How to know if a Girl is Hiding her Feelings and Secretly Wants You | 25 signs

How to know if a Girl is Hiding her Feelings and Secretly Wants You | 25 signs

How to know if a Girl is Hiding her Feelings and Secretly Wants You | 25 signs

This article will discuss how to know if a girl is hiding her feelings and secretly wants you. 

Signs a girl hiding her feelings 

How do you ever know if a girl is just hiding her feelings for you? Do you know how to see the signs that she is hiding her feelings for you? There are many ways she shows you the signs, but are you discerning enough to even notice them.

The dating game is also highly thrilling and fun, and knowing that someone is interested in you always kicks up the adrenaline. Of course, if you like her too, that’s the perfect time to take action, but what if you just misread her? With the following tips, you may can be more sure before making your moves.

1. Her friends know how she feels about you.

If her friends know about you because she keeps bringing up your name in the conversations with them, they know you are on her mind. As far as they will tell you, you will never leave it. Every of the topic will lead to you.

They might not like it, but they see how hard she’s crushing very hard on you. And because they care about her, they may take an interest in vetting you just for her sake.

2. Watch her body language. 

This one alone can tell you much more about a woman who might be interested in you than any of their sign. Body language is a massive giveaway for both sides of the field. Body language can tell you a lot, whether you are a man or a woman.

Please do not get too worried about telling her about the body language. If she catches you eyeballing her all of the time, it can come off as very creepy. What I’m even talking about is actually being able to pick up some of the more subtle cues women put out there.

Most of them are just by accident, and they will betray her intentions. So, for example, the next time you guys are handing out, pay attention to where her feet and the shoulders are pointed. At her feet are just pointed towards you? And are her shoulders squared off towards you? These are the two very easy to identify signs that she’s really into you, and they are easy to the spot.

If a woman has a very relaxed body posture towards you, that is an excellent sign that she feels comfortable enough to relax when she is around you. The more you learn about the human body language, the easier it will be to tell if a woman secretly has feelings for you.

Do keep in mind that along with a very positive body language which is what we all are mostly talking about, there is also a negative aspect to it as you are probably guessed that it’s mostly the opposite of all of the signs that we see in someone exhibiting positive body language.

3. She takes an interest in the things you like

She wants to have more in common with you. So, she will also want you to see her taking an interest in something that you care about, whether that’s the fandom of yours, a passion just for cooking, or a human rights cause that you support.

If she cares enough to show interest in the things you love, that’s a powerful sign that she likes you and is not 100% opposed to your figuring that out.

4. She invites you to hang out one-on-one. 

If she really invites you to hang out with her and no one else, she’s either got something important to tell you or her just you all to herself or both. So, unless you are getting a powerful vibe that she’s about to friendzone you, this is an excellent sign that she likes you and wants to spend more and more time in your company.

5. She flirts Subtly 

By just holding your hand while walking or even sending you a very flirty message, such subtle flirting could signify that she is just hiding her true feeling just for you. Sometimes, she would also lead you into an inmate and a very private conversation, but stop it midway when it is getting too intense. This is probably because she is terrified of getting too close.

6. She would try to impress you

A girl who has a crush on you would always try to impress you with all of her qualities. She would subtly mention her accomplishments and try to excel at many things that you like. She would also be very mindful of her appearance. All of these could be her way of just hinting at her feelings just for you.

7. She remembers everything about you. 

From how you like your morning coffee to your parent’s wedding anniversary, and the other important information about your own life. She will even remember the minor details of your life. For example, a girl secretly falling in love with you would never forget all of the random things about you, like your favorite food, music band, and color.

8. She takes extra care to look presentable

Whenever that she is going out with you. Suppose you find her wearing an outfit that you said and like, then it is a sign that she wants to impress you a lot. Of course, she might also act cold and distant, but she will always make sure that she dresses up the way you like when she goes out with you. For the girls, that it’s the little thing. She wants you to be very proud of her whenever she is with you. It also feels very nice when you keep complimenting her.

9. She apologizes for everything

Now, this is the one that isn’t true for every one of the women, and that also will go for all of these signs. Women can be complicated to understand, so do not feel that terrible and lost. Some of the people are just overly apologetic. But if you start noticing that she is doing it beyond her norm, that might also be a sign to pick up on.

She might like you and is actually trying her best not to mess anything up for fear of losing your interest. This can also be tied to how her family raised her if she had rigorous parents. This could be stemming from how her family actually raised them.

10. Sending suggestive texts 

This step always assumes that you guys are already acquainted and have each of the other numbers. Next time she texts you, take a significantly closer look at how she words her messages. You can quickly tell if she is flirting or very suggestive by comparing it with the texts from your female buddies.

If a lady is actually interested in you, she will unwittingly drop some hints and be playful when texting you. It could be that she may respond to your texts almost immediately, send you her photos, or the volunteers to do something enjoyable with you. If you want to just master the texting game, read this article then.

11. Hands, hands, hands

This one goes with the body language, but I wanted to give it its section because it can tell you a lot. For example, what is she doing with her hands when talking to her? Is she playing with her hair, touching the lips, or are her hands just tucked away in her pockets?

Hands are also one of the best ways to pull attention to something. Women will also use their hands to bring your attention to them if they are attracted to you. And, when she sits down next to you, does she sit as far away or close by?

When someone else comes by to hang out with you, does she move closer to you to make room for them to join? Or does she move away and set an exact distance? Your number one indicator is just going to be the body language paired up with little nuances that you will notice her exhibiting.

12. She randomly sends pictures from her phone. 

How great is it when someone is interested in sending you a picture out of the blue? Whatever the reason, she took the picture and thought of you. She also included you at that moment, even though you could never be there to enjoy that time with her.

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Because whether she is ready to admit it or not, she wants you to be a significantly more considerable part of her day-to-day life.

13. She draws you into long conversations.

You might start with small talk, but before that long, you are in a very long conversation with her about something that matters to you both. Hence, your transition with ease from one of the topics to another, losing track of time as the hours may slip by. What’s more, you will look forward to these conversations, which is very obvious.

14. She laughs at your jokes.

Even when you may know that it is not funny, she laughs. Something about how you said it caught her off guard, and you can get to hear an actual belly laugh. One day, she will also groan at one of your jokes, but not today. Chalk it up to the happy brain chemicals. When you are actually in love, jokes are much funnier–even the bad ones. It’s a science.

15. She’s always smiling at you.

Even when she is stressed or even feeling down, she is always has a smile for you. And if you hold your face in her mind, she will probably take a deep breath or sigh every time she sees your smile. It lights her up inside. Seeing you flood her with very happy brain chemicals renews her energy. You’re what she looks forward to the most in this world.

16. She includes you in her plans.

She includes you when she plans with you for future events or the weekend because she wants you to be involved. She wants you to be the fixture in her life. So, if she plans to attend a wedding, she’ll want aks to be her “plus one.”And if she is planning some of the fun for the weekend, she will also hope you do the same with her.

17. Please pay attention to the clues from her friends. 

If a circle of her friends somehow behaves very differently around you or asks that what you think of her, it may mean that they know more, if her friends leave you to the room to talk, for example, just sit back and no longer take in the girl that you are interested in, it may mean that she has actually told them about you or speaks about you regularly and that her friends also want to help her to conquer your heart. If her friends smile, giggle, grin or watch you both interact as soon as you are around, they know more: she likes you.  

18. She’s always around. 

And just with this, I mean in a situation where she does not need to be actually near you. Is she usually less than five meters away from you during a week at the school, university, or office? Without you having made the appointment or anything like that with her, she may seem to be always around you? Coincidentally, she’s also at the concert or actually at the bar, which you will mention in passing, being there on the weekend?

19. She is waiting for others to leave to talk to you.

She wants to talk to you undisturbed and waits for the others to leave, so she and the both of you are not distracted by the others? Does she catch you to have a relatively insignificant conversation? Perhaps it always happens much more subtly so that you may hardly notice it. Still, this behavior is usually a good sign of interest.

Final words

 In this article, we have discussed how to know if a girl is falling in love with you and secretly wants you. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.