How to Protect Yourself from Evil Eye on Social Media and Real Life

How to Protect Yourself from Evil Eye on Social Media and Real Life

How to Protect Yourself from Evil Eye on Social Media and Real Life | How to Keep Myself Protected

In this article, we will discuss how you can protect yourself from the evil eye on social media and real life.

Ways to protect yourself from the evil eye

Most social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn offer many great ways to just socialize and connect with friends and the others who share similar interests–or to the network professionally.

However, its very easy to hide or alter one’s identity using any of these kinds of platforms. And if you have not met the person in real life, it is not that hard to know their true identity or real intentions. Here are some of the steps you can take to protect yourself online, as well as some tips to help you out. 

Act a fool

Perhaps the most excellent neutralizer of the malic is the comedy. There are many good and bad trolls, but the good ones can also diffuse a brewing situation with a mix of wit, obscenity, and sarcasm. For example, the cynic philosopher Diogenes did make a name for himself because of his very unapologetic pursuit of virtue and his total disregard for social norms.

He has spent most of his life just living like a bum, publicly criticizing the officials and running around naked. He did this to break the spell of everyday worldly life. In the Roman Festival of Saturnalia, the king of Saturnalia was a changer of the personas. As long as the event may last, he was free to be humiliated and act subversively to anyone that he wanted, regardless of their social station.

The Fool Tarot card also may carry some of these traits. Some card interpretations affirm that the Fool may represent purity, irrationality, and unpredictability. Inspired by the pure spirit, The Fool is ecstatic–even the shamanic, not bound by earthly standards.

Thus it does make sense that thrusting the middle finger and even flashing one’s buttocks were many popular methods of counter magic in the ancient world. However, a much lighter way of the negation is just the confrontation. For example, suppose somebody is trying to influence you through unseen means. In that case, you can immediately locally expose them and, in doing so, dispel the curse by appealing to the universal emotion of the shame.

Be careful when you check in or share your location. 

When checking in somewhere or maybe sharing your location, be aware that you are essentially sharing your whereabouts with everyone who actually has access to what you post. You are announcing where you are to your friends and potentially to strangers.

Do not share personal information online. 

Regardless of what platform you are on at now, do not share any personal information like your phone number, email address, or the student ID number. If you really need to share that information, do it privately, and you have to make sure that you know who you are sharing it with.

Get grounded 

This is probably one of the most critical points. Sometimes you need a refresher, some actual downtime to build up your psyche. So if you just convenience the spirit as something like the blood that may need the nutrition and circulation, then that mensa would be much beneficial to travel and do some exercise.

You can also change the personality of a place by redecorating, lighting incense, and making the offerings to whatever things that are most important in your life. Finally, grounding is a way of just returning to the basics, of setting up a very safe place actually to heal and take some time to recharge.

An easy idea is cooking. Once you are sauteing a meal and smell the onions, wine, and garlic, whatever worries or thoughts you might have accumulated that during the day usually fade away.

Wield an Amulet 

The Romans were fond of the pendants and the sculptures flying the phalluses. The greeks also placed the Gorgan sculptures on their doorways and even carved them into their armor and weapons,

Today, it is also fairly easy to find the Hamsa and the Fatima in the middle eastern and the North African countries, which include Morocco, for example, the talisman aesthetic is so much common that you can find it in the parts of the commercial architecture and even in the domestic accessories like rugs and the blankets.

What’s great about the amulets is that they are the focal points of sustainable social and personal beliefs. Their efficacy against the eye may stem from their power as the societal symbols for positivity.

Practice with Mirrors

The Gorgon Medusa was actually killed when the Greek hero Perseus used a mirror shield to reflect her petrifying glance. So naturally, the shield was actually a gift from Athena, the goddess of the wisdom. Similarly, in the Renaissance epic poem Jerusalem Delivered, to the protagonist, Rinaldo’s enchantment, is actually removed when he was glances into his fellow knight’s mirror shield. 

All these kinds of tales hint at the dispelling effect of the mirror is the ability to be truthful to reality. This does not mean that you really need to flash your hand-held mirror around, but it does mean that you need to flash your hand-held mirror around, but it does mean that you can use the mirrors to work on your gaze. Victorian guides to mesmerism and the hypnosis manuals often advise the practice of starting into the mirrors to strengthen the will.

Another technique is refusing to look at your oppressor in the yes, instead of looking into the space between their eyebrows. Like the mirrors which reflect and refract, averting your eyes is a method of distortion and the cognitively which serves the visual bond between you and your abuser.

One of the shared looks is often the preemptive actions that will lead to all types of attachment. That is why just some of us have experienced love at first sight or just happened hook-up after one pacing the glance. 

Final words

In this article, we will discuss how to protect yourself from the evil eye. We have also discussed what you can do to prevent it. Finally, we recommend you to do some research on your own to get the best results.