What Does It Mean If a Guy Kisses You Before He Leaves?

What Does It Mean If a Guy Kisses You Before He Leaves?

What Does It Mean If a Guy Kisses You Before He Leaves?

If you’ve never been kissed by a man before, you probably don’t understand what it means when he kisses you before he leaves. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but there are ways that the kiss can indicate that he likes you. Here are some clues to help you decipher the meaning of his kiss at the door before he leaves.

Guys Can Kiss Without Feeling Attracted

A kiss doesn’t always indicate sexual attraction. However, most people assume that kissing suggests that two people are attracted to each other. If a guy kisses you on your cheek or forehead when he says goodbye, don’t assume it means anything more than affection.

It could be as simple as him being grateful for your friendship and showing his affection by giving you a friendly peck goodnight—or saying goodbye because saying I love you can be uncomfortable.

You have nothing to worry about in either of these scenarios and should feel comfortable enough with yourself and him to know that no matter what happens between you two, it’s not going to hurt your friendship or change anything significant in either of your lives. So, relax!

He may just really like you and want to show his appreciation for all you do. But at the same time, even if he isn’t into you romantically (which is okay), there is no reason why you shouldn’t let him give you a friendly kiss goodnight now and then. 

He May Not Want to Seem Like a Jerk

Guys, on average, are less confident in their dating skills than women. They tend to worry about coming off as desperate or appear less interested in you than they are. He may be trying to leave you wanting more by kissing you and walking away. He might also want to end on what seems like a good note so that when/if he bumps into you again, there won’t be awkwardness between you.

It’s not uncommon for someone who isn’t confident in themselves to seek validation from those around them by giving off an impression of confidence or comfort. In other words, please don’t assume that because he kissed you and walked away, he wasn’t interested. If anything, it means he was probably too nervous about sticking around longer than necessary.

He Might Like You, But Not Enough

Suppose a man puts no effort into kissing you. In that case, it’s probably safe to assume that his feelings for you don’t extend beyond physical attraction. No matter how good-looking or charming a man is, he will put no effort into kissing someone unless those feelings are reciprocated.

The only exception would be men who are physically attracted to your personality and think they might like you enough to date (even though they don’t know you that well).

Still, if your chemistry isn’t great and there’s no romantic spark between you two, leave him wanting more! Your romantic life will thank you for it later. On another note, sometimes guys go in for quick smooches on their way out.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have feelings for you—it could just be one of those things where he wants to kiss somebody but didn’t have time to get with anybody else, so he kissed you instead.

Don’t take it too seriously; after all, kissing is casual, even when done by two people who are somewhat serious about each other—so try not to read too much into any kiss-and-run moments!

It Could Be His Way of Flirting

When a boy kisses you upon that cheek but instead says goodnight before leaving your apartment and returning to his own, the chances are that’s all there is to it. He said goodnight, which means kissing on your cheek (and perhaps your forehead) is his way of flirting. This can be a lovely gesture — especially if he sends a text or calls to say goodnight later on — but ultimately doesn’t necessarily signify anything more profound than what it seems. However, that said.


It May Well be His Way of Phrasing “I Like You”: A kiss on the cheek could also indicate something again. Perhaps he didn’t leave right away because he wanted to make sure you were comfortable in bed before leaving for his place. Or maybe he stayed around because he wanted to talk with you for a bit longer — meaning that kiss wasn’t so much about goodbye as it was about I like being around you. And who knows? Maybe things will progress from there! However, the point is that when it comes to kissing someone goodbye at night, it’s always worth considering what else has happened throughout the day/evening in question.

Maybe He Liked the Kiss, Maybe Not

How do you know whether or not your kiss meant anything to him? Unless it was a severe make-out session, there’s no way to be sure. There are too many variables at play: his mood, surroundings, and intentions. Even how tired he is and what time of day it is. The best thing to do is assume that maybe, just maybe, he liked kissing you but don’t get your hopes up. When dating, keep in mind that everyone has differing opinions about how often they get to be kissed.

Some people enjoy frequently kissing (hello!), while others hardly ever want their lips touched. And since we all have different types of relationships with our partners, these preferences can change from one relationship to another! If you enjoyed kissing him, ask yourself why.

But if it’s purely physical—if you’re attracted to each other physically—then remember that sex isn’t always about love. It can also be about having fun and being intimate with someone new.


If a guy doesn’t want to stick around after kissing you, he’s more interested in sex than romance. Try not to take it personally; some guys use kissing as an excuse to get physical with women. 

When he is willing to take part in you and wants another date, give him your contact information. He might be slow at texting back, but don’t lose hope!