How to French Kiss Someone For The First Time? | Why Do We Kiss With Tongue?

How to French Kiss Someone For The First Time? | Why Do We Kiss With Tongue?

How to French Kiss Someone For The First Time? | Why Do We Kiss With Tongue?

We know many of you will face this problem someday: I’m with someone I like, and we’re making out, and everything’s going great. But then she wants to French kiss me, and that’s just scary! 

Don’t worry; we are here to help! Here are our best tips on French kissing someone for the first time.

How to French kiss someone for the first time?

The French are known worldwide for their passion and intimacy, so maybe they know something that you don’t. There is no right or wrong way to kiss, but here are some tips to make your lips meet more enjoyably.

Do not rush it: A first point to remember seems to be that making out is all about exploring each other’s mouths and building excitement, so everything should be slow and sensual.

It can be tempting if you like someone or want them badly to launch in there and start kissing, but resist that urge. Make eye contact: Again, passionate French kissing isn’t something you rush through—if anything, slower speeds should be encouraged.

Have a general idea

If you’re hoping to score a kiss, keep in mind that French kissing is more intimate than another kiss. The key to getting a great seal (and one that doesn’t make your partner feel pressured) is asking your partner if they want to move forward before going any further. If you’re going to go in for that French and they don’t, back off and try again later. Once you decide on Frenching, open wide so your lips are as far apart as possible—more relaxed than when you smile or say ah!

There is plenty of earth orbit for their tongue, and it will not appear claustrophobic. Try not to push your tongue into their mouth right away; instead, wait until they open up, then slowly glide your tongue into their mouth. You can also use a few teeth at first—if they pull away, follow them until you’ve got a good seal, and then use less pressure. It might take some practice, but you’ll never have trouble making out with anyone again once you get it down!

Be prepared

Knowing how your partner likes to be kissed will make you feel more confident in your kissing. Think about what feels good and what you want, and keep these things in mind when you’re about to lock lips with a new love interest.

Also, know that making out isn’t just a means of getting each other hot and heavy; it can also be fun as foreplay or something sweet couples do without thinking much of it. The best way to know is if you talk about it, so go ahead and ask your partner or get some friends together and have them explain (to you!) what they like during smooching sessions!

Wrap up with a hug

When you’re ready, wrap up your make-out session by hugging each other. This can be a great way to end things and keep your relationship moving forward. But don’t stop there! Find out what she thought of her first kiss: Do you want to go on another date, or is it all over? If it’s all over, then just let her go.

Don’t try to force anything — and never call or text her after things are over in hopes of restarting something that’s not going anywhere. You’ve had your chance, so let it go. If she wants to continue dating you, then take her number and ask if you can see her again soon. She’ll probably say yes! And remember: The best thing about kissing is getting better at it — so practice makes perfect!

Why do we kiss with tongue?

Kissing tongues is a sign of intimacy and can be a very pleasurable experience. It seems that kissing evolved as an adaptation to spread pheromones (an aromatic chemical produced by an animal that affects other animals’ behavior, especially sexual behavior). Once you are emotionally attached to another person, someone’s brain produces dopamine. Dopamine is associated in many complex ways with reward and pleasure.

That probably explains why when you see someone you like, your heart beats faster, too. Kissing can lead to arousal because it involves contact between all four major erogenous zones: lips, tongue, cheeks, and neck. We’ll glance at the first one separately, but please be aware that many places on our bodies cause arousal when touched or kissed by another person!

Use some tongue

French kissing usually involves using your tongue, but doing so is not always necessary. Start slowly by letting your lips rest against your partner’s and give them a soft peck. If they open their mouth slightly, respond by gently sticking out your tongue, then letting it dance over their lips and teeth before pulling away.

Once you get comfortable doing that, try French kissing while simultaneously inserting your tongue into your partner’s mouth. This technique takes some getting used to; start slow and pay attention to how far you want (or don’t want) to go with your tongue when responding.

Don’t use too much tongue

At least not at first. It’s tempting to dive in and use as much tongue as possible, but resist that urge. A good rule of thumb is one inch of tongue per foot of partner. So if you’re six feet tall and kissing a four-footer, stick your tongue out a full two inches, but only after you feel confident your partner is into it.

And really, they probably are: 95 percent of people find using tongues pleasurable (or at least don’t mind it). Once things get going, experiment! See what feels good. 

Please pay attention to her reactions (looks, sounds, etc.)

Start slowly by brushing your lips against hers. While doing that, please pay attention to her reactions (looks, sounds, etc.). If she likes it and responds positively, continue. If not, take a step back and try another day again.

Remember: How you initiate something is extremely important.

Whether it’s a kiss or even more intimate physical contact, if you’re too forward, she may think you have bad intentions; she might not know how else to interpret your actions! But if you’re too timid, then what are you waiting for? Be assertive! Even though it can be scary, it will feel good once things get started.


So, in a nutshell, what you are looking for is a person who knows how to move their mouth. So if you want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be good at kissing, make sure they can speak well and enunciate their words. Practice saying and paying attention to how other people move their mouths when they talk;  Avoid talking too fast and slurring your words;  Think about making sweet and slow movements on or her lips, and Above all else.