I Want To Know What Love Is Original

I Want To Know What Love Is Original

I Want To Know What Love Is Original

“I Want to Know What Love Is” is a well-known song that Mariah Carey first performed in 1984. Since that time, several people have covered it, including Mariah Carey. The song became a hit in the 1980s and even got a cult following. However, it is not the original version of the song. This article will look at some of the different interpretations of the song.

Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” was released in late 1984 from their fifth studio album, Agent Provocateur. The song was a global success, hitting the top of the U.K. album charts and becoming their signature tune. It went on to be certified platinum in the U.S. and chart in 7 other countries. The song was also certified double platinum in the U.S. and was included in Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.

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I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner

“I Want to Know What Love Is” is a rock song by Foreigner, released in 1984. The song is the band’s signature single. It went on to top the Billboard Hot 100, the U.K. Singles Chart, and twenty countries. In the United States, it was a double-Platinum hit, reaching No 1 in November 1984. Many artists, including Adele and Pink, have since covered the song.

Several versions of “I Want to Know What Love Is” have been covered over the years, including a version by Tina Arena. Her recording, released in 1998, was produced by Foreigner band member Mick Jones, who also wrote the song. Tina Arena’s version features a previously unrecorded bridge. It also received critical praise and was featured on several albums and compilations.

Foreigner’s song has had a long history. The lyrics are simple yet powerful. It describes the long and lonely road to love and surrender. The song talks about the hope and love that comes with a new lover. The lyrics also discuss the importance of surrendering to a new lover, a common theme in most love songs. As a bonus, it features excellent background singers.

The song became Foreigner’s biggest hit, but not everyone in the group enjoyed it. The song’s crossover success to the adult pop charts gave the group a softer image. This ultimately led to their breakup, but not before it had risen to prominence. And it was a song that lasted until 1989. In the meantime, Foreigner remained popular. They have released several more hits, and many people are surprised at the quality of these recordings.

The band was formed in 1976 as an instrumental rock group called Trigger and was led by Lou Gramm on lead vocals. Later, they played with French star Johnny Hallyday and Gary Wright’s band Spooky Tooth. However, the band’s lineup changed eight years later, with Rick Wills replacing Gagliardi. The group had a quartet, and the band had begun to break through by then.

I Want to Know What Love Is Meaning

If you have ever wondered about “I Want to Know What Love Is Meaning,” you are not alone. Millions of other people want to know the same thing. There are many ways to express the same feeling, and “I Want to Know What Love Is” is no exception. During everyday life, it’s easy to forget the importance of love. However, it can transform you, too.

He is asking for God to show him what love is. It’s a touching song, and it makes us want to learn more about the meaning of love. Love is a highly personal and emotional experience, and the singer’s song is a poignant expression of this. If you can’t understand what love is, you won’t be able to appreciate it fully.

In 1984, Foreigner’s hit single “I Wanna Know What Love Is” reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and the U.K. Hot R&B, Hip-Hop Songs charts. It also peaked at number 12 on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart. A couple of years after its release, the song still managed to chart. The song even found its way into a popular Brazilian soap opera called Senhora do Destino.

Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is” is a power ballad. The song was written by Mick Jones, a former band member. The singer is married to socialite Ann Dexter-Jones, the mother of producer Mark Ronson. Another former Foreigner member, Lou Gramm, also contributed an uncredited section to the song. Despite the song’s evocative title, it remains an iconic and unforgettable radio hit.

Mariah Carey – “I Want to Know What Love Is”

“I Want to Know What Love Is” is a song by Mariah Carey. It was released on August 28, 2009, in Europe, and on September 14 in the United States. Hype Williams directed the music video. The first single from Mariah Carey’s new album, ‘Till the World Ends.’ It features Mariah Carey singing in a bare-bones, straightforward way but still possesses an emotional appeal.


In the U.K., “I Want to Know What Love Is” was covered by the singer Tina Arena. The recording, which was released as a single in 1998, featured a previously unrecorded bridge produced by Narada Michael Walden, a producer who has worked with Mariah Carey and other artists. It was also featured in the popular Brazilian soap opera Senhora do Destino.

Final Words

“I Wanna Know What Love Is” debuted at number six on the French Charts, selling 1,910 physical C.D.s in its first week. By late 2009, the song had sold 39,720 copies in all formats, 93rd on the year-end chart. In the United Kingdom, “I Want to Know What Love Is” peaked at number 19 in the week ending November 29, becoming Carey’s highest-peaked single in the country since 2008.