10 Best Auto Tune App, Free Download For Android, Mac and PC

10 Best Auto Tune App, Free Download For Android, Mac and PC

10 Best Auto Tune App, Free Download For Android, Mac and PC

Are you one of those who want to enjoy the autotune effect of Voice? Do you need one of the best solutions to singing just like the professionals? Of course, you can easily opt for the autotune apps on your phone and utilize the significant effects and features. We will recommend to you the ten best Autotune apps. 

What Is The Use Of Auto-Tune Apps?

The autotunes apps are used by many individuals and even by the most famous singers on their hit albums and singles. So you might be just thinking whether using an autotune is very helpful? But trust us, there will be no shame in doing this. It will help modulate your Voice, making your songs much more enjoyable to all of your audience. 

Using the autotune is very beneficial only if you will use a moderate amount of the autotune and do not overdo it. But, do you know that you can also use the autotune on your own Android devices?. So, yes, there are many other amazing Android apps for autotuning that can help you go live and let people listen to your music.

Best Auto Tunes App & How To Use Them

Nowadays, every person is turning into a singer. It’s just become a trend at this point. That’s all thanks to the autotune apps and autotuning technology. Autotune is very mandatory for every singer these days. 

You will probably have an idea of what autotuning is, but here’s a rundown for the people who do not even know. Auto-tune is a software brand. It’s also been used in all sorts of tracks, from Kanye West’s “Heartless” to the Black Eyed Pea’s “I got a feeling.”

Just because of this, the term autotune has morphed into the catch-phrase for the overdone pitch correction. Although, it is not usually used as an excellent overt effect. Instead, it’s supposed to be an excellent tool to nudge stray notes into the place.

As a result of using an autotune voice app, you should not even be able to hear the presence of those stray notes at all. An autotune software will often require a heavy setup with an expensive microphone and machines. But thanks to computer technology, it’s often been made much more accessible. 

These days, people can also elaborate the process by using the good autotune apps right on their mobile phones. Aside from autotuning, many apps can easily change your Voice on the phone calls.

No, that is pretty cool, too, if you are out there looking to have a little bit of the fun. Still, if you want to be one of the following prominent singers or the next best recording artist, you are one step closer to your dream. Here is a list of one of the best autotune apps for Android and iOS. You can try them out and have a blast!

1. Smule 

The first one on your list is Smule. It is one of the biggest music apps you haven’t even heard of. Or, perhaps, you will have to hear of it. In this kind of case, you will know that the app will allow you to sing the songs together with someone who’s much far away and with all of the top artists from all over the world. 

Smule also has pitch correction, which is for real-time tuning. That is just what we will call autotune in this article. The program automatically fine-tunes your Voice so that it sounds smooth and correct. 

If you want to get an application for singing with the whole package of useful features, you should get this one! After all, it has been chosen by millions of people worldwide and deserves its popularity. 

2.FL Studio 

It is available on Windows, iPhone, and Android. Its pricing starts at $14.99. It is also available for almost all popular platforms. FL Studio is a semi-professional Digital Audio Workstation software apart from the macOS.

Using this kind of audio samples and integrated instruments, you can easily create the songs from the scrape with one of the best software for windows. Also, you can easily make the accurate mixes and take advantage of the 30 days trial version to test all of the features. 

One of its features is advanced sound creation, easy project sharing, saving to WAV, MP3, or ACC, FLAC, and MIDI, Audio recording, a High-quality audio engine, and a Mixer for the solo effect bus. One of its pros is that it has Pattern-based MIDI tools and Automation clips and creates the music from scratch. 

3.Tune Me 

You will get access to 500+free beats on the Tune Me to record the tracks in your video with the Pitch Shift and the Auto-Pitch effect. This app is a fantastic platform for the hip-hop and R&B recording studio. 

Tune Me will help even novice singers to help them record and to create very high-quality tracks with its very highly efficient recording features and editing tools. Use this app to autotune songs from your favorite artists like T-Pain and Kanye West. In addition, it will allow you to record any background music and sing along to any mp3 melodies. 

One of its features is that it has the faster processing to add the effects in the background while you are recording, automates the syncing to sync vocals with the beats, and helps you allow you to light up if you’re singing to much loud. 

4. Starmaker

Starmaker is just an autotune app that approximately 55M users trust. It is a simple stream network that offers one of the most significant global and local song catalogs. With its take the mic feature, you can easily make the most out of your own music experience. 

Starmaker is also an open stage that will show you a way to complete to sing the provided lyrics card and will challenge the speed of getting the mic. Starmaker will enable you to easily add a daily task category with the exclusive check-in and even the hidden gems. 

One of its most important features is that it will provide you with a personalized songbook based on your favorites, pick from the top hits, and even search and add the friends, check out your favorites. 


You can easily hit the notes using the MicDroid. Please use all of the available options for pitch correction and reproduce it with some of the added effects you are already hearing in music by yourself. 

Metroid will contain various options that will help you make the corrections in your voice tone. Increase the number of your songs by quickly recording the tracks in your Voice and to make sure that you will share them on your social networks to get a huge fan following. 

One of its key features is the automatic pitch correction, email your recordings, set them as the ringtone, disable/enable ads in the settings, and easy pitch correction.

6. Voloco

Voloco is a real-time voice-processing app which is for your Android device. It can easily combine autotune, vocoding, and harmony. You can easily pick your favorite from your collection, and Voloco will help you create your track. 

The app will quickly identify the track’s key and help you tune your Voice to that particular key. The app is straightforward and is only available as a download way. Once you can install this app, you can quickly start tuning your songs. 

One of its key features is that it will easily share your recorded performances, beat the library to rap or sing over, eight vocal effect packs, and export the vocals to another app for the final mixing. 


It is available for the windows. Its price is $149. When it comes to producing and mixing music, Acid Pro is extraordinarily expert. Using the newest version of this software, you can easily do the multitrack recording. You can easily take full advantage of the PC when creating the projects. 

Moreover, it’s a potent 64-bit engine that supports 24-bit and 92kHz. With that being said, this autotune software from the PC will come with 17 tools and 13 effects to choose from. A musician can easily change the lengths, other settings, and pitch using these features. In addition to this, you can easily change the MIDI data using online editing and can create custom grooves. 

One of its main features is Beatmapper and Chopper, ground-breaking audio technology, easy to mix and match the sample pitches and tempos, and multitrack recordings. 

8.AutoRap By Smule

Are you just dreaming day and night of becoming a very famous singer or even a hip-hop artist who will repeat the success of Tupac Shukar or Eminem? Then Smule’s AutoRap application is the best choice! It will assist you in doing that. 

The time when the Smule company has pleased us with a novelty-a musica; application AutoRap which will transform your own speech into a composition in the rap style. It can just do it due to a replication technology-a musical breakthrough in the mobile industry. 

Of course, the AutoRap application is also based on AutoTune technology. Therefore, after launching the AutoRap application, you must select the appropriate mode: Talk Mode or Rap Mode. 

This kind of distinction between them is that when you see the former model, you effortlessly dictate the lyrics of your future song. The app will match these lyrics with the rhythm: when you can use the latter mode, you will need to follow the chosen bit and sing along. 

In AutoRap, there is such a wide variety of bits and styles. You can quickly encounter the tunes of the track, which are created by Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, BOB, and Nicki Minaj. The composition that you will end up with can be easily saved and even uploaded to Facebook or other social media websites.


You just must have already guessed what the principal peculiarity of the StarMaker is. The primary purpose of this kind of app is to make you a big star. At least a local one. The Autotune function will quickly assist you in getting the glory. Music will never stop during the recording!

This free app will provide you with more than 500 tracks. In addition, you may purchase some new cantos, record, and sing, and will share your recordings with your friends via Twitter and Facebook. StarMaker is an excellent tool that will make you laugh easily and have a lot of fun together. 

10. The Voice

This program for smartphones, called the Voice, was just created as an addition to all the well-known TV shows. It will easily allow you to feel like a star on the stage.

After you activate the app, choose a song that you would be able to perform and go ahead. The app will estimate the accuracy of the performance. In addition, it can automatically customize the vox during the singing thanks to the embedded Autotune, making the performance even more enjoyable. 

The very basic possibilities are the same as those that are included in the karaoke application StarMaker. Still, here are also some of the features included in the Karaoke applications. 

Final Words 

In this article, we have discussed the best autotunes app, which is free to use and available for Android, iOS, and Mac. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.