How Do You Feel When Your Wife Getting Laid with Other Men?

Why my wife wants to get laid with other men

How Do You Feel When Your Wife Getting Laid with Other Men? | Why my wife wants to get laid with other men

The answer to this question is something that varies from person to person and how he feels about it. Even if someone has a good relationship and needs something like more than occasional sex in their life. Watching your partner have sex with someone else is an option for some people. 

The cases and numbers are increasing day by day. But according to surveys, Americans consider this nothing more than sex. 

Why do some people enjoy seeing their wives getting laid? 

Some people, who have medical conditions like ED or anything else that affects their bed life, will allow their wife to get laid with other men to satisfy their needs. It’s an intense feeling unlike any other. It elicits a unique blend of feelings, including jealousy, attraction, and acceptance. It’s hard to put into words rather than emotions, but it’s known as cuckold-angst. 

Knowing that your partner is having fun with other men gives some men a sense of sexual security that is nearly overwhelming. It sounds kinda bizarre, but it is true nonetheless. And it pulls us closer together as a couple in our instance.

It has a knife-edge risk to it, so it is so intense. And there’s the bonus of knowing that my spouse enjoys it as well. It makes me happy to know that my partner enjoys other men.

Why my wife wants to get laid with other men

  • By discussing affairs, swinging, partner swapping, and other sexual fantasies, you have encouraged her to desire to sleep with other guys. She now wants to put the fantasy into action and see what happens.
  • You can’t keep up with her sexual appetite, so she asks to have sex with another man, only if it’s non-emotional.
  • She now believes that sex is more essential than your marriage and that it will change her life, make her happier, or help your marriage.
  • She thinks it’ll be simple because it’ll be “just sex” with no emotional commitment.
  • You must ensure that whatever has caused her to lose respect and desire for you up to this point in the marriage is fixed and changed.

Why is your wife getting attracted to other men?

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A woman will always want to be with a man who is dominating enough in the relationship to make her feel feminine, no matter how independent, confident, or booming she is.

This isn’t to say she wants to be bullied or pushed around by him or that she doesn’t want her thoughts to be heard, but she does want to be with a guy who can lead and guide them both through life’s ups and downs.

She wants to feel like she can relax into being feminine when she’s with her man and not worry about taking care of him emotionally. So, suppose you want your partner to see you as her ideal guy and stop fretting over her pointless “hunt” to sleep with another man. In that case, you should work on strengthening your capacity to deepen her respect, attraction, and love for you.

You must demonstrate to her that no other guy can compare to you, and no other sexual encounter can compare to the tale you and she can have for the rest of your life.

But if your wife is still with you and has most likely not requested a divorce or separation. Moreover, if your sex life is going perfect and your wife still wants to get laid with another man, you can know that she might want a reason for divorce and separation.

Wife getting laid with other Men —- Why is it okay?

Women are not strange creatures; they are much more similar to us men than we realize. Women want other men, and women get horny when they think about having sex with someone other than their partners. The main difference is that “on average,” women control or hide it better than we men.

Some of the women I’ve read about who are into such things enjoy having sex with other men while their husband is watching. Some don’t like it, but they are turned on because they are fulfilling their husband’s fantasy. Some are just curious to try it once and never again, but they are open enough and love their husband enough to give it a shot. 

Moreover, suppose you are suffering from a medical condition that badly affects your sex life. In that case, you need to get away to keep your wife happy and keep her away from depression. A woman has needs, and fulfilling her desires is your responsibility. Still, it is okay to allow your wife to get laid with someone who can fulfill her desires if you can’t. This act will not lead to cheating you if she is loyal and takes care of you. But she will realize that you care for her inner desires and know about her needs and desires. 

But for some men who are medically not fit and allowing their partner to sleep with another man might be a strange way of shocking and realizing that she’s deeply unhappy in the marriage. 

In most cases, a wife wants to have sex with another man because she is trying to fill the gaps in her relationship with her husband by sleeping with another man.

This could be because a husband may fall into the habit of spending the majority of his time working or at work or medical conditions preventing a good sex life. In his mind, he is doing this to be a better provider for his wife and family. But on the other hand, you are ruining your relationship, and it is simply an imbalance of work and personal life.


Men can be weird or exciting sometimes. For example, seeing your wife getting laid with someone else and watching her is now becoming a fantasy thing in America. Or, getting your wife laid to someone else might be good if you have a medical condition and don’t want this factor to disturb your wife’s desires and sexual needs.

Allowing such activity depends on mutual acceptance levels and consent from both sides. After that, it is totally your choice whether you like it or not.