What Kissing Does to a Man? | How to Kiss Your Boyfriend Romantically?

What Kissing Does to a Man? | How to Kiss Your Boyfriend Romantically?

What Kissing Does to a Man? | How to Kiss Your Boyfriend Romantically?

Kissing plays a vital role in any couple’s relationship. It can bring them closer to each other because it fills the emotional void of every person’s heart.

When you kiss your boyfriend, you feel butterflies in your stomach. As such, read on to find out what kissing does to a man and how to kiss your boyfriend romantically to try and make him fall more deeply in love with you.

What Kissing Does to a Man?

Kissing is used as a greeting between people. Kissing can also be an act of sexual intimacy or foreplay. It may be done for sexual gratification, or it may be done as part of romantic bonding between two people.

In French, a peck on the cheek is called Baiser de la main (literally translated as kiss of hand). It can be considered equivalent to kissing or even an expression of affection in its own right, as an element of body language.

The English word comes from Old English cyssan (to kiss), which itself comes from coss (or caes-seos), and Latin barium (kiss). The original meaning of kiss was to touch with lips, which was transferred to brush with lips lovingly.

The word came into Middle English around 1200, from Old Norse kyssa (to kiss), from Proto-Germanic *kussijanan (to kiss), which derives ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *wish-.

To bite one’s lip means to keep silent when feeling emotional pain. This phrase originated in Medieval times when knights would bite their shield’s rim while they watched their beloved lady walk down the aisle at her wedding without them.

Kissing and sex drive

According to research, kissing can spark a sexual desire in both men and women. A study of 759 single men ages 20-50 found that those who kissed more frequently had higher levels of testosterone and lower cortisol levels, which helps explain why sex drive is most increased when testosterone levels are high.

Another study showed that 17 percent of married women wished their partners would initiate more frequent intimate contact, including kissing.

Intimacy from kissing

Kissing is an activity that can cause high levels of emotional and physiological arousal, especially with certain types of kisses. A romantic or passionate kiss involves vibrant and psychological intimacy and physical intimacy.

Psychologically, when someone feels romantic love toward another person (whether platonic or romantic), they long for emotional closeness, intimacy, and physical closeness.

Kissing makes the heart healthier

It’s always been said that love is good for you. Now, new research finds truth, especially in men’s hearts. A study reveals that those who regularly swap saliva with their lovers are far less likely to suffer from coronary heart disease and are also more likely to have healthier blood pressure levels.

Kissing makes you more loving

Kissing involves two areas of our brain: Our autonomic, or involuntary, nervous system (think breathing) and our bodily system (the thinking portion of our brains). When we kiss someone, we make more oxytocin—the so-called love hormone—making us feel more connected.

And there’s something about that shared bodily contact that makes both people feel closer. In one study, couples who kissed for 20 minutes reported increased relationship satisfaction and closeness.

How to kiss your boyfriend romantically?

Steps for Romantic Kissing For anyone new at kissing, it can be complicated knowing how long you should hold them, when you should get your tongue involved and whether or not it’s a good idea to tell them how much money you spent on that lip balm. Different cultures and traditions have other ideas about what is acceptable during a passionate smooch to make matters worse.

But fear not – we’ve got you covered with our easy step-by-step guide to romantic kissing. Get Comfortable First things first: make sure you feel comfortable before getting started. If there are people around, consider finding somewhere more private – like your bedroom – where you won’t be disturbed by any prying eyes (or ears). Get Close Next up: don’t just dive in!

Instead of going straight in for their mouth, try slowly moving towards it, so they know exactly what’s coming next. Enjoy Yourselves Finally! It’s time to get involved. Make sure both of you enjoy yourselves and each other – if one person isn’t having fun, then neither of you will enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Kissing is romantic, passionate, and emotional

Kissing makes men feel much more in love and happy with you. Kissing is essential if you want to show him how special he is in your life. But what happens inside his body when you kiss him? The answer is oxytocin. Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone or cuddle chemical, is produced by both sexes when we touch or kiss our partners or babies, for that matter.

As you work toward snagging that long-term relationship, touching can be everything from a simple touch on his shoulder as you pass him in the kitchen to an intimate hug or even a more passionate embrace.

For every stage of dating, there’s a right way—and a wrong way—to touch him.

When should you start kissing your partner?

Nobody likes being rushed into things. Relationships, just like all other aspects of life, take time.

Kissing is an intimate part of any relationship. It would help if you did not run into it with anyone except your significant other. Suppose you force yourself on someone else or put them in a position where they feel obligated to accept you as their partner. In that case, it’s no longer remarkable for them, and you risk losing what little respect they have for you.

You should also never force yourself on your partner, and if they are unwilling, don’t push it further. The magic of relationships lies in giving each other space when needed and knowing how far is too far!

The best way to make out with someone

First, get his attention by touching or teasing him. But make sure you’re only doing that until he looks at you — otherwise, it’s just harassment.

Lean forward and give him a light peck on his lips. Then slowly start making out with him for about 20 seconds before ending it again. The idea is to make sure that there is no pressure on you and enjoy it equally.


Kissing is an integral part of every relationship, and it’s not just because it feels good. There are numerous health benefits of kissing, and there’s no one way to do it that’s better than another. Whether you like more pressure or less pressure, long kisses or short kisses, open-mouthed kisses or closed-mouth kisses (or just air kisses), there’s no right way—and some couples even skip it altogether!