10 Reasons Why Sleeping with a Pisces Man Too Soon is a Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Sleeping with a Pisces Man Too Soon is a Bad Idea

10 Reasons Why Sleeping with a Pisces Man Too Soon is a Bad Idea

Pisces men and women are often associated with being dreamy and sweet-natured, but that doesn’t mean they have the same eating habits as your average Cancer or Taurus sign! Sleeping with your Pisces crush too soon can hurt your relationship before it even starts. Read on to learn ten reasons why sleeping with a Pisces man too more quickly is a bad idea — and some tips on how to create chemistry instead of ruining it!

1. He won’t commit

In general, Pisces men tend to be quite sensitive. They want women they can connect with on an emotional level, so they usually end up being very picky when choosing a partner. It won’t be easy to convince them that you two are meant for each other if you don’t spend enough time getting to know each other first; there’s no guarantee you’ll ever be able to convince him of that. If he wants you in his life as more than just a one-night stand, he’ll come around eventually; but no guarantee will happen either.

2. He will break your heart

The zodiac symbol for Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, which indicates that your relationship could be full of love and intimacy or deceitfulness and deception. Since you have to be so careful when it comes to trusting people, it’s best not to dive into an intimate relationship with a Piscean too quickly—if at all.

At least take some time getting to know him better before he gets too attached (and you, too). It will save you from heartbreak down the road.

3. His time management skills suck

The Pisces man will always be late, and he’ll always sleep in way too late. He’s also prone to losing things. You should probably invest in duplicate sets of your items—phone chargers, makeup, etc.—or lose them forever.

These are why it’s essential to take your time while dating him (and don’t even get me started on getting married). Suppose you’re too quick to move things forward sexually or emotionally. In that case, you’ll fall for someone who doesn’t have his stuff together —the very same person who’ll let you down later on.

4. He won’t tell you when he likes you

What’s worse than knowing your crush is into you and not having him say anything? Insecurity ensues. When your Pisces man feels that connection, he won’t do anything to discourage it. As far as he’s concerned, it’s up to you to make your move since you want him (otherwise, why would you be hanging around?). If you’ve been waiting for his signs of affection, it might be time to make one yourself instead.

You may realize that he’s been sending them all along. He can seem distracted sometimes: With an air sign like Pisces, there will always be an element of daydreaming involved in how they relate to others and view their world.

5. He will ghost you once he gets what he wants

If you make it clear that you have other intentions than just sleeping together, he will make sure to take advantage of your kindness and use you for his pleasure. A Pisces man can be charming, and he will be extremely friendly to you, but once you give him what he wants, he will leave. It’s in his nature not to want anything serious.

He won’t even try to keep up contact once he has gotten everything from you that was worth his while. He will disappear without an explanation or apology. You might think he doesn’t care about you, but that isn’t true. He cares too much about himself to ever care about anyone else.

You are only good enough as long as you are helpful to him, and when you stop being useful, he will move on to someone else who suits his needs better. He knows how important it is for women to get attached quickly, so he takes advantage of their emotions by playing games right from the start so they don’t see through his lies until it is too late already. Please don’t fall into his trap!

6. He sucks at asking people out

Pisces men can be lovely, but they suck at getting to know people. Pisces-man does not ask women out often, if ever. They will sit and pine over you, but they won’t have much of a game plan for how to get you. 

He’s devoted in love, but only when he finds someone who suits him: Don’t expect your Pisces man to have an overly active dating life—he may be devoted to his romantic partner once he commits himself, but as far as before that moment comes? Likely, he’ll sit around pining for someone who interests him and ignoring everyone else.

If you’re looking for a guy who likes to go on dates regularly, look elsewhere. He has a lot of emotional baggage: Pisces men are deeply emotional creatures, which means they tend to carry around quite a bit of baggage from their past relationships.

This isn’t necessarily bad; it just means that some things about him might surprise you later down the road if you two decide to move forward. If you want something light and fun without any severe attachments or drama, steer clear of them until they’ve worked through some issues first.

7. He doesn’t know how to have fun

While some Pisces are party animals, most aren’t keen on getting drunk and jumping out of their clothes. Rather than wasting time at bars and clubs, they’d rather spend time in front of a fireplace or curling up on their couch.

That’s why it’s crucial to make sure you don’t confuse your lively spirit for love; often, women take being introverted as an immediate sign that he doesn’t want to be around them. Talk about boring! While nothing could be further from true (after all, only dull people think everyone else is boring), you still need to find ways to engage him in fun activities if you want him around for long periods.

He’s moody: One minute, he can be laughing hysterically, and then—boom—he’s upset over something so small you can hardly even call it a reason. It might seem like there’s no rhyme or reason to his emotions. Still, they’re one: He’s trying to escape from his problems by fleeing into yours

If you sleep with him too soon, he’ll use your body as an escape route—and once he gets what he wants from you, the chances are good. That’s precisely what will happen. He’s not ready: Of course, there will come a time when sleeping with him makes sense—maybe even soon! But before then, make sure both of you are on equal footing emotionally and mentally.

8. He only seeks validation from others

Are you someone who likes to boast about their partner to friends and family? Be warned: Pisces men rarely let their guard down or get comfortable in relationships. Being associated with someone they believe they can’t trust could leave them doubting your loyalty. In other words, he won’t feel secure enough in his connection to you until he knows that others also value him — and that process can take a lot of time.

If you push for more intimacy before he’s ready, it’ll do more harm than good. Know that if you want to build something long-term, patience is vital. And even then, things may still take longer than you expect.

Be prepared to give yourself over entirely to whatever relationship emerges — not just physically but emotionally as well— because ultimately, that’s what will help him relax and open up around you. The point here isn’t that he doesn’t care about your feelings; it’s just hard for him to express how much he cares when there are issues between you two. And again, that takes time, which brings us back to patience is essential!

9. He only puts in an effort if it benefits him

Don’t mistake his pleasantness for kindness. He’s more interested in doing things that make him feel good. If you fall in line with those interests, significant, but don’t expect him to do anything for you out of genuine consideration for your feelings or because he thinks it will be good for you.

He has no interest in being helpful unless he feels like he stands to benefit from it as well. This isn’t necessarily an obvious character flaw—it just comes naturally to Pisces men since they have such self-centered personalities. Everything always comes back to themselves, so they rarely think about what other people need or want before acting.

10. His crazy mood swings are addictive

His mercurial nature is infuriating and enchanting all at once. If you want to know what it’s like to date someone who changes their mind as often as they change their underwear, go for it! If not, beware of your partner’s mood swings and stick around for a while before jumping into bed. 

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Women who have slept with a Pisces man too soon will likely feel their time would have been better spent on someone else. Pisces men are unpredictable, mentally and physically. And for that reason, most women who have had an encounter or relationship with one are quick to tell you: If I could do it all over again. They’ll wish they didn’t give him as much attention. And constantly felt like he was nothing more than just another phase.