What Makes a Man Want to Marry You? 8 Signs He wants to Marry you Someday

Signs He only wants you for your Body or Wants You Badly Sexually

What Makes a Man Want to Marry You? 8 Signs He wants to Marry you Someday

In this article, we will discuss what makes a man want to marry you? We will also discuss the eight signs that he wants to marry you someday.

Perhaps you have been dating this handsome and very awesome guy for a while now, and you may wonder what his plans with you are. So, you may start looking for the signs that he really wants to marry you.

When a couple has actually been dating for quite some time, the next logical step in the relationship would be to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Like most women, you may dream about that perfect day when everything revolves around you. That day you could also get to look your significant other in the eyes and tell him you want to be with him until the death do you apart.

Many people do not realize just how big a step that marriage is. When you think about it, you are committing to one person for the rest of their lives, and you will have to share everything with your spouse. That is the good and the bad as well.

Even though the relationships have significantly evolved through time and love is prioritized over the arguments, many people would go back to the past when things were much more straightforward.

Nowadays, you have to open your eyes to see whether your partner is serious about you. You may look for the red flags that he might be just cheating on you or something that similar, while at the same time, you are hoping to notice clues that he wants to marry you. 

How long does it take to know he wants to marry you?

No one will tell you how long it takes a man to know that he really wants to marry you. This is just very individual, and although there is no definite answer to this question, there are some signs that he wants to marry you.

Luckily for the ladies, we can guess it and see it coming if we pay attention to a specific behavior or gesture. Now to forget, according to the research where the 2000 people polled, it was found out that, on average, a person takes around six months or 172 days to be sure of the marriage with their partner.

Eight sure signs he wants to marry you

I am looking for the signs that he wants to marry you? Here are the eight signs that will help you be sure and make the next move.

1. You hang out with his married friends.

It could be really awkward being around married people if you had no desire to become one of them too. However, it is a perfect sign that he is ready for the marriage if you keep hanging out with his married friends. There are many clear signs that he wants to marry you, which is one of them, for sure.

2. He is giddy

As in “seeing his high school sweetheart again” giddy, he is probably trying to find a perfect moment, or he is just thinking about your face seeing the ring and just having the fun planning it all out.

Maybe you thought about his all of a sudden great mood is not a big deal. Still, it might be one of the signs that he wants to marry you, which means that it is a big deal.

3. He gives you hints 

If he is giving you some of the hits such as “start looking at dresses” or “book your calendar off,” it also means that he has something planned for the two of you. He must be too shy to put it forth blatantly, but things are very sure in his mind.

4. He doesn’t see marriage as something negative. 

Have you ever really just asked yourself whether or not your man believes in the institution of the marriage? Does he really see it as just a piece of paper? Or is he just being more than serious about when one of your close friends talks about the topic of marriage?

Perhaps he may say that he never wants to get married and quickly changes the subject whenever you talk about marriage? If so, then your sufficient other does not think about marrying you, or he is probably just scared about it right now.

On the other hand, if he has ever hinted that the marriage is worth fighting for, this shows you that he is earnest about you and may even be checking out your ring size.

The problem arises when a couple is not on the same page regarding the marriage. If the marriage is that important to you and him, it is not; you have to make sure that he knows about your thoughts on this matter.

5. His language changed 

If he just stopped saying and if and is using when instead, he has made a decision just in his mind that the marriage is happening much soon. This only will show that he is confident in being with you.

6. You are the only one. 

You have to listen attentively. We do not know how long it takes for a man to know how he wants to marry you, but we all know that he keeps saying that you are the only one he is thinking about making his wifey.

7. He is already in the role. 

If he acts like your husband already: you have to ask him for your advice, turns to you for support in the hard times, respects you, and values you, and is not that afraid to show it in public too, it means that he is already playing that role in your life.

Final words 

In this article, we have described what makes a man marry you. We have also explained the signs that he wants to marry you. Finally, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.