Signs He Wants You in his Future as a Wife | 8 Signs He Will Propose You

Signs he wants you in his future as a wife | 8 signs he will propose you

Signs He Wants You in his Future as a Wife | 8 Signs He Will Propose You

This article will discuss that he wants you in his future as a wife. We will also discuss the eight signs that he will propose to you.

Eight signs he will propose you

So you may be thinking that your relationship is going perfectly well. However, you are still just wondering and asking yourself this question. “Will he ever marry me?” What are the signs that he wants to marry me? How can I be so sure that he will marry me someday? Well, fear not. There are many visible signs that he wants to marry you in the future.

These signs may be there even as early as the first couple of months of the dating with him, and I will show them to you. So use the sign to know if you are a wife material to him, and I will also show them to you. So use the signs to know if you are a wife material for him? so that you will ever understand the signs that he sees himself marrying you as his wife.

You need to keep in mind within the first 90 days of the early days of the dating that a man is just evaluating and is looking more on you and your actions. He is also checking to see if you are genuinely a wife material for him. Especially if he has just passed the age of 30, he is earnest about settling down with women.

So the more signs that he will fulfill or, the more he is doing any of these things on this list, the more likely he will see marrying you shortly and the more you will stop bordering on much.

1. You are part of his family. 

If it has gotten to the point where you and your man come as a pair, then it is fair to say that you are a part of his family. This means that you have to attend every special occasion just together, know his siblings by the name, and may have even met those awkward distant relatives of his.

When your man makes you a part of his family, it is a pretty big deal; I mean that he will not want any of the women to be there. I’m also sure you met his parents a month or two after the date.

But, if they are buying you the Christmas presents or you are going to them for advice, it means that he is very comfortable having you around. And when a man gets very much comfortable with you being in his life, he might also consider you as wife material. This is one of the signs that he wants you in his future as a wife.

2. He wants to live together 

A huge stepping stone of the marriage is living together in the same house. Many women see this as one of the early signs that he wants to marry you someday because of how it shows that you are willing to come together and cooperate.

Of course, this depends on every couple and their individual beliefs and morals. But if your man proposes that you may move in together, then it could be his way to the test-drive what life with you as his wife would be like. Now, if you have been living together for the past 

3. Will then start a sentence with “If we are married….”

Or let’s say that he starts a sentence with “if you are my wife..” Or “if I were to be your husband. “It means that he is seriously considering you as his lovely wife material to him. Just take a seat and relax because men usually will not play these kinds of games with any girls that they are not planning to live with as a wife.

4. He is happy and free to join his finances with you

We all know that marriage is such a big commitment, as we all know that. It also involves the financial commitment with your partner. If a man is pleased and free to combine the resources and, in particular, share a large chunk of his own money with you as his lady.

Then it means that he is considering you are making you his future wife. So relax if he is not disturbing in joining one of the things with you for is one of the signs that he will see himself marrying you.

5. He Mentions Kids

The guy never jokes about having the kids. Even if they mention it in the passing or in a joking way, they think about it. Suppose they mention wanting to be a father and having the kids or anything about making a perfect mother. In that case, you are on the fast track to an engagement proposal.

To have children is a severe business and not something that the guys take lightly. However, suppose he mentions it in any way, shape, or form. In that case, he is gauging as a wife and the mother material very seriously.

6. You are wanted & Expected at the Family Functions 

Most of the guys are pretty picky about who they bring into the family gatherings. If you end up at the one picnic or the get-together, do not read too much on the internet. Still, suppose you are going to the birthdays, family dinners, family reunions. In that case, that is such a massive sign that he sees you as the belonging family. This can also be a blood family, friends like the family, or both.

Some women may think that the men generally can also be a little bit closed emotionally. However, most guys are very protective of those they consider their family. Suppose you are getting the green light to be a part of that. In that case, you are just being scoped out as the potential marriage material.

Final words 

This article discusses the signs that he wants you as his future as a wife. We have discussed all of the signs in detail. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the rest results.