10 Best App To Mix Songs Together Free For Professionals And Beginners

    10 Best App To Mix Songs Together Free For Professionals And Beginners

    10 Best App To Mix Songs Together Free For Professionals And Beginners

    Mixing two songs can be easy if you have the right software. Although, when it comes to mixing song files without paying a high price, many people are clueless about which programs and apps to use on their Mac or PCs. To help you figure out which programs offer the best features for mixing songs, I’ve created this list of the 10 Best apps to mix songs free for professionals and beginners. 

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    1) Audacity

    A popular alternative to GarageBand, Audacity is entirely free. It has all the basic features you’d expect from a solid audio editing application like its rival. Plus, it’s cross-platform compatible with Mac OS X, Linux/Unix, and Windows. It isn’t as intuitive or fun to use as GarageBand. Still, it gets the job done when recording an idea on your iPhone. It’s worth mentioning that its official website is filled with information on using Audacity in various settings (like recording podcasts).

    If you are looking for apps to mix music, it is best to do it through Audacity. This application is a free program for recording and mixing audio, and you can use it to mix tracks. An audacity is an excellent tool for many different kinds of people. You can learn more about this application by reading the article below.

    Key features

    • Audacity is open-source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.
    • It allows you to import sound files, edit them, record new tracks, arrange them and export them.
    • In terms of usability, it has whatever you need, and even though it tends to lack all of the features, you don’t.
    • Instead of having a single large window with every option in sight, Audacity prefers a module-based system where each part of what you’re doing is visible, focusing on each task without distraction.
    • It supports VST effects plugins giving users further control over their sound.

    2) FL Studio Mobile

    The most popular entry in our roundup, FL Studio Mobile, is a full-featured music production suite available as a native app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Suppose you’re just getting started with music production on your phone or tablet. In that case, it’s hard to do better than FL Studio Mobile: It features both multi-track recording and mixing capabilities so that you can create tracks from scratch. The mobile version of FL Studio includes all of its mobile add-ons—like audio effects like compression and delay—which makes it one of our favorite apps, period. 

    Key features

    • FL Studio Mobile includes its own Groove Player, which allows you to play various built-in instruments: piano, drum pads, bassline synth, lead synth, guitar, and strings.
    • In addition to these instruments, there are also three sample packs available: Hip Hop Sounds Vol 1 & 2 by Sample Magic and Dance Sound Vol 1 & 2 by MDA Soundworks.
    • These contain professionally designed sounds for mobile music production that you can use royalty-free in your tracks.

    3) Smule Sing! Karaoke

    Have you ever been out at a club or karaoke bar and wished you could put your voice in someone else’s song? Karaoke on Smule Sing! is designed specifically with that goal in mind. Using state-of-the-art music mixing technology, you can sing along with famous pop songs, a duet with artists such as Ariana Grande or Alicia Keys, and cover your favorite tracks by putting your voice inside them, remixing them, or even putting multiple singers into one song.

    Whether it’s singing with friends, exploring new genres you haven’t tried before, or practicing singing techniques like vibrato or growling – there are so many ways to have fun here! This free karaoke app is perfect for anyone who loves singing!

    Key features

    • Smule Karaoke (formerly known as Sing!) is a karaoke game that turns singing into a social experience.
    • Up to 16 singers can join in on each song and record their vocals for playback; you can even sing live with others.
    • It’s not just about singing along: You have to get your timing down to score well.
    • And if you don’t hit all of your cues? An onscreen guide will let you know how close you came to getting it right—and how far off you were—so there are no excuses!
    • Score enough points with fellow singers. They may crown you the King/Queen of Karaoke at ten cumulative wins across iOS and Android devices in any singing mode.

    4) Ecamm Call Recorder

    Whether you own an Apple phone, you already have access to a natural advantage designed specifically for calls: Ecamm Call Recorder. It works with Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, WebEx, and Join. Me and other audio conferencing apps. You could even purchase it from the Apple App Store and use that for free (with advertisements) thru the Ecamm Cloud Gatherings.

    It comes with 10 minutes of recording time; you can purchase additional minutes. It allows two-way audio—great if you want your client or manager on board during your call so they can respond immediately or ask questions at any time.

    Key features

    • Ecamm call recorder is an entirely free tool used by over 6 million worldwide.
    • It is available on all Android, Ios, and Windows phones.
    • Using Ecamm call recorder, you can record your phone calls with your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else in a better way.
    • You don’t need any other application or software as it has in-built features which will fulfill all your needs.

    5) Skyro recorder – iOS Call Recorder

    Suppose you need an app that allows you to record conversations. In that case, for Skype calls or other audio on your iPhone, the Skyro recorder is one of your best options. The interface is simple enough that you should be able to figure it out pretty quickly; a small button in your control panel will allow you to toggle recording whenever needed. Skyro can save recordings in either MP3 or WAV format, making it easy to transfer files between devices. A quick email (or iTunes sync) will get your audio onto whatever device is most convenient when you’re done recording. 

    Key features

    • Recorder iOS call recorder mixer allows you to record your calls, music, or any other audio with its intuitive user interface in a few taps.
    • It also helps you create awesome ringtones by importing music from your library and combining them seamlessly.
    • With recorder iOS call recorder mixer, you can add voice-overs or commentary in real-time while listening to music from your playlist.
    • Skyro recorder also automatically detects duplicates while recording calls.
    • You can save them as a single file on your device.
    • You can share these recordings directly via email, MMS, or SMS or upload them on cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

    6) Audio Memos Recorder -iOS & Apple Watch

    With its Apple Watch-based remote controls, Audio Memos is a highly convenient way to record interviews on your iPhone without awkwardly holding your phone in front of you. And it offers built-in features for syncing recorded audio with other apps and high-quality recording settings. It also doesn’t require a subscription if you want basic audio recording capabilities. 

    Key features

    • Record multiple channels simultaneously at 32-bit, 96 kHz sample rate.
    • Drag-and-drop file transfers between mobile devices and desktop computers (up to 16 channels).
    • Multiple channel selection allows simultaneous processing of up to four individual files on a single track.
    • Load time is less than 3 seconds per file (compared with 12 seconds in our first version).

    7) Ringtone Maker (Free and Paid Versions Available)

    Who says you need a mixing console or high-end software to produce your ringtones? Not us. We recommend downloading Ringtone Maker. It’s simple, easy, and straightforward—making it a great choice if you’re starting with music production software. On top of all that, Ringtone Maker is completely free to download!

    Key features

    • Are you looking for an app that allows you to create professional-sounding ringtones? Here is a fantastic app called Ringtone maker which will help you do so without any issue.
    • The cool thing about it is that it has a straightforward interface and allows you to create your favorite song or audio clips into any ringtone of your choice.
    • It is a powerful application with valuable features that stand out from other similar apps.
    • If you have been trying to find a good application for creating your ringtones, you should try Ringtone maker on your Android phone.

    8) Mixlr

    Mixlr is one of those services that should have native Mac support. The web-based service allows you to record a live stream of your audio or listen in on others’ recordings—you can even like comments made by other listeners. Mixlr works well with GarageBand for podcasters or YouTubers, mainly when using an external microphone. While not precisely like broadcasting with a traditional radio station, Mixlr is a good alternative if you’re looking for something fun and easy. And it’s free!

    Key features

    • Mixlr is a robust streaming and recording platform that helps DJs everywhere manage their sound.
    • It emphasizes easy broadcasting of live performances and serves as a tool to share your music with friends or collaborate on new tracks.
    • Mixlr offers many features similar to other streaming services (streaming from mobile, unlimited listeners, etc.) but allows artists more control over how they present themselves while interacting with their audience.
    • And it’s completely free! Many people are still skeptical about sharing mixes online because they don’t want their music shared without their permission.
    • This can be alleviated by enabling setlists; artists can select individual songs or even entire playlists that are only available for people following them in a listen-only mode.

    9) Bigasoft Audio Converter Pro

    (Perfect for Voice Over Recording and Music Mixing, Recording Without Sound Quality Loss)Bigasoft Audio Converter Pro is an audio conversion program that converts any audio files, including DRM-protected ones. It has an all-in-one integrated toolbox with almost every necessary function like recording without sound quality loss, music mixing, converting videos to audio, making ringtones, etc. What’s more interesting is that it can extract audio from videos and easily make ringtones. This program makes your conversion much easier than you thought before. Thus it deserves your trying experience!

    Key features

    • Support 30+ output audio formats, including AAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc., and WAV format.
    • Convert between audio formats with super fast speed.
    • Convert 2X faster than other apps with the same powerful engines under our newly released version 3.0.
    • Bigasoft Audio Converter Pro is a professional music converting tool that can assist you in converting various audio files from one format to another without compromising quality in any way possible!

    10) Wavosaur Free Audio Editor

    (The Greatest Audio Editing Software For Newbies On Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris Systems.)

    Audio editing software. Wavosaur Free Audio Editor is a free audio editor which allows you to record, edit and process audio data. This software tool has all of that can be useful for making music. You can load multiple audio files at once into Wavosaur, then cut them, copy parts from one file and insert them into another. It has a built-in synthesizer, so you can easily create new instruments or modify existing ones by adjusting sound parameters, effects, etc. Audio recording from a microphone is also supported in Wavosaur Free Audio Editor.

    Key features

    • Wavosaur is an open-source audio editor with VST plugin support.
    • Audio editing is a powerful tool that can be used by both professionals and beginners since everyone from musicians to DJs might need it someday.
    • The whole toolset is focused on combining several files into one (mashup) – so expect more in-depth tasks like creating quick loops, managing your digital pieces of vinyl, or making soundtracks for multimedia projects.
    • Recording capabilities aren’t limited, but not everyone will find them helpful – you can easily import samples from your microphone or any other external device and play them back in real-time with pitch control if needed.


    Mixing music is a crucial part of music creation. For almost everyone, mixing is where all the art happens. Having a great-sounding song is only half of what’s needed. The other half comes from mixing it properly. Unfortunately, mixing isn’t as easy as learning how to press play on your favorite recording software; there are several things you need to know to make sure you get that professional sound out of your work in record time (without spending countless hours). We put together a list of 10 apps to help you take your first steps toward becoming a great mixing engineer!