attention to someone else in search of true love and companionship, take some time alone so you can reflect on what went wrong.

Getting closure is important because it will allow you to move forward and make positive changes for yourself. This could include taking more time for yourself or doing things you enjoy. It could also mean being honest about what kind of partner would suit you best. Once you feel like you have a good grasp of these things, start looking around again and find someone who shares similar interests. An Aquarius man isn’t right for everyone. Still, he could be right for another woman with similar personality traits!


As you can see, there is no one perfect relationship or love interest. Every person comes with challenges, qualities, and quirks that may make or break a relationship. While you shouldn’t give up just because things get difficult (that should be a given), it is sometimes necessary to admit defeat and move on. When you decide it’s time for a change, follow your heart and listen to your gut—that’s when everything will fall into place!