Why Did He Kiss Me If We Are Just Friends? | How Do Guys Feel After Kissing a Girl?

Why Did He Kiss Me If We Are Just Friends? | How Do Guys Feel After Kissing a Girl?

Why Did He Kiss Me If We Are Just Friends? | How Do Guys Feel After Kissing a Girl?

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve ever wondered why guys kiss girls and what they’re thinking after. As an expert on relationships, I can help you understand what the guy thought when he kissed you and how you can respond so that he feels the same way about you as you do about him.

So here are my thoughts on why he kissed you and how to make him feel the same way as you do after you’ve kissed him.

Why did he kiss me if we were just friends?

Many reasons. Maybe he’s been in love with you for a long time and figured it was now or never. Or perhaps you were playing hard to get and use your friendship as an excuse not to pursue him romantically, so his move was an attempt to push you into admitting how you felt about him.

Or maybe you’re both drunk and nothing more than two ships passing in the night, but it is still something special because of that – at least for one night.

Kissing is Normal; Guys Like it Too

Kissing is nothing more than a small part of what goes on between people who want to be together. We think that when someone kisses us, they romantically like us; however, that’s not always true. Sometimes it’s done out of love or friendship. Sometimes you’re both testing each other out, or you’ve known each other for so long that it doesn’t matter anymore.

Either way, you need to stop stressing over whether your man likes you as more than just friends. The fact is: He does! As long as it was mutual and there wasn’t some bad blood between you two beforehand (i.e., he caught you with his best friend), move on and give him some space to figure himself out too!

Can Guys Be Friends With Girls They Haven’t Kissed Yet?

Ah, college. Late nights at bars, casual hookups, and ultimately new social dynamics leave some of us utterly confused about how to navigate them. Things can get tricky if you’re dating someone new but want to be sure it isn’t too serious before going in for that first kiss.

Are you hoping your guy friend will make a move on you, or are you looking for an excuse to make that leap yourself? When someone goes in for a quick peck on your cheek and then immediately pulls away – do they want more? Or was it just a friendly gesture with no ulterior motives behind it?

How do guys feel after kissing a girl?

When a guy kisses you, he thinks you are cute and beautiful. He feels happy around you, making him want to be closer to you. It also shows that your relationship evolves into something more than friendship, which can sometimes lead to love and romance. Kissing someone is usually done out of a passion for that person; otherwise, it can be awkward.

Sometimes, though, people had made out when they were drunk or just wanted attention from their peers…so make sure his intentions are clear before getting into something serious with him! Otherwise, see what happens when you date/hang out with him again!

So, He Kissed You. What Does That Mean?

It means different things to different people, but kissing is pretty standard for most relationships when it comes down to it. The big question is: how does it make you feel? Kissing your friend may be harmless fun (depending on your definition of fun), or it could mean that your friend wants more from you than friendship.

Suppose you’re interested in figuring out what happened and how your relationship has changed. In that case, there are several ways to tell whether or not that kiss was actually something special or just another drunken adventure with a buddy.

Signs It Means He Likes You

He might show physical affection or ask you to hang out without any other guy around. If you notice that your guy is interested in you by initiating some touch — whether it’s a shoulder squeeze, handholding, or even regular hugs — then it’s probably safe to say that he likes you.

If your guy seems genuinely happy to see you and enjoys spending time with you without being prompted, chances are he has feelings for you. 

What If He Doesn’t Stop Contacting Me After I Kissed Him?

If you’re seeing a guy exclusively, there’s probably little to no confusion about what you mean to each other. But if you’re hooking up or dating casually, it can be unclear when someone takes things further than you want them to.

After all, maybe you kissed him to let him know that his flirting wasn’t going unnoticed—and now he’s asking for more? While being attracted to someone is an inevitable part of life, some subtle boundary-setting goes a long way in relationships with no commitment or exclusivity.

Are There Differences Between Boys And Girls When It Comes To Kissing?

Kissing is fun, no matter your gender or sexual orientation. But it’s also essential to understand how men and women experience those first kisses. Male-female kissing isn’t so different from homosexual kisses: People tend to be more comfortable with partners they know well (which usually leads to intimacy).

After all, when someone new comes along, you want to know that she will be interested in you for more than just one kiss. Kissing is an intimate act – it shouldn’t come across as insensitive or aggressive; it should reinforce trust between partners and make them feel safe.


Part of taking steps toward success in any area of life is about having faith in yourself. It is essential to believe that you can be successful, even when your head and heart tell you otherwise. After all, sometimes our heads lead us astray, but our hearts always speak true truths. And it’s not always what they say; it’s how they make us feel that matters most.

So listen to your heart, be patient and trust yourself. Because only you know what’s best for you, at least right now. No one else has had your experiences or lived through exactly what you have. So while it’s nice to hear opinions from other people on their thoughts on love and dating…your feelings matter most of all!