By Caroline Rohnstock

Wild Youth, an up-and-coming indie-pop band emerging from Ireland, has been consistently delivering singles that deserve a space on all our spring and summer playlists. The four-piece beautifully combines pop sounds with intricate lyrics, creating the ultimate feel-good songs. Their latest single, “Champagne Butterflies”, is a wonderfully crafted upbeat tune, using vibrant guitar with an energetic sound. I got the chance to catch up with the band and chat about their new single and how the craziness of these Covid times have influenced their plans for the future.

HEM: Your new single, “Champagne Butterflies”, is such a feel-good song. What was the process like creating this song? 

WY: It was amazing, one of my favourite songs to write. It felt so natural and was a real breakthrough on the progression of our sound.


HEM: On my first listen, I was dancing around my kitchen. This song has good vibes all around. Was this the goal while writing it? 

WY: Honestly, it was just about writing a good song from a very honest place. 


HEM: What does the title “Champagne Butterflies” mean to you? 

WY: For me it means, the instant undeniable feeling of happiness and nerves when meeting someone for the first time that you instantly connect with. Celebrating those butterflies you feel in the pit of your stomach when you’re with that person, because they’re everything you have ever dreamed of. 


HEM: Have these crazy times influenced your songwriting at all?Are you writing less or more than usual during this time? 

WY: Writing more actually. So many highs and lows and day-to-day struggles. So we’re trying to turn all that emotion into songs every day. 


HEM: Your sound is a unique Alt-Pop blend. What musical influences have inspired your sound? 

WY: I think it’s a combination of everything we love, from Tame Impala, to Prince, to The Weeknd. 


HEM: Do you have a certain lyric or song from another artist that inspires you to write? 

WY: Jeff Buckley, “Lover, you should’ve come over.”


HEM: Do you have a dream person you would like to collaborate with? 

WY: Tame Impala, The Weeknd, Travis Scott. 


HEM: What did you learn during your experience touring with artists such as Zara Larsson and Niall Horan? 

WY: That it’s all about hard work, humility and that your fans are always number one.


HEM: What can we expect from you in the future? 

WY: Lots more new music, and hopefully lots of touring.

Following the release of this single, Wild Youth has released a brand new EP, titled Forever Girl! Consisting of 6 new songs, it’s worth the listen to get you in the spring mood, perfect for playing with the windows down and sunshine beaming on a nice drive! Check it out now on all streaming platforms!

Check out the music video for Champagne Butterflies here:

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