Is Worrying a Sin? What does the Bible say about Worrying

Is worrying a sin? what does the bible say about worrying

Is Worrying a Sin? What does the Bible say about Worrying

In this article, we will explain that worrying is a sin?. We will also explain what the Bible says about worrying.

Is Worrying a sin?

The one thing about worrying is that it does not need your help in entering into your thoughts. No one has to teach us how to do it. Even when life is at its best, we can always find a reason to worry.

It also comes to us as naturally as taking our next breath. But what does the Bible say about Worry? Is it a sin? How should Christians handle the thoughts of the fear that arises in our minds? Is worrying a very normal part of life, or is it a sin God asks us to avoid?

Worry has a way of creeping in

I still remember how many worries crept into one of the most idyllic days of my life. My husband and I were just a few days into our week-long honeymoon stay in Jamaica. We were young and in love and paradise. It was perfection.

We lounge just by the pool for such a while, then throw our towels over our shoulders and wander into that bar and grill, where we do order whatever our hearts desire for lunch. And what else was there to do after our meal but hit the beach?

We walk a tropical trail to a very smooth, sandy beach draped with hammocks were a very courteous staff is waiting to meet our every need. Who could find a reason to fret in such a lovely paradise? My husband, that is who.

I do remember she seemed a little too much off that day. He was very distant and disconnected, so I asked him if something was that wrong. He said that just because we had been so unable to reach his parents back home earlier that day, he had a very nagging feeling that something terrible had happened, and he was unaware.

He could not enjoy the paradise around us because his head and his heart were wrapped up in the unknown. So we took a moment to slip into the clubhouse and shoot his parents an email to null his fear. And by that evening, they did had replied, all was well.

They had missed the call. But, unfortunately, even in the mindset of paradise, Worry has a way of just creeping into our hearts and minds.

What does the Bible say about Worry? 

Worry was as much relevant a topic in the Old and the New Testament as today. Inner angst is not something unique to the current culture. I hope it is reassuring to you to hear that the Bible has a lot to say about the Worry.

If you ever have felt the crushing weight of your dread and the doubts, you are certainly not that alone and by no other means out of the reach of God’s hand.

Proverbs 12:25 tells you a truth that many of us have lived, “Anxiety weighs down to the heart” The words “weighs down” in this verse means not just burned, but weighed down to that point were of being forced to just lay down on the ground, unable to move. Maybe you, too, have actually felt the paralyzing grip of the Worry and fear.

The Bible has also given us good hope for the way God works in those who really worry. Psalm 94: 19 says, “when the cares of my heart are so many, your consolations may cheer my soul.” God may bring hope-filled encouragement for those consumed by the cares, and their hearts are made much joyful again.

Jesus also speaks about in the sermon on that mount in Matthew 6:31-32. “Therefore, you do not have to be anxious, saying, ‘what shall we eat?’ or ‘what shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles who seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you may need them all.”

Jesus says to not to worry and then gives us a very rock-solid reason to fretless: your heavenly Father also knows what you need, and if he knows your needs, he will also surely take care of you just as he cares for all the creations.

Philippians 4:6 also gives us a formula for handling and worrying when it may arise. ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but of the things by the prayer and the supplications with the thanksgiving let your requests be made known to the God.

And then the next verse, Philippians 4:7, tells us what will happen after we present our request to your God. “And the peace of the God, which may surpass all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

It may seem that the Bible always agrees that Worry is a complicated issue while simultaneously telling us not to worry about it. Is the Bible commanding us never actually to be afraid or anxious? What if we do feel that anxious? Are you breaking a command of the Bible? Does that mean that it is always a sin to worry?

Is it a Sin to Worry?

The best answer is just both yes and no. Worry exists on the scale. On the one side of the scale, there are the fleeting thoughts of “did that I forget to take the trash out?” Small worries, small cares–I do not see any sins here. But on the other side of the book, we see more significant worries that can come with deep, intense cycles of thoughts.

You might find a very constant fear that danger is always lurking right around the corner on this site. You could also find a constant fear of all of the unknowns the future may hold or even an overactive imagination that always dreams of how your relationship will end in abandonment and rejection.

Final words

In this article, we have discussed that worrying is a sin. We have also explained what does Bible has said about it. We recommend you do some of your own research to get the best knowledge.