Dating Tips After 50 or 60 and Widowed | What Are The Chances Of Finding Love After 55?

Dating Tips After 50 or 60 and Widowed | What Are The Chances Of Finding Love After 55?

Dating Tips After 50 or 60 and Widowed | What Are The Chances Of Finding Love After 55?

If you are 50 or 60 and looking to find love again after the death of your spouse, it can be challenging. Fortunately, there are tips you can use to bring better dates to you, which will increase your chances of finding love again and being happy in your next relationship. These steps will help you get started on finding love and happiness again with someone new.

Finding Mr. (or Ms.) Right

We all want to find love, but being realistic about our chances is essential. Statistics show that men between 60-65 years old have a 15% chance of remarrying while women in that age range have a 34% chance. These odds aren’t great; however, you can increase your likelihood of success by getting fit and staying healthy. (Physical attractiveness plays a significant role in finding a match.) You may also want to consider speed dating events for seniors.

Don’t let fear hold you back

Fears can be crippling, but instead of letting that fear stop you from living your life, acknowledge it and take steps to overcome it. For example, if you’re afraid to date because you feel like everyone else your age is in a committed relationship already, try to schedule yourself some time each week to meet new people. It doesn’t have to be anything serious—just a lunch date with a friend from work or your book club could be enough to help reset your confidence in dating. You never know when something might click! 

Protect yourself from getting hurt

In a new relationship, it’s easy to want to share every experience with your partner. However, it’s essential to protect yourself from getting hurt. For example, suppose you just broke up with someone in your past and started dating again. In that case, it might be tempting to jump back into a severe relationship immediately.

But jumping into another relationship too quickly can have lasting consequences on future relationships. Remember that time heals all wounds, so try not to rush things with your new partner. If you’re afraid you’ll get hurt again in your next relationship, take it slow until you feel secure enough to go all-in.

Remember, life is a risk worth taking

If you’re approaching 60, you’ve certainly learned a lot about life and what it takes to live. You know what you want, but more importantly, maybe more than anything else, you’ve learned how to be okay with not getting what you want. If dating is something you want, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t get hung up on your insecurities. Know that everyone has them; everyone gets nervous. Everyone still wants to feel attractive.

Enjoy new experiences

Not yet that what you do should be about dating. Whether you want to take a class, learn a new skill, or travel, find something that’s just for you—and don’t forget to have fun doing it! The more fun you have on your own, away from others who might be trying to set you up with someone else, the less pressure there will be to meet someone. You’ll build confidence and gain skills without worrying about whether your life partner is in the audience at every turn.

After all, doesn’t it feel great to look back at a good experience and know that nobody else was involved in making it happen but you? You may even start looking forward to future experiences because they’re just for you. And remember: All those dates (including dates with yourself) add up to time spent out in the world being social—which helps keep loneliness at bay.

This also makes it easier to meet people when you’re ready. Let’s think of our daily lives as practice runs for our dream relationships. We can begin creating better versions of ourselves by getting out into our communities and showing off what we’ve done and learned so far. In other words: Date yourself; date others; date life!

Forget what society thinks – it doesn’t matter anyway!

If you’re looking for love when you’re over fifty, it can feel like everyone has an opinion. Maybe your family, friends, and neighbors think it’s cute that you’re trying to date again. Perhaps they think you should have given up on love years ago. And maybe they even believe that if you don’t find a man quickly, it’s time to get a dog instead.

That might be their advice, but trust yourself instead; know that it is possible to find a new romance after fifty (or sixty) so long as you stay open-minded and let yourself fall in love with all kinds of men – even if they aren’t exactly what your friends would have picked out for you!

Concentrate just on the positive rather than on the bad experiences

When you’re dating again, being positive is essential. Not every date will be a winner. Don’t let your mind dwell on missed opportunities and disappointments; instead, focus on what went well and try to learn from it. If a first date didn’t go as planned, think about what could have made it better. Recognize how one person may not have been suitable for you, but there will be another who is exactly right—you have to keep looking until you find them.

Don’t allow your age to define you

Is there any right or wrong age to start dating? You really should be open to it? The only time being older can limit your opportunities is if you allow yourself to think that way. I believe it is good to wait until you are out of mourning before embarking on a serious relationship.

Grief changes people and puts their emotions on edge; relationships need room for growth and change, which doesn’t come easily when there is unresolved grief. Even so, if you take time off from dating after a loss while still within your period of mourning (which lasts longer than most people expect), there will be many people who might not understand what you’re going through but will let that slide because they want a relationship with you anyway.


Keep yourself in shape. There’s no excuse for not staying physically fit now that many people have adopted healthy lifestyles. If you don’t already have a routine, make one. It doesn’t take a lot to maintain your health; a little bit of exercise each day can improve your odds of attracting romantic attention later in life. Your good health also gives you confidence and energy, which will help make you more attractive to potential partners than you were when you were younger. Maintain a positive attitude about dating after fifty.