“Never Trust a Man Who Kisses With his Eyes Open.” But Why?


“Never Trust a Man Who Kisses With his Eyes Open.” But Why?

A common stereotype of men who kiss with their eyes open is insincere and untrustworthy, but are there any real consequences of not following this advice? There are plenty of reasons you should never trust a man who kisses with his eyes open, so be sure to take note! Below, we’ll list why you should never trust a man who kisses with his eyes open.

Men have more to hide

From an evolutionary perspective, kissing with your eyes open makes sense. You give up information about your true intentions when you close your eyes. That’s why men often approach women with their eyes closed—it allows them to assess their mark and see if she will be receptive to his advances.

And it is no surprise that women who kiss with his\her eyes open try to scare so many men. If he can’t tell what she’s thinking, how will he know whether or not she wants him? No matter what we do in life, there is always someone who won’t like it—no one can please everyone all of the time.

What he’s hiding might be wrong

When you see someone kiss with their eyes open, you wonder why. Maybe he’s nervous and doesn’t want to look at you directly because he’s holding something back. Maybe there’s something about you that he finds unappealing, or maybe there’s someone else in his life that he can’t take his eyes off of. If your man kisses with his eyes open, be careful—it could mean he wants to break up without actually saying it to your face.

Deception is an art for men

While it’s tempting to ask yourself, How do they do that? When your date flirts with you while staring into your eyes and acting like he wants to be with you forever, it’s essential to realize that he is likely not feeling any of those things.


While women express their attraction to men by looking directly at them and sending positive signals, men flirt as a form of deception or manipulation. Some guys have learned how to control their eye contact so well that they can make others believe almost anything—even if they don’t feel it themselves. Even if your suitor tells himself he wants you; his eyes aren’t lying.

They are better liars

Since most people kiss with their eyes closed, when your partner kisses you with his eyes open, it signals that he’s more likely to lie. When your guy says I’m not cheating on you, he’s probably telling you a lie if he looks you in the eye. Be careful! Suppose your partner has told you he has no interest in another woman. Yet, his eyes are fixed on hers at every opportunity. In that case, there might be something else going on besides innocent flirting.

A bit of truth in every lie

There are many reasons why you should never trust a man who kisses with his eyes open. Still, there’s one big truth behind them: Romance is not as fun if you don’t fully and completely let yourself go. It’s not always necessary to put on your best poker face, either—you’re in love (or hope to be), so it’s perfectly OK to express your feelings honestly.

If you’re going for romance that leaves you both contented and breathless, there are a few better ways than eye contact. So before proposing marriage or taking things too far in bed, sit down and talk about what works for each of you when it comes to kissing with your eyes open—or closed!

His motives might be wrong

Perhaps he’s looking for any opportunity to move in for a kiss. The problem is if his eyes are open, he’s not connecting with you — and that lack of connection will be evident in other aspects of your relationship.

If he’s making out with you while keeping his eyes open, your pleasure isn’t nearly as important to him as getting what he wants; kissing should never feel like work, no matter how much chemistry you have.

If he can’t get into kissing when his eyes are closed — and instead makes excuses about how bad his vision is or how crazy things look when they’re blurred together — there’s a good chance you’ll be similarly dismissed if you want something more serious than fun flings.

Love = Lying?

One of my favorite quotes from The Notebook: I want to be with you for all of my life, and I can’t be if I don’t know everything about you.

A kiss is an intimate act; it shows our true feelings towards someone on many levels and with little hesitation or doubt.

He will never change

It’s hard to trust someone unwilling to change his views or admit he’s wrong. But if you can’t trust someone to be flexible, how can you expect him to listen when you talk? Then it might sound petty, but it’s true: the only constant in life has constantly been changing. Suppose your partner isn’t willing to learn new things and accept different viewpoints. In that case, he probably has trouble adapting to other areas of his life.

He needs too much attention from you

When it comes to getting close to someone, there’s usually a certain amount of intimacy that goes along with it. But some men tend to be touchy even when you haven’t reached that level of intimacy. Some kiss their partner right away to tell them what they want or show them how much they like them.

If your man kisses you while his eyes are open, he might use intimacy as an excuse for flirting. Still, he could also be very expressive and need attention from everyone around him. Either way, it’s not precisely endearing behavior; if he keeps pulling you in for over-the-top displays of affection in public, you might feel like an object instead of a person.


Regardless of how harmless, charming, or otherwise cute you might find him—know that his open eyes don’t mean what you think. He doesn’t have romantic feelings for you, and he isn’t thinking about your love for each other. No, what he’s doing is checking out who else might be watching.