What Is The Meaning Of “Kissing With Eyes Open” | For A Boy And Girl?

What Is The Meaning Of

What Is The Meaning Of “Kissing With Eyes Open” | For A Boy And Girl?

When a couple kisses, the man and woman will close their eyes; however, the reason why they do that is engaging; when two people kiss each other, their love increases. It also expresses that both people are willing to commit themselves to each other. Moreover, when two people kiss, they will focus on kissing each other’s lips. Therefore, when they close their eyes and concentrate on kissing each other’s lips, they can get into the mood more quickly and deeply than before.

How to tell if your partner’s kissing style says something about them

So you’ve moved on from casual dating to something more serious, but you still want to keep things interesting in bed. One way to do that is by changing your kissing style – not just during sex but also when snuggling or watching a movie. First, think about how your current romantic partner kisses; it’s probably safe to say that their overall style hadn’t changed much since those early days when you were making out in their car.

The same can be said for yourself: Chances are good if you usually go in for deep, wet tongue kisses while pressed against a wall. That’s precisely what you give your partner every time you meet up at home.

But if they tend to favor light pecks on the lips while sitting next to each other on the couch, they might expect similar treatment when between the sheets. It all comes down to reading body language—not just what someone says with words but also what they communicate through touch.

When does eye contact become important during kissing

When kissing, both partners should focus on each other. To an extent, it doesn’t matter who initiates eye contact or when. However, kissing with your eyes open can be very intimate, so only try it once you feel close to your partner.

There’s nothing wrong with leaving your eyes closed for a romantic kiss if that makes you more comfortable, but maintaining eye contact during an intimate kiss can make you feel more connected to each other.

It also helps you know what your partner likes instead of guessing based on their body language. If you notice they’re getting uncomfortable while looking into your eyes, stop immediately—you don’t want them to think they have to go along with something they don’t like!

You may also notice that one person closes their eyes while kissing sometimes—it could be because they enjoy seeing their partner without distractions or aren’t interested in making eye contact. It’s okay either way! Over time, you’ll get used to what works best for you and your partner.

Eye contact can be more intimate than words

Kissing with eyes open was one of my dad’s favorite phrases growing up. He often used it to describe when his wife would look at him like she wanted to devour him, and he would do the same right back.

It wasn’t just that they were staring into each other’s eyes—it was an expression, I think, of their connection, but also an attempt to make intimacy more public. Eye contact isn’t as dangerous or taboo as lip-locking in public, but it can be just as intimate. Eye contact can express love, trust, flirtation—or even hatred, depending on its use.

Physical contact between two people during kissing

Are your eyes open or closed? It depends on whether you’re male or female. According to an eye-tracking study, when men make out with women, they focus on their lips or breasts. On the other hand, women look into their partner’s eyes during a kiss.

The research also found that women were more likely than men to move their heads up and down while making out — suggesting that they’re more into locking lips than guys are. The next time you share a passionate smooch with your man, try looking deep into his eyes while he leans in for that snog session. You may be surprised by what you see!

How long should you kiss when dating

The amount of time you should spend kissing depends on your relationship. If you’re getting to know someone, a good rule is to kiss until it feels natural to break away. Then let your partner take it from there. If you’re dating seriously, going out on regular dates, and spending time together, 3-5 minutes might be appropriate.

Regardless, kissing will likely be different each time; sometimes may feel more passionate than others, or maybe more sensual or comforting. No matter what else happens in your relationship, though, most relationships will benefit from not rushing things regarding physical intimacy.

Why it’s sexy to see your partner without makeup

Your partner can see you without makeup, but it’s also sexy to be seen without makeup. When you’re in bed with your lover, getting close to them means looking into their eyes.

But let’s face it: it’s more than awkward when someone stares right into your eyes while lying next to you in bed. It could even feel like they’re invading your privacy or trying to read something off your face that might give away secrets that you don’t want to be shared! 

The appropriate time to kiss on a first date

If your goal on a first date is to get to know someone better, then it may be better to hold off on kissing. If you have strong feelings for someone, it’s natural to want to lock lips as soon as possible. But if all you’re looking for is a hookup, then waiting until your second or third date (especially if there will be alcohol involved) makes more sense.

You can avoid getting too attached before you’ve had much time with someone new by putting physical activity off until later. Plus, kissing under the influence of alcohol often causes people to do things they might regret in sober light—like hook up with people they don’t actually like that much.


The above explanations illustrate what kissing with eye-open means to different people. Kissing with your eyes open allows you to see who you are kissing. That way, it takes away some of the awkwardness and helps create feelings of romance. I hope you enjoyed my overview on kissing while keeping your eyes open versus closed.