Who is better in bed? Libra man vs. Leo man

Who is better in bed? Libra man vs. Leo man

Who is better in bed? Libra man vs. Leo man

According to astrology, the Libra man and Leo man are both ruled by Venus. This indicates that they share some similarities in their relationships, including the bedroom! However, these two signs have different temperaments, so let’s look at what these guys offer in the bedroom to see who would make an ideal partner. After all, there’s no better way to get to know someone than to see how they perform in Bed! Here’s our astrological breakdown of this match-up!

In Bed – How compatible are they?

The libra man and Leo man have vastly different approaches to lovemaking. The libra guy is a top who tends to take a more gentle approach, while his partner lies beneath him, taking all he can give her. However, after finishing, he will likely fall asleep in her arms and probably won’t wake up until long after she has left for work.

His downfall is that he’s got a lazy streak when it comes to sex; as long as his partner doesn’t complain or leave him, he’ll continue with their pattern of behavior without changing it up much at all! On days when things are slow, though, don’t be surprised if you catch him checking out some porn instead of getting busy with his lover – at least there’s variety!

Is a libra man better in Bed?

The libra male loves women but can often be confused about relationships. It’s not flaky or unreliable; he is unsure of his next move. In love and romance, though, he’s a total charmer and natural flirt who knows how to satisfy a woman in Bed…and out of it! (note: if you can find a Pisces woman, that’s your dream woman!) 

But be careful. Libra males are famous for being players. They often have numerous affairs on their minds which keeps them quite busy at home and on their business trips. He may seem interested in you, but don’t expect him to stay faithful forever! His naturally reserved nature keeps him from fully committing, so don’t hold your breath waiting for him to pop the question—it could take years before he does.

Is Leo man better in Bed?

First, know that both signs are sexual dynamos, so you can’t go wrong with either sign regarding passion and romance. There were also, even so, nuanced differences between the two lovebirds that may influence your decision: In Bed, a libra is likely to be a total charmer who keeps you intrigued and on your toes all night long;

a Leo is more likely to come on strong from minute one—making it harder for some partners (like fish) to keep up with them physically (or emotionally). Both will probably be good lovers if they’re happy in their relationships—but libra lovers may give you less of what you want than Leo lovers do.

Who is better, Libra man or Leo man?

Both libra men and Leo men are admirable in their way; however, a few things about both make them stand out from other men and each other. If you’re dating either of these two, you know how attractive they can be for seduction; libra men seem to have mastered everything to impress a woman, right down to their moves and tactics.

In contrast, Leo men do not lack confidence or sex appeal either. However, some people can be so caught up with the outer appearances of someone else that they forget what’s most important when it comes to being sexually satisfied: communication with your partner.

Out of Bed – How do they make relationships work?

Libra and Leo aren’t dissimilar in their approach to relationships. Both of them love to be around others, which means they make great team players, both on and off a sexual level. They tend not to let work or other concerns get in their way when it comes to romance; instead, they know how important balance is for everyone involved. They differ because while Leo will go all out, Libra prefers to take things slow.

This makes sense considering that Leos are fire signs while Libras are air signs – air being much milder than fire. But even though Libras might prefer a slower pace, don’t mistake them for passive! If you can give them some room to breathe (literally), they’ll show you how passionate they can be!

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Libra Man vs. Leo Man shouldn’t be a topic up for debate. Still, we’ve given ourselves an impossible task: pick one over another when both signs are popular with many and tend to pair up with each other (Leo and Aquarius are also a relationship match made in heaven).

It turns out that these two men have a lot more in common than their famous lover-boy reputations suggest — especially when it comes to love and to date (and really, who doesn’t want to read about love and dating?). Because despite what astrology says about your sign’s compatibility with others, we all know every couple has its ups and downs.

Even Geminis and Leos!  To start, let’s look at their similarities. Both guys are generally known as pretty flirty types who thrive on socializing and getting attention from others.

They’re loyal lovers, passionate creatures, attentive listeners, and good communicators — not bad qualities to have in a partner! Of course, there are some differences between them too. While they’re both known for being generous lovers (who isn’t attracted by libido?), Leo can be far more aggressive than his counterpart; he’ll happily take charge during sex, while Libra tends to like things less dominant unless he gets turned on enough first. 


In Bed, both Libras and Leos are passionate lovers who don’t shy away from adventures and risks, but they have differences. The biggest difference is that we recommend being in charge of lovemaking. In contrast, Libras tend to keep their partners in charge. That makes it tough to give a definitive answer on who’s better; instead, let’s do a side-by-side comparison.

We’ll look at what they have in common: Passionate: Both Libras and Leos bring passion into every aspect of their lives, so it should come as no surprise that they make for enthusiastic lovers. Confident: Confidence oozes out of every pore with both zodiac signs, which can be intimidating or exciting depending on your preference. Adventurous: When you think about how Libra and Leo spend most of their time traveling or going out with friends—and then throwing sex into the mix—it’s easy to see why they’re known for getting up to adventurous acts.