10 signs a pisces man is playing you

10 signs a pisces man is playing you

10 signs a pisces man is playing you

So you just have gotten involved with a Pisces man, but something doesn’t feel right. You are not sure what it is, but you will wonder if he is playing you or if there is else you may need to know. First, we will discuss the ten signs a Pisces man is playing you.

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Everything You Need To Know About A Pisces Man

It is essential to understand his makeup before we get into the signs that reveal he is just playing you. It is almost very impossible not to fall head over heels for the Pisces. Besides being flirtatious, romantic, and charming, he is also emotionally introverted out of all of the signs. Pieces are the most emotional. 

It can also be very challenging to be around him when his mood is down because he is most usually an optimist and so highly affectionate. However, when his mood stabilizes and he is also back to his usual self, you will feel like you are still walking in the sunshine whenever you are around him again. 

Modern astrology links his personality to the Neptune, the planet of illusion dreams, and the deep emotional connections. On the other hand, traditional astrology attributes Jupiter as the planet of expansion and growth. 

Neptune is also associated with his tendency toward compassion and romance and his intuitive powers and imaginative ability. Whether he wants to or not, he will feel others’ emotions just as strongly as he will do his own, which makes him an empath. 

You can easily count on him to be there whenever you are having a very bad day because he usually always knows how to put a good smile on your dial. As Jupiter rules him, the planet of abundance, first love, and generosity, it will explain how he will develop such a wide range of emotions and his natural ability to care for others. 

Most of the time, if you are happy, he is just happy, so he naturally wants to make sure that you are always in such a very positive mood. This type of behavior is so influenced mainly by his sign, which is named after a constellation called the fish.

He will often act like he does not even have to care in the world, but sometimes he is just caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. Usually, though, he will navigate life with ease. Whenever a Pisces man feels threatened or so overwhelmed, he will immediately swim upstream and try to clear the water quickly.

A very excellent quality to have when dealing with disagreements and conflict. Rather than letting an argument that cause a rift between you, he will try to resolve the conflict much more peacefully.

So now you will know how a Pisces man will act when he truly loves you and is willing to commit. What about the signs that he is still a player?

Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing you.

Pisces men in love are very dreamy, utterly romantic, and charming. When not, they can become so sweet manipulators who can easily set the perfect trap for you. The mystical Pisces can be such a real player when he may want to keep the equation with you simple. Are you just wondering if Pisces men are players? Below are the signs. 

1. He Lies To You

The men born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are most generally known to be very indecisive and also much great escapists. So when your own Pisces man will lie to you constantly and will escape without notice, it could be a good sign if he is only using you for his benefits. 

He is not interested in starting the relationship with you, nor will he ever be. You have been caught lying so plenty of times, and he has successfully manipulated you to believe him. 

2. He Only Romances You When He Needs Sex

When a Pisces man disappears after the intimacy, it could be a good sign that he is always looking just for a quick fix to his lust. He is only physically attracted to you. Pisces men perceive sensual sex as a meditative practice. It’s all just about the good org*ms for them if they are to indulge in the sex, more often so recklessly. 

So, if you find your Pisces guy is just limiting his romance to sex only or may seem the nicest to you only when he is physical with you, he is playing you. 

3. He Does Not Speak About Settling With You

The Pisces may take some time to find his perfect match. He would not even settle down that easily unless he was sure that his partner would help him reach his life goal while he was on his spiritual pursuits. If he is hesitant to love you in his talks about to starting a family with you, he could be in doubt.

While he is physically drawn to you, he will keep you at a reasonable distance to avoid the complications. When there is no such clear communication about being a couple, it’s a sign your Pisces man is still not into you.

4. He Disregards Your Feelings 

He is all too sweet once you give in to his demands, and he will land you in bed. But, as soon as you refuse, he starts treating you like you are yesterday’s lunch. Perhaps it’s the case that he says something today and then something very different the following day.

This ping-pong up and then down is a telltale sign that he is just playing with you and only has one thing on his mind. 

5. Harasses Other Girls 

He is likely treating them the same way he treats all the other girls. No woman should consistently rank below you. But, even though he is likely just a douche in general, it’s only a matter of time before you get treated like a piece of ass. 

The way he treats all the other women is a significant indicator of how your future will play out, so pay close attention. 

6. He Is Irritated When You Speak About Serious Issues

The Pisces man is one of the least serious kinds, but he does want to chase someone. Therefore, he will make the gestures that will show his right intentions, that is, to treat you with respect and dignity. 

It is a red flag if he seems to be very irritable when you talk about anything severe. This could also imply that he is withholding something significant about himself.

The Pisces men have away with the words. So, when he will distract the topic or distract you when you come up with a matter of importance, he is also a skilled gamer who has no intention to be your muse. 

7. Your Communication Is Limited To Texts 

It’s a pretty rare occasion when the Pisces guy may call you. One good reason for this could be that he does not even wish to upset you and will keep you in the loop, or he knows that he would lose you for the good.

He will wants to play his cards right, so texting is a straightforward option where he can just buy ample time to communicate with caution. Also, he can delete his texts and wipe out his communication with you to be safe enough. 

8. He Acts Shady

Does he hide his phone or sit in a same position where you cannot see what he is busy with. This is a massive sign that he is chatting to all the others and playing you just like a fiddle. 

Also, does he will go into another room when he answers his phone? Yup, he’s busy shady, and this is a clear indicator that he has no respect for you and is just playing with you.

9.he goes offline when you are online. 

When you browse social media and notice that he is there too, he quickly disappears. Also, suppose he is online and blatantly ignores you. In that case, this is such a massive indicator that he is playing with you. 

10. He Belittles You 

On the odd occasion that you will manage to spend the time with him, he will always find a way to make you the butt of his jokes. But unfortunately, his constant little jabs are not that funny; instead, they are very nasty.

This is a typical Pisces man trait. Teasing is usual, but when things become much more personal and ugly, it’s a massive indicator that he is just playing with you. 

11. You Are Always First to Initiate Contact 

If you do not message or contact him, you may wonder if he would bother you. Also, when he does respond, It’s usually hours or even many days later. This is the telltale sign of the player. Unfortunately, he has got options, and you are just one of the many so.

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This article has discussed the signs that a Pisces man is playing you. We recommend you do some research to get the best results.