10 Best professional recording studio software free download

10 Best professional recording studio software free download

10 Best professional recording studio software free download

Audio recording software is programs that are designed to record any sound. These applications will allow the manipulating audio to match the need for all the specific projects. This article will discuss the ten best professional recording studio software. 

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How To Choose The Right Music Recording Software?

A very excellent music recording software is necessary for all the producers as it will help to record, create, edit, and export the audio. In addition, all the professionals can easily use the produced audio for their video projects of any kind. 


There is so much music recording software, but choosing the right one will always depend on what kind of audio you want to record. Here are some of the key points you should look out for in the music recording software. 

1. Supported Operating System 

Be sure just to check out the supported operating systems of your music recording software. It would be much better if the free music recording software worked on both the windows and the mac.

2. Customer Support 

Music recording software companies will offer customer support to help with your audio. Check the level of support you can expect from the company in the case of complaints or queries.

3. Audio Plugin Compatibility

Before selecting one of the right music recording software, you will need to check out the audio plugin compatibility. They can be of the two types: native PC and native mac plugins. Virtual Studio Technology is one of the most commonly used plugins compatible with the PC and Mac.

4. Pricing and Packages 

Free music recording software also has a premium version for some costs with added features and benefits. Compare the prices with all the free software features to select the best one. 

5. Audio Recording Features

Music recording software will come with numerous features, a sound library, and plugins that can help you to improve your audio. 

What Does The Music Recording Software Do?

A music recording software will help the producer develop clean and professional audio tracks for their video projects and the podcast. In addition, the software will eliminate the need to invest in such expensive hardware used to produce quality audio. 

Now the musicians will need their regular outbound gear and the music, which is the recording software for producing the professional soundtracks. The following points will explain the use of the Music recording software:

1. Record Voices And Live Instruments 

You can use the free music recordings software to record the live voices, and the instrument sounds easy. In addition, the sounds can be quickly recorded and edited for further refinement and clarity, paired with a good experience. 

2. Add Audio Effects To Sound Files 

Free music recording software that can be used to add the audio effects and the plugins. This will enable you to add and create the reverbs, chorus, delays, and autotune. 

3. Edit And Mix Audio Tracks

You can easily mix and edit your audio tracks with the free music recording software, which is for adding to your video projects. You can slice, move, and crossfade the audio elements before mixing or polishing the audio tracks to improve audio quality. 

4. Record Virtual Instruments

Virtual instruments can also help you record the music in a very free music recording software if you do not have access to the real instruments. Most music recording software has a built-in virtual tool for recording the sounds digitally. 

5. Add And Create Audio Loops

An excellent music recording software that includes a digital library of audio loops that you can add to your music tracks. You can even use the free music recording software to create your audio loops.

Best Recording Studio Software 

If you are really in the music industry or trying to get in, you will need one of the best software with which you can record all the songs and the tracks quickly. For this kind of purpose, you will be able to use some specific Audio Recording software. 

This Music Studio Software can be easily used, and some of them are also free to use. In addition, different types of Multitrack Recording Software or studio recording software are also available out in the market. 

1.Adobe Audition 

Adobe Audition is one of the most advanced music recording software for professionals. It will take the audio editing to the next level with some professional features. In addition, it has many unique features that can quickly improve your audio quality. 

It is such a professional audio editing software and will require a lot of time to learn as it is not for all beginners. However, once you get the hang of it, you can record the professional audio for your video projects without a hassle. 

Adobe Audition will come with a 7-day free trial which will cost $20.99 per month. You can even buy the Creative cloud suite for just $52.99 per month and have access to all the Adobe applications. 


Audacity is such a free music recording software that is great for beginners as it has a ton of effects, is loaded with plugins, and has high-quality sound. In addition, it is so easy to understand, and once you get the hang of it, you can record any of the videos that you will want. 

You can even produce professional studio-quality audio if you have the supporting hardware for recording the high-quality audio. The only negative thing about Audacity is that it has a very cluttered menu, making it very difficult for beginners to understand. 

3.Ableton Live 10 

The top music recording software on our recommendation list is the Ableton Live 10. It is specifically designed to record high-quality audio, arrange, compos, mix, and master. 

It can be easily used to record the audio, edit the track, and add numerous effects. It is often updated with all of the new features down there. The current version is the Ableton live 10, with many improvements and new features. 

Ableton Live 10 will come with a 30-day free trial and introversion, a standard version, and a suite version. The introversion will cost $99 and has all of the essential features. One of the standard features will come at around $499 with full features plus the extras.

While the suite version is an integrated studio which is for $749, they even will offer some discounts for the teachers, students, and the institutions, which you can check out on their website.

4.PreSonus Studio One 

PreSonus Studio One is another very professional audio-producing software that is made for convenient audio and editing. In addition, it has some seamless audio editing tools that will enhance the performance of the audio. 

It has one of the advanced virtual instruments, a very efficient user interface, and intuitive audio editing tools that will help tweak audio and improve its quality. 

PreSonus Studio One will come in the three versions, Artist, free and Professional. The free version is for the 30-day, and the artist version will cost $99 and has the additional features and the audio editing tools. At the same time, the Professional version will cost $399, which has some professional features for the audio recording and editing. 

5. Sound Forge Pro 13 

If you are looking for professional audio recording software with such powerful editing features, then Sound Forge Pro 13 is for you. It has tons of plugins, unique audio editing features, and even supports multichannel recordings. 

It is such an excellent user interface that is designed for professionals for high-performance audio processing. The newest version even has a customizable interface that you can easily change according to your style and be more productive. 

Sound Forge Pro 13 will come in a 30-day free trial version with some limited features. An entire version costs $299 for Windows and $249 for the macOS. They will also offer discounts from time to time, so check them out. 


It is like another free music recording software that you can easily download for all of your music recording needs. It has a very easy-to-use interface which is combined with the innovative mouse and the keyboard shortcuts that will help very quickly perform audio recording tasks. 

It is developed for beginners to quickly learn and get onto the recording music without even going through the trouble. Traverso’s mastering controls, efficient user interface, and intuitive recording performance make it stand out among all of the rest. 

One of the features of the Traverso is that it has a clean and easy-to-use interface, non-destructive editing, virtually unlimited track count, multiple driver backends, and audio recording and editing functions. 


Spek is a free, open-source audio recording software that is very easy to learn and use. It’s a signal processing ultra-fast s it processes the audio files using several threads. It will help the producer solve audio-related problems that most software can not. 

Standard audio formats are also very much supported in the Spek and have the FFMPEG library. It will help to analyze the audio with the help of the spectrogram and is available in 19 different languages

Some of the features of the Spek are the quick signal processing, support of the FFMPEG libraries, Drag and drop support, displays codec name and the spectral density range is also adjustable. 

8. Wavosaur 

Wavosaur is such a free recording software with many great features like so many paid music recordings programs. It has all of the necessary features to edit the audio, produce music loops, record, analyze, and even batch convert. 

Wavosaur processes files with a wave and mp3 files filter, making them more convenient. Moreover, it will support the VST plugins, real-time effect processing, ASIO driver, and multichannel wave files. 


Ocenaudio is a free, cross-platform audio recording software with many fantastic audio editing features. It is also a little complicated to understand but will perform all necessary audio recording tasks. 

It is highly intuitive and has a simple, easy-to-use interface. It even has a compelling library that is developed a simplify audio editing. Some of the advanced features of the Ocenaudio are the VST plugin support, Audio and Screen recording, Multi-selection for delicate editions, and real-time preview of effects. 

10. Sound Forge 

Sound forge is very vocal recording software that will offer sound restoration tools to apply to all recorded audios. Furthermore, this application will enable you to easily customize the entire interface and toolbars according to your convenience. 

One of its features is that it will offer high-quality audio visualization tools. You can efficiently perform the multichannel WAV recording, Record audio with a single mouse click, and offer an easy-to-use wizard. 

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Final Words 

This article has discussed one of the best professional recording studio software. However, we recommend you do some research to get the best results.