How to Put the Evil Eye on Someone

How to Put the Evil Eye on Someone

How to Put the Evil Eye on Someone | Having Bad Intentions | Revenge

This article will tell you how you can put an evil eye on someone. Yet, it is the most effective way to put the evil eye on someone and the result can get really ugly.

Ways to curse someone 

Many people have absolutely no idea about the meaning of the evil eye. According to this tradition of Western Witchcraft, it is just an evil gaze that is fixed towards another person without this individual knowing, such as the gaze that can be very much damaging to the other person and cause misfortune.

Many of them meet the unwanted people in our lives, which unconsciously or even consciously look at them very severely. Most of the hexes are actually cast to bring bad luck, suffering, stress, and even death to the person.

A hex spell should never be taken lightly because the damage that it will cause is potent and sometimes irreversible. Likewise, the evil eye will always convey a curse that may bring you bad luck, and we also should look at the different ways to cast an evil eye on our enemies. Now we are going to discuss some ways that how cursing takes place.

Curse with Mantra

To cast a very evil eye, you must have intense negative feelings towards that person. Then, you should recite with your heart, which must focus on your intention.

“Lucifer, king of the hell, master of the sin, send all your evil to(…..mention the person’s name)so that he will become the receiver in this way of your evil and your anger”,

When this is repeated, you should visualize the person with the half-closed eyes then imagine all of the evil you wish to send to him.

Curse with a Photo 

To perform this skill, you will need to have a metal triangle, a bell, water, the victim’s photo, salt, incense, and a candle. In this spell, you will have to follow these processes. The first one is to start by closing the room, turning off the light, and placing the incense, salt, and water in the room section.

Next, it should be really placed in the center, with the candlelit and the photo of the victim in the metal triangle. The next step is to take a photo and stare at it while thinking about what you want to happen. Finally, focus on the curse, and then after going through felling of tiredness, ring the bell about three times to the end and the ritual.

Curse with the Mirror 

This spell is handy to cast an evil eye on your ex-partner. It must be done on the desired weekday, like Monday, Tuesday, or Sunday from midnight. To do this, you have to take the following steps.

The first one is to place a black candle on the table and then turn it on. Then you should recite this: “I want (….. mention the victim’s name) to suffer just (say what you want to happen to the most victim) that tonight all of my anger and the hatred travel this mirror.”

Then finally, you have actually to repeat the phrase until this candle is completely burnt. In this kind of case, only two results can occur. On the one hand, the mirror might also be filled with smoke, while on the others, letters or faces might appear on it. When you see any of those signs, it means that the spell has worked.

Suppose the mirror gets broken in the country. In that case, the spell was unsuccessful because of the individual with powerful potential.


For those who may insist on casting an evil eye on another, they must have to take the note of the following:

Be aware of the possible repercussions.

If you are about to cast an evil spell, you should always keep in mind that if your spell works, it may significantly affect the life of your target and even can cause death. Meanwhile, that may not be what you may want initially.

Forgive, forget and move on.

You have to think about why you want the revenge and ask yourself if it is indeed worth it. Some studies have just shown that revenge can sometimes cause more unhappiness. So instead of just investing your time and the energy meditating on very negative thoughts, you should rather than forgive, let go and forget.

Keep in mind that the hex can also be returned to you. 

In today’s world of witchcraft, it is generally believed that curses are very unethical. Therefore, they can also turn against the one that may set them in motion. According to the Wiccan rule, whatever is the sown must be harvested.

So, for every evil cast on the other person, you should get prepared to receive the repercussion very immediately or maybe in the nearest future. I believe that protection is should be the first type of magic you will learn. Therefore, you should never ever be worried about expressing yourself with cursing.

If you don’t have a kind of individual and hold in the negative feelings that they have cursed you, you may tell me who is cursed?

Establish your Intention

If you have decided that you just still want to cast the evil spell, take some moment to think about your intentions. The visualization of your intention during each ritual step would make the whole process much more successful.

Protect yourself

Before you invoke a spell to the cast, which is a curse on someone, you have to ensure that you are well protected, either through ta amulet or a spell. For example, suppose the person you want to cast a spell also practices significantly stronger magic. In that case, you should be really prepared for the counterattack.

There are many ways to prevent the evil eye. These also include amulets, stepping on the shoes of friends and the family, and even spitting on the babies and pregnant women or making the prayers.

Final words

In this article, we have discussed how to put an evil eye on someone. We have discussed the ways to cast an evil eye on someone. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best knowledge.