Body Language Signs He wants You Bad and Chase Him

Body Language Signs He wants You Bad and Chase Him

Body Language Signs He wants You Bad and Chase Him

This article will discuss the body language signs that show he wants you very badly and chase him.

Do guys prefer to chase or be chased?

This is an excellent question, and here is my answer. It is rough to be estimated, but maybe two out every one of the three guys prefer also prefers to do the chasing. These are the old-fashioned guys who also agree with the courtship model of Dating. Also, generally, in the dating game, the men chase while most women choose.

On the other side of the fence,1 out of every three guys takes the opposite approach. They also try to make the women chase them. These are the guys who tend to be more liberated, capable, and confident.

In other words, these are also the guys who know their worth. So when a guy wants to chase him, you can also safely bet it is an ego thing. He is also flipping the script, and now he is the prize instead of just you.

Now that it is being said, there is nothing wrong with chasing or being chased. Good and bad relationships alike can grow from either of the approaches. The more important questions are these.

Best signs He wants you Bad 

Relationships can also be very complicated. When you are also not clear about someone’s feelings, it can confuse you. For example, it can be hard to tell if your colleague has just fallen for you. Or a friend who wants to be just more than friends.

Suppose you learn to pay close attention to the male body signals. In that case, you will also figure out the thoughts running through his brain successfully. And if you also get the thumbs up, there is also no doubt he will be tricked blue to hang out with you something. So now we are going to discuss the signs with you.

1. He sits facing you

This also does not mean that he has his face towards you. When a man likes a girl, he also has his shoulders, knees, and feet straight in line with you. This also shows you that he wants to get significantly closer to you when you are ready. 

2. He tells you when drunk.

He means it if he tells you directly that he wants you. Though he is drunk, he might be earnest about his feelings. You will also tell it from his eyes and body language.

You will be able to see and feel it just in his eyes. And you need to pay some attention to it. He is also not lying if he wants you that badly.

3. He never asked for sex.

If you have been dating for some time, he never pressured you to make love with him. He is also taking it slow and wants it when you are ready. Even If he wants it, then he is not pressuring you. This is just a perfect sign that he wants more than sex from you. He also values and respects you and also your feelings. If he can wait to have the sex, he genuinely likes and respects you so much.

4. He often asks for dates. 

He will always try his best to see you if he wants you that much. It is also simple to figure out his feelings. He wishes to know you much more if he asks you out quite often.

Someone who also does not keep his promises and can not be serious about you. He will move mountains just to see you and not make excuses if he wants you.

5. He is always on time. 

Suppose he is always on time for you and values you and your time. Then, when a guy is not severe, he might keep you waiting. But, if he always has excuses for not being on time, he does not care about you.

If he also really likes you that much, he will never keep you waiting for that much longer. He would also strive to reach there always on time. On the other hand, if he wants you that bad, he might also reach before time. He would also show you that he is interested in and values you very much.

6. Deletes dating apps 

It is very much expected for people to be on dating apps. Some also like to explore new people, and others like to socialize. So if he has the dating apps such as tinder and Bumble, he is serious.

He also cares for you a lot and values bonding with you. Socializing and Dating are also no more his priority. Deleting these apps is a powerful indication that he wants you that badly.

7. Asks about your dreams and goals 

If a guy loves you that much, he would like everything about you. He would also want to know your passions and interests. And he would also ask about your dreams and goals in your life. He also might motivate you and encourage you to achieve them. This also shows he is earnest about you. He respects you and also your dreams in your life.

8. He is honest with you. 

If a guy is honest to you, you matter to him. He might also pretend to be very cool or anything to others but is very true to you. And he shares his daily life and dreams. He talks about his past relationships and also the flings.

He will also discuss his weaknesses and flings. If he trusts you that much with all these personal details, he feels close to you. He trusts you and is genuinely interested in you.

Final words 

In this article, he talks about the body language signs that show that he wants you bad and wants you to chase him. We have discussed all the points in detail and recommend you do some research of your own to get the best knowledge.