Best Way to Get your Music Heard by Record Labels?

How to Get your Music Heard by Record Labels?

Best Way to Get your Music Heard by Record Labels?

With the advancement of technology and culture, the music industry has advanced. In 2021, you can record a song in your room with a smartphone. With easy access to recording equipment, there seems to be a constantly growing sea of ​​music waiting to be discovered.

Keep reading to learn how to promote personal tracks and art forms so that your message can be heard in 2021.

6 innovative ideas for getting your music heard

You can no longer rely solely on your songs to gain fans and hear your music. Social media, online streaming, and cultural shifts have transformed the game system so that your music can be passed on to young people. The following tips can help you use the tools found in all pop acts and make your music hear new fans and record labels.

Create a brand

While music is important, you also need something to stand out from your peers in the industry and to draw attention to yourself. Creating a brand creates an image and a mix of your fans beyond your music. If you have trouble identifying your product, think about what sets you apart from your target audience. Create your product and story across all the character traits, and personality traits that set you apart.

The beauty of product development is that users choose how they would like to be viewed. Whatever you choose, incorporate it into everything – from song art and marketing designs to one social media platform and one-on-one.

Be active on social media

In 2021, an online presence was just as important (if not more) than an in-person presence. Social media accounts extend your brand’s reach and are a way to grow your fan base globally. Consistency is essential for social media presence, just as it is for musical talent. Choose the platforms where you want to concentrate your energy and post regularly.

You can timetable posts in batches to avoid the everyday hassle of coming up with new content ideas. While some platforms, such as Facebook, have native planning capabilities, numerous apps are available for necessary approaches on any platform, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll post every day.

Interactivity is essential in social media. Use the tools available to you to participate in personal conversations and interact with people all over the world. Share and repost whatever content is posted about you by your fans. Respond to fans’ comments and personal messages to engage them in meaningful interactions.

Make an email list

By 2021, an online presence was equally important (if not more) than personal. Social media accounts increase your brand access and are a way to grow your followers around the world. Consistency is as important in social media as it is in music talent. Select the forums where you want to focus your energy and post regularly.

You can edit group collections to avoid daily difficulties in coming up with new content ideas. While some forums, such as Facebook, have traditional editing capabilities, most apps are available the way you need them in any forum, so you don’t have to worry about how to post daily.

Cooperation is important in social media. Use the tools available to you to participate in personal conversations and connect with people around the world. Share and repost any content you post to your fans.

Make a demonstration

Make a demo to communicate with the music industry if you haven’t yet recorded and published music to the public. Demos have evolved, and a cassette tape would no longer suffice.

You must include 2-3 of one band’s most memorable songs. You must make a strong perception in a short period, whether you are sending it to a record company, a supervisor, or a publication.

Professional studio recordings aren’t required to make an impact on a demo. The listener isn’t looking for production quality, and a raw, self-recorded demo highlights your natural sound.

Carry out promotional outreach

Music publications, blog posts, podcasts, and radio stations have also established loyal fan bases. While social media provides you to reach out to new people, promotion puts your music in front of a targeted audience looking for their next favorite band.

Create a brief press release and distribute it to blogs that cater to your target audience. Contact information for such publications and radio stations can be found on their social media accounts or websites.

Perform live performances

The pandemic halted live performances. Gigs will gradually return as vaccinations become available, and venues develop safe, socially distant setups. When they return, shows are the most effective way to share one’s music with other bands and their fans.

Gigs create a community of musician friends and a basis of support in your local scene. Once larger world tour acts come to one’s town, you may be able to open for them and grow your local fan base.

It’s not in one’s best interests to play in the same city each weekend, so branch out to neighboring cities and regions. You can trade showcases with bands from those other areas, and they will set up a gig with you in their area.


First and probably most important, you must upload your music to Spotify. You can upload your songs to several distributors, including CDBaby, Distrokid, and Tunecore. Distributors provide insights to monitor your performance on Spotify in addition to distributing your music to significant streaming services.

Assert your Spotify for Art movement profile once the first song is live – a free providing from Spotify that allows you to customize your artist page with a life story and photos. Spotify for Artists, like distributors, provides detailed analytics for almost all of your releases.

Final Verdict

Promote your Spotify profile to your fans and followers. When you publish new music, it is automatically applied to your followers’ Discharge Radar playlist and may appear on their homepage. Install Spotify join icons on your web and social media pages so that listeners can constantly frequent your profile. 

After you’ve finished your profile, consider creating a Spotify playlist of your favorite songs and other local bands. Creating a playlist allows users to connect with other artists while also providing your fans with an inside look at what motivates you.