How to Get a Girl to Kiss You without Asking? | Best Tricks Over Text

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You without Asking? | Best Tricks Over Text

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You without Asking? | Best Tricks Over Text

Learning how to get girls to kiss you can seem like an intimidating task if you’ve never done it before, and asking them to kiss you right off the bat might make them feel uncomfortable if you don’t know them very well or haven’t built up a level of trust with them yet. 

There are ways to kiss women without asking that can allow you to set yourself up for success while also making sure she feels comfortable and respected throughout the process. What are some items to note if you want to kiss her without first asking her permission?

Step 1: Start Them Off Easy

It’s best to begin your conversation lighthearted. Keep things simple with funny GIFs or questions about what she’s up to. Start by flirting, but don’t cross any lines yet! If you come on too strong and make her uncomfortable, you might scare her off before it gets physical. Take your time and make sure you are interested in pursuing a physical relationship before going there with your texts.

The more time you put into texting her and getting to know her while keeping it appropriate will go much further than trying to rush things forward right away. For now, though, keep things fun! Start making plans for face-to-face dates and hanging out soon!

Step 2: Spruce Up Your Appearance

If you’re not feeling your absolute best, there’s no way she’ll be swooning for you. Start by taking a hot shower, putting on clean clothes, and styling your hair. It may sound cliche, but first impressions matter! If possible, try and take care of any lingering stuff such as deodorant or facial hair; having good hygiene is always important in presenting yourself well.

Many girls appreciate it when guys make an effort with their appearance. Furthermore, it makes us feel good about ourselves. And when you feel better about yourself, it’s easier to relax and enjoy your time together. Now that you look amazing, it’s time to do something fun!

Step 3: Make Her Feel Comfortable

You should have earned her trust, and she is probably getting very excited about hanging out with you. If you follow my advice, she will text you something like I had so much fun tonight at some point! I can’t wait for our next date or something similar.

This is your cue to move things forward… but slowly. I’m going to teach you how to make her comfortable in her skin so that she will feel perfect about kissing you. Don’t rush it – give her plenty of time, space, and freedom.

It may take several weeks or even months before she feels ready to kiss you. And don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t want to kiss you on your first few dates together. She’ll get there eventually as long as you continue doing everything right until that moment.

Step 4: Break Out The Good Stuff

While you’re still at lunch, ask for her number. If she gives it to you, offer your phone for her to put in her number (you can make up some excuse like that it’s easier on your phone than entering it manually. Don’t expect anything more than a first text — and make sure it’s not too early.

Women want men who will sweep them off their feet and respect them, says Neuman. That means waiting 24 hours before sending another message. If he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t value her time as much as he should, which is a turn-off for women.

Now comes arguably one of the most nerve-wracking parts of getting to know someone new: asking them out on a date. Again, keep it simple by suggesting something casual and straightforward — coffee or drinks are good options here — so there are no surprises later when things get serious if things go well between you two. 

Step 5: Say What’s On Your Mind

Be honest with her. Tell her what you feel and why you think it is necessary to expose her now rather than later. Tell her that while you are sure it won’t mean anything now, down the road, she’ll thank you for being brave enough to tell her what’s on your mind.

Say something like You’re so important to me that I wanted you to know where I stand. She’ll appreciate your honesty and thankfulness if she loves and cares about you. She may have known that you liked or loved her all along (if not, then even better!) because sometimes women pick up on things before we do!

Step 6: Surprise Her

The best way to get her to kiss you is just by surprising her. When she least expects it, lean in and kiss her on the cheek or forehead. Then tell her how much you like spending time with her, and that’s why you do that sort of thing. She’ll likely ask what other kinds of surprises you have in store for her, so don’t be afraid to open up about your feelings for her—she’ll appreciate it. Be smooth about it, and all will go well!

Bonus Tip #1: Give Her an Hour or So to Respond

A girl interested in you will respond quickly, even if she has a full plate. If she takes more than an hour to get back to you, then it might be time for you to move on. Additionally, take note of her response level: If she only responds with one or two words, the odds are good that another guy in her life has caught her attention and is keeping it there. The best way to beat him at his own game is by being persistent and giving her space until you receive something more meaningful than one-word answers.


I hope my steps guide on getting girls is helpful for you. I tried to give you some practical advice based on my experience and many other men who got lucky with women. You must be genuine and confident because it won’t lead anywhere good if she senses any discomfort or awkwardness from you. The best advice is just to be yourself! If she doesn’t like you first, don’t let it get to your head; try again when she isn’t so busy or stressed out by life.