Physical Signs He Wants to Kiss You | 6 Signs He Secretly Wants You in Bed

Physical Signs He Wants to Kiss You | 6 Signs He Secretly Wants You in Bed

Physical Signs He Wants to Kiss You | 6 Signs He Secretly Wants You in Bed

In this article, we will discuss the physical signs that he wants to kiss you. We will share six signs that he secretly wants you in the bed.

If you are looking for the signs that he wants to kiss you? Of course, you are because you would never be here otherwise, right? Below you will find the things that man does when they want to kiss you, a sign that indicates that he wants you BADLY and much more than that, so stay tuned.

Signs He Wants to Kiss You

Dating is not exactly one of the most straightforward things in this world. While you are worried about how you look and whether you should not have said what you just said, picking up the signs that he wants to kiss you might be impossible. Especially if he is actually the one of those shy guys.

All of this uncertainty about whether or not the date will culminate with just a kiss can add to your already brimming dating anxiety. But, as always, we are here to save the day for you with a checklist of the possible physical signs that a guy would give when he wants to kiss you.

If you do not have to see any of those signs, head back to the home and get back to your Netflix bindings. And if you do so, you have to use your body language to convey that you are open to, even looking forward to, the prospect of it. So, first things first, pay very close attention to those physical signs that he wants to kiss you.

1. The flirting will usually give it away.

You may argue that every one of the guys usually flirts, at least on dates, so how can this be a sign? Yes, trying to impress you with random pick-up lines or complimenting you is usually how guys do it. But when a guy is building up to that first kiss, he will get some extra flirting.

He will give you compliments on your physical attributes instead of your personality. For example, he may say things like I like that shade of lipstick on you; I have never seen the skin as smooth as yours; you look adorable; excuse me if I get a bit nervous. He also may say that your glow is marvelous. I am sure that you do not need night lamps at your home.

2. His eyes will give you a sign that he wants to kiss you.

Taking forward our very first point, while your man is either just complimenting you or trying to stare to flirt with you constantly, his eyes will speak more than he does. He would constantly also stare at you by shifting his gaze from your eyes to the lips, going much down further, before meeting your eyes again. And he will be bearing a mischievous look all the while. More or less, he will also be trying to flirt with his eyes.

Even if he is making it a huge point to maintain eye contact with you, know that it means that he is trying to seem more confident. We are pretty sure while he is gazing into your eyes, he will end up complimenting them as well.

3. He notices the little things

Attention to all the little details is often not the strong suit of men, especially when it does come to the looks and the appearances. So, if he notices and comments on things like your fragrance, shoes, and nail color, you are his top priority this evening.

If the both of you have met before and he still notices that you changed your hair for this date, it’s bound to make you feel exceptional. He may also remember your favorite color, and he also wears a shirt to the match.

Sure, his shirt would not make you say something like “He wants to kiss me, right?” to yourself. Still, when he compliments the subtleties of your outfits, he is definitely on to something much more.

4. He Licks his Lips

When guys want to kiss you, they imagine that they are and lick their lips. Another one of the big reasons behind this could also be that he is just giving you an undeniable sign that he wants to kiss you.

It may be very subtle, and he may not realize it himself. Still, if in the mid-conversation that you see him lick his lips while maintaining solid eye contact, subconsciously or even consciously, he is trying to tell you something.

5. Accidental and Non-so-accidental touches

When you are trying to figure out how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you or not, the physical contact he will make will be a very significant indicator. He will also build up the chemistry and the sexual tension before making his move, so you can expect some touches here and there.

For instance, he may also try to pick the glass at the same time as you’re brushing your hand slightly in this process. Or he could “accidentally” end up brushing his legs against yours, especially if you are sitting next to each other.

Perhaps, he may slowly wipe the corner of your lips to clean that food strain when you are eating. Physical signs he wants to kiss you do not get any clearer than this one.

6. If he checks on his breath before leaving

This can be hard to keep an eye out for and notice, as he may not be upfront about it or do it unabashedly just in front of his date, in a public place, or no less. But there is always a very good chance he may do it when he thinks you are not looking. So, you have to keep track of his actions.

Final words 

In this article, we have discussed the physical signs that he wants to kiss you. We have also discussed the sign that he secretly wants you in bed. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.