10 Best Auto Tune App For Android, Mac and PC

10 Best Auto Tune App For Android, Mac and PC

10 Best Auto Tune App For Android, Mac and PC

Autotune is such a revolutionary feature used by both professionals and amateur singers in the world. This technology alters instrumental and vocal music levels, making them sound so pleasant. This article will discuss the ten best Autotune apps for Android, Mac, and Pc.

What Is The Use Of Auto-tune Apps? 

The autotune apps are used by many other individuals and even by famous singers on their albums and singles. So you might be thinking that using an autotune is helpful? But trust us, there is generally no shame in doing this. It will help modulate your voice, making your songs much more enjoyable to your audience. 

Using the autotune is beneficial only if you will use a moderate amount of the autotune and do not overdo it. Do you even know that you can also use autotune on your Android devices? Yes, there are many amazing Android apps for autotuning that can help you live and let people listen to your music. 

A simple type of autotune app on the Google Play Store will suggest so many related results. Although not all of them are so much great, some are sure to be very good to try. So to save you from all of the trouble deciding which is one of the best, we have listed the best ones. 

Best Autotune App For Android, Mac and Pc

Autotunes are so popular these days. We see many other singers and their songs on Youtube and all other social media platforms with such a good voices. But did you know that most of people use autotune to correct their voice? 

Autotune apps will help the users correct their voice, which will sound good to the listeners. If you are searching for one of the best autotune apps? It is hard to find the perfect autotune app for your android or iOS smartphone. 

You will not proceed with the wrong autotune app; we have created a list of some of the most popular autotune apps for both iPhones and Android. In addition, our team of experts personally tested this kind of application, and we are presenting those autotune apps below. 

If you are very interested in singing, you must try these apps to modify your voice. The working mechanism of these kinds of applications is very similar to the voice changer apps, which you can download from Google Play and the App Store. 

If you want to become a very successful singer, download these apps and use them regularly. It will continually improve your voice and will enhance your singing. These voice changer mobile apps will always help your voice sound like a professional. With the autotune features, you can customize your pitch and others. 

As the demands of all the singers is increasing day by day for the short video films, regional songs etc. You will just be able to create your own YouTube channel and upload your singing videos. Maybe you are just born to sing. 

Most of the people prefer to leave their talent in the bathroom or the bedroom. From which crew you will belong, some of the autotune apps can help you showcase your talent on the social media platform or the trending platform, YouTube. 

These apps can easily change your voice automatically and improve your singing skills and public speaking. This article has listed some of the best autotune apps that can help you. So let’s have a look at them 

1.AutoTune – Voice and Pitch Analyzer

It is a pitch, and voice analyzer autotune app which is generally available for the iPhones only for the time being. I hope that the Android users will also get this very excellent autotune app shortly, very soon. 

This voice and the pitch analyzer app will determine the pitch of your tone of voice. At the same time, the autotune effect of the application will automatically pull your voice to the required note. 

You can easily control your voice pitch right from your smartphone. You get the equalizer for your tone output. Suppose you are preparing for any singing competitions or cultural activities in your school where you have to sing much better. In that case, you must download this autotune app and practice your songs with it. 

2. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony 

As it is one of the most interesting auto tune apps that will manage the great functionality and the features. It has a very excellent harmony and autotunes. It is considered a real-time application that is great for processing the user’s voice and modeling them based on a user-defined setting. 

Speed and convenience are significant attributes of the application. In addition, it is excellent features like harmonization, vocoding, and autotune. It is such a great voice processing application that will bring friendly support to the users. Apart from this, the app is combined with harmony, vocoding, and automatic tuning. 

3. Smule 

Smule is one of the biggest music apps you have not just heard of, or maybe you have heard of him. In this kind of case, you know that the application will allow you to sing the songs with someone so far away and with one of the best artists from around the world. 

Smule is one of the very best auto tuning apps on Android as it will allow the user to sing and make the music alone or together with their friends. Experience Karaoke solo or duo or even with a group around the world. 

There is no need to be physically together; you can easily connect with friends who live far away to sing your favorite track with these best autotuning apps. Smule also has the pitch correction for real-time tuning. This is what we call automatic tuning in this article. 

The program automatically tunes your voice so that it sounds fluent and correct. Use its awe-inspiring audio effects and the video filters to get the most out of your recordings. With the help of the Smule, you also will be able to sing LIVE for your friends and fans. 


Starmaker will help you to discover your singing talent. This is one of the most popular karaoke apps that will come with the tones the features to improve your singing ability. So whether you like rock or pop, folk, or any other genres, its vast library will allow you to choose your favorite songs and sing along. 

Enjoy the backing music’s impressive quality and select the voice effects that you like the best. In this application, you will find more than 50 million music lovers worldwide. This application can be an excellent opportunity to become famous by singing the songs. Record and edit your songs with such a wide range of autotuning and voice-changing effects.

If you love to sing and you want to join a community of singers to follow your passion for singing, then the Starmaker app can be a way to follow your dreams of singing. This is one of the best auto tuning apps for singing, and it is beneficial for people who want to build a career in singing. 

In this application, you can easily find many functions like recording your karaoke with various effects, editing your music video with the filters, and singing the best part of your songs. And it would help if you did not miss out on the pitch correction feature for the higher quality sound. 


Are you more into hip-hop? Then, this app is undoubtedly for you. RapChat is a content-creating app that will enable you to create and record your lyrics. But if you can not create the perfect lyrics, use the existing ones. 

Recording your hip-hop song is generally more exciting, thanks to the wide selection of beats and the auto vocal tune feature that will let you sound like a complete professional rapper. 

RapChat will offer a handful of the features to have fun. Aside from the auto vocals tune, it will offer more than 20,000 free bets. In addition, the app will support the mobile recording of the studio, providing you with a lot of the convenience to record your songs. Not to mention it will offer exclusive contests with attractive prizes. So make yourself discovered and win the prize. 

6.AutoRap By Smule 

AutoRap By the Smule will let you enjoy the beat. Hip-hop lovers must have this app on their mobile devices, for it has so many features to make the raps more and more fun. AutoRap will support not only the autotuning but also song recordings and engage the community.

How about trying the talk mode? AutoRap features a talk mode that will offer so much fun as you can talk to the mic and watch how these apps will transform your speech into rap. Thanks to the beat matching and the autotune features that will come with it. You can also practice the raps on various beats to improve your skill. 

7.Tune Me 

Upgrade your hip-hop and R&B recordings to the very next level. Tune Me will let you record tracks with high-quality sound, thanks to the hundreds of auto-pitch effects. This app will come with several features, including high-speed processing for an engaging sound recording experience. It also features calibration that will boast the automatic sync between vocals and beat. 

Tune Me will enable you to automatically set the auto-pitch effect as it is desired, allowing you to produce a voice just like all other professional rappers. But when you are singing too loud, the clip light feature will let you know. So whether you want to set a full-strength or lower, this is a very convenient app that gives you more on your table. 

8. Super-Voice Editor 

This app is brought to you by the Soul Apps Studio. Super Voice Editor is an impressive tool that offers a wide selection of sound to make your day. It worlds so well to change your voice into the alien, superhero, and many more. Whether you want to prank your friends or need to have fun, this voice changer brings a lot of excitement. 

With this kind of app, you can record voices from anywhere and at any time. It also features an audio editor that will allow you to easily edit any your favorite music in many different formats for free!

9. Auto-Tune Mobile 

Antares Audio Technologies will develop a professional autotune app dubbed the Auto-Tune Mobile. This tool will come with correcting your vocal pitch for better vocal performance. 

Featuring the world’s class autotune technology by Antares, This app will bring a new definition of the mobile recording studio. No matter who you are: local performance, beginners, or even expert singers. 


This is another impressive app for iOS users who need to discover their singing talent. VocaLive will help you improve and practice, thanks to the 12 real-time vocal effects it will bring. 

These effects can easily be combined, so you can create your own presets. But if you want to use the default presets, this app will offer you 55 different choices to upgrade your voice. 

Final words 

This article discussed the best autotune app for Android, Mac, and iOS. However, we recommend you do some research to get the best results possible.