9 Signs He wants a Relationship and Wants to Marry You but is Scared

9 signs he wants a relationship and wants to marry you but is scared

9 Signs He wants a Relationship and Wants to Marry You but is Scared

This article will discuss the nine signs that he wants a relationship and wants to marry you but is very scared.

Signs He wants a Relationship and Wants to Marry You 

If you have been in a relationship with a man for some time now, it is very typical to just look out for the signs that he wants to marry you someday. We are going to discuss the signs below.

1. He is honest 

It is always a gift to have a trustworthy man and a plus if honesty is a good product of a loving and considerate heart. If a man is really in love with you, feeding you with lies that will always be greater than the mission impossible to him. Telling you the truth also comes with ease because he would not want to hurt you or build a relationship.

He also does rather swim across the Red sea than allow scenarios that would cause him an iota of deceit. Sounds also glorified? Well, such is the magic that can create love. Honestly also means telling you the truth when you do something wrong.

2. He remembers what’s important to you. 

If a guy loves you, he knows about your favorite color, music, and all the other preferences. A man that also takes time to get to know your likes and dislikes. He also has a very vested interest in you and the relationship, which is a very definite sign of love. Being very attentive to all your likes, wants, and needs show that what is exciting and at the same time important to you is also important to him.

3. He is always on time. 

Suppose he is always on time for you and values you and your time. When a guy is not also serious, he might keep you waiting. If he always has excuses for not being on time, he does not care about you.

If he also really likes you that much, he will never keep you waiting for that much longer. He would also strive to reach there always on time. On the other hand, if he wants you that bad, he might also reach before time. He would also show you that he is interested in and values you very much.

4. Deletes dating apps 

It is very typical for people these days to be on dating apps. Some also like to explore new people, and others like to socialize. He is serious if he has the dating apps such as tinder and Bumble.

He also cares for you a lot and also values bonding with you. Socializing and Dating are also no more his priority. Deleting these kinds apps is a strong indication that he wants you that badly.

5. He bares his heart to you. 

Another very big sign is that he is not even afraid to be very emotionally vulnerable in front of his women. Does your man really share his fears and weakness with you, and if the answer is yes, it will show that he will trust you and love you. Men are not very communicative when it also comes to talking about that how they feel. And if he is really sharing his feelings with you, it shows that you are very special to him.

6. Is protective of you 

This is also one of the most significant signs that a man is in deep love with you. This also determines if he is have concerned about your well-being. If he loves you, he will be very protective of you.

If you also actually have been out late at night, does he make it a point to drop you off at home? If you are stuck in some trouble, does he leave his friends, work for everything aside for you. If you really have also answered in the affirmative for all these types of questions, then it shows you that the men you are dating at the moment are just for keeps.

7. He is open with his feelings. 

Suppose you look back on the past man that you dated. In that case, there is always something missing, and that is the pattern of emotional unavailability. Before, you just assumed that all men are robots, but when it comes to just expressing their feelings, let me say that man who sees no future with a woman may be more closed off to her.

8. He talks about the future. 

This guy is not just making plans a few weeks out; he is also actually talking about the far-off future with you in it. Maybe he says that he also makes love for you to come with him for a holiday to meet his family.

9. He introduced you to friends and family 

If a man wants to date you for a few weeks will not bother to introduce you to the people who matter to him. What is the point? You also would not be around for too long. Plus, Introducing a woman just to his family communicates to them that this might be a little serious.

10. He texts you regularly

There is always that something to be said about the very consistent man. When I just started dating Jessica, I wanted to talk to her very consistently, so the first thing I used to do was call her, and I also used to call her in the evening.

A man who really is not interested in a future with you will call or text you when he wants to, and that might not be all that often.

11. Makes you happy 

If you are just still wondering if he loves you is not one of the best, and sure is that he will always do anything under the same sun to make you much much happier. For example, he will always go for you and just for shopping even though he hates every thought.

He will also forgo buying the latest gadget and ensure that you get what you want. He will also surprise you by taking you on unplanned trips. In short, he will really do anything and everything to see the one smile on your face.

Final words 

In this article, we have discussed the nine signs that a man wants to have a relationship with you. We might have discussed each of them in detail and recommend you research to get the best knowledge.