10 Best Apps and Software to Mix Songs Together Automatically

10 Best Apps and Software to Mix Songs Together Automatically

10 Best Apps and Software to Mix Songs Together Automatically

Anyone who has ever tried to record or mix music knows how difficult it can be to match the natural vocals and instruments with other tracks in perfect harmony and rhythm. But now, you don’t have to spend hours trying to fix each way in your audio file because some of the best apps and software exist to mix songs automatically and quickly, even if you’re not an expert at mixing audio files!

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1. Zulu DJ Software

If you want a simple way to mix your songs automatically, try Zulu DJ. This software makes it easy for anyone to socialize with vocals, even if you’re just getting started. It offers hundreds of looping sounds and DJ effects so that you can genuinely customize your mixes. Zulu supports many different audio file formats, including FLAC and Apple Lossless.

Although most DJs rely on CDs or vinyl records as their source material, it is also possible to play digital music with Zulu – all you need is an internet connection! Professional DJs usually use multiple turntables or controllers, which allow them to perform live remixes in real-time. Some computer-based solutions offer similar capabilities.

Key features

  • Mixing songs automatically is easier than you think.
  • Using music-mixing software, like Zulo DJ, makes it simple—and if you have a steady Internet connection, you can do so from anywhere in your home or office.
  • These programs are easy to use: Import your iTunes playlists and then select songs that blend well with each other.
  • When you’re ready to start, just hit play on one of your favourite song’s playlists—or hit play on multiple playlists at once if you want a fun shuffle of music.
  • You don’t need any musical ability whatsoever; all work is done for you by these programs in seconds.

2. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is a free music-making tool that allows you to make songs with pre-recorded loops, singing synthesizers, drum machines, and various effects. The software supports all major audio formats, including MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, FLAC, and AAC. You can even record your voice with a microphone.

Music Maker Jam also allows you to use a MIDI keyboard and other instruments such as guitar or piano. It supports live remixing – allowing users to tweak existing audio tracks while playing in real-time. Its integrated mixer lets you control the volume of each way easily by moving faders on-screen or using MIDI controllers like knobs on a physical mixer desk.

Key features

  • Music Maker Jam is a powerful app that lets you remix your favourite songs in seconds.
  • It comes with various features and functionality and a pretty slick interface.
  • You can choose from various audio effects, remove vocals, use Auto-Tune (for all those aspiring Dance Moms out there), adjust beats per minute (BPM) with ease, and more.
  • There are even preset loops already in place for you to start mixing right away quickly.
  • The best part? This app will mix music for you automatically; it’s basically like having your DJ who never misses a beat!
  • Plus, it’s super easy to share your work on social media if you’re into that kind of thing.

3. Beatmaker 3 Pro

Beatmaker 3 Pro is a powerful software for mixing songs, but it’s certainly not for beginners. There are many features in Beatmaker 3 Pro that you don’t find in many competing apps—including a 24-track mixer and support for VST plugins. The most outstanding quality, in my opinion, is Beatmaker 3 Pro’s ability to add new music to your project automatically.

Select a source folder or playlist, set a few parameters like instrumentation, beat length, etc., and start recording. Suppose you have access to cloud storage (via Dropbox or Google Drive). In that case, Beatmaker will even automatically mix tracks from different sources!

Key features

  • Beatmaker 3 Pro is one of many software pieces for making beats designed for those who want an easy way to create music and have more advanced features.
  • This program’s main selling point is its ability to mix songs automatically.
  • While you may not have thought that was possible, it’s very cool when you see it in action.
  • It all happens through beat slicing, which essentially chops up a song (or multiple songs) into chunks that playback seamlessly.
  • This makes it easy for anyone to create beats quickly.

4. Rhythm Section

Making your music sound great doesn’t have to take forever. Here are 10 of our favourite pieces of software for automatically mixing tracks if you’re looking for a quick way to mix songs. This can be extremely useful when you want to create a seamless transition from one piece into another or want something fast and easy, such as in movies or other creative productions where speed is essential.

Because these programs make it easy, we encourage you to try them all out; we think even experienced engineers will be surprised by how quickly they can mix songs with these tools.

Key features

  • Mixing a song using Auto-Tune is an advanced audio editing technique best left for advanced users.
  • The software listed below is more than capable of matching your vocals with instrumental tracks without tuning them first, but make sure you have some experience before trying it out. 

5. Blaze Free DJ

If you want to throw a little music on in your house but aren’t ready to spring for an expensive sound system, plenty of apps will let you mix songs (sometimes referred to as DJing). Free DJ, available for iOS devices, is a simple way to start mingling. It automatically mixes songs based on BPM (beats per minute), working well with music from different genres.


It also uses voice prompts, so anyone can get started using it efficiently. More advanced users may not love Free DJ because it doesn’t offer as many customization options—it keeps things very simple. But for those who want an easy-to-use mixer app, Free DJ is a great choice. The only downside?

Key features

  • Blaze is an easy way for anyone to create professional-quality music mixes.
  • With a user-friendly interface, auto DJ feature, ability to add lyrics to your songs, and ability to work with numerous file types, Blaze free DJ gives you all of these features while remaining 100% free.
  • This mix software lets you play digital files from CDs or MP3s right through your computer’s CD or DVD drive.
  • In addition, this program can help you save money on hardware because it supports most brands of sound cards that are supported by Windows XP or Vista (32-bit).
  • With Blaze’s free DJ, creating music is easier than ever before! 

6. Song Maker

There are few better apps than Song Maker if you want to mix songs quickly. It allows you to cut, rearrange, and loop short clips from your favourite songs into entirely new tracks that can be shared with other users on a social platform built into Song Maker. The app is free for Android devices but requires a subscription for iOS users. Note: To use Song Maker properly, you should understand basic music theory. 

Key features

  • Instantly convert your favourite audio files into unique music mixes with features that let you take control of how they sound.
  • The software lets you mix songs by blending vocals, instruments, beats, and other elements.
  • It also gives you complete control over echo, Reverb, distortion, beat-pulsing special effects, etc.
  • You can add lyrics for complete vocal remixes; share your creations on social media for music lovers to enjoy; record new mixes using a microphone with a single click.

7. UltraMixer

UltraMixer is a free piece of software that enables you to mix music automatically. Suppose you’re looking for a way to create seamless transitions between songs when performing or at a live DJ gig; UltraMixer is perfect for beginners. With features like scratching, beat-matching, time-stretching, and pitch-shifting, it’s also great for seasoned pros. And because it’s entirely digital – not recording onto tape – there are no limitations on the number of tracks your computer can support; in fact, UltraMixer can load thousands of different songs into one session.

Key features

  • Ultra mixer is a versatile mixing software that lets you create unique mashups of your favourite songs.
  • With it, you can combine two songs into a completely new track while maintaining key elements such as melody, vocals, or instrumentals.
  • This makes it an excellent tool for DJs and people just starting with music production.
  • To start mixing two tracks with Ultramixer, drag and drop them into its interface.
  • You can also set up cues so that audio loops perfectly match certain parts of a song.
  • For example, you could mix from one song’s chorus to another’s intro without any noticeable dropouts or distortion.

8. GarageBand

Apple’s GarageBand is an excellent software for anyone who wants to make music but doesn’t have a studio. It comes with pre-made loops, sample tracks, instruments, and effects that you can use right away or customize. But GarageBand goes beyond being just a simple recording app. Thanks to some handy vital commands, you can quickly mix two songs to sound like they were meant to be heard together. 

Key features

  • GarageBand, Apple’s audio recording software, is a favourite of musicians who want to make music on their Mac.
  • It’s not as complex as other options, but it’s also much more streamlined than Pro Tools.
  • GarageBand is incredibly accessible for music lovers who want a simple way to get started with creating and recording.
  • While you can only record into GarageBand using a built-in microphone or instrument with an audio interface (which can be purchased separately), you can mix multiple recordings of these tracks into what’s called a project.
  • You have complete control over things like tempo, volume balance, and even equalization—if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry; use your ears!

9. MultiTrack DAW

If you’re using a Mac, GarageBand is an excellent multi-track recording tool that comes free with every new computer. Hindenburg (Mac only) has received rave reviews from users if you want something a little more advanced than GarageBand but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. Hindenburg (Mac only) has received rave reviews from users. Audacity is a great multi-track recording tool for PC users that doesn’t cost much. All three programs allow you to mix your tracks into a single stereo file if desired, which can then be exported directly into iTunes or uploaded to SoundCloud.

Key features

  • I am using MultiTrackDaw for mixing songs automatically.
  • MultiTrackDaw is a complete recording studio package, making it easier than ever for you to record your music or podcast.
  • You can drag and drop files into audio tracks, where you can adjust them individually.
  • Suppose you are looking for software that makes mixing songs easier without compromising quality. In that case, we highly recommend using MultiTrackDaw because of its simple interface, compatibility with most operating systems, and a wide array of editing tools.
  • The software gives users total control over their mix by letting them edit each track in multiple ways so they can mix their songs quickly while still maintaining high-quality sound!

10. Cubase LE 8

If you’re looking for a fully-fledged recording and mixing solution without shelling out a small fortune, then Cubase LE 8 is worth looking at. It’s not as full-featured as its bigger brother, but it comes with most of what you need to get started. Best of all, it won’t set you back much more than $100. With only two stereo tracks per project (compared to 32 with Cubase), DAW functionality like dragging in audio files and working with MIDI data, plus support for VST plugins (including things like Reverb), Cubase LE 8 is worth checking out.

Key features

  • One-stop solution for your studio’s recording, mixing, editing, composing, and publishing tasks; Cubase LE 8 is a compact version of Steinberg’s established DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) platform.
  • This small but powerful package offers numerous tools that allow you to craft a polished mix with ease.
  • Whether you’re working on vocals or drums, guitars or bass, strings or synths – Cubase LE 8 will leave you satisfied.


With these ten apps, software music makers can learn to mix songs without needing to be a pro in mixing, editing, or mastering. While most of these applications are designed for mixing music files on your computer, they’re also great for mixing tracks using a mobile device like an iPhone or iPad. With some of these programs, even people who have never used audio software before can master basic DJ skills and have hours of fun doing it. What’s more? These programs will help you develop your musical sense even if you don’t consider yourself very talented in music.