If Someone Blocked Me on Whatsapp Can I See Their Profile Picture


If Someone Blocked Me on Whatsapp Can I See Their Profile Picture

Suppose you have ever blocked someone on WhatsApp. In that case, you might wonder if it’s possible to see their profile picture after unblocking them or see the last time they were online. The short answer to these questions is yes and no, respectively. Still, there are a few nuances that we’ll cover below in this article. We’ll also cover some ways that you can prevent others from being able to see your profile picture even if they block you as well as what happens if they do see your profile picture while you are blocked.

What is blocking

While blocking is a relatively straightforward feature, it’s also easy to misunderstand—and you may be surprised by how often it’s misinterpreted. The most common type of WhatsApp blocking is when one user blocks another (usually after receiving an unwanted message or photo).

Go to that person’s chat screen to block a contact, tap Menu, then select Block [Contact Name]. From that point forward, no matter what messages you send each other (or who sends first), your messages will go directly to your respective inboxes without ever being delivered.

How do you block or unblock

It would help if you either blocked or unblock users from attempting to contact you via WhatsApp. Here’s how to do it:  Open a chat with a contact, Tap, and hold your finger over their name  Choose Block. Tap Unblock if you want to remove them from your blocklist. Once you block a user, they won’t be able to start new chats with you.

And if they send you messages after being blocked, they’ll only receive notifications that you’ve read their messages. You’ll also get an alert every time they’re mentioned in a chat and when someone tries to share a photo with them via WhatsApp Web or an external app like Facebook.

What happens when you block someone

Once you block a contact, they’ll no longer be able to contact you. The next time they try to send you a message (via text or WhatsApp), it will be automatically sent to your Spam folder. Blocked contacts won’t know that you’ve blocked them unless they try to message you.

If they do realize that they’re not seeing your messages, there’s nothing else we can do—that’s how blocking works! This even means that if you would like to unblock someone else in the future, we won’t be available to help you. Once you’ve successfully blocked and reported a phone number as spam, it stays permanently barred and cannot be used again.

Why do people block others?

It’s all in how you feel. Many people who block others usually do so because they don’t want anyone intruding in their business or for other silly reasons. If you are trying to keep tabs on a friend and she suddenly blocks you, there is no way to find out why unless she tells you. However, there is no way anyone can get around stopping if that’s what they choose to do.

It’s your choice who you communicate with and who gets to intrude upon your day-to-day life, so choose wisely! You’ll also want to remember that some people are private by nature, so it’s probably best not to force yourself into those details if someone has decided not to share certain things about their life with you.

And remember: Not everyone needs friends in real life. Just because they’re online doesn’t mean they need social interaction, just like not everyone needs food or water—sometimes some things aren’t necessary for survival.

What does blocked mean

Blocking somebody on WhatsApp is exactly what it sounds like: That person will no longer be able to view your WhatsApp profile picture or send you messages. If you’ve been blocked, it also means that you won’t be able to view that person’s WhatsApp profile picture either—or send them messages. The only way around a block is if you both mutually unblock each other from your WhatsApp accounts; otherwise, once it’s in place, you’re stuck with it for good (at least until one of you decides to change your mind).

How to find out who has blocked you

Several can determine if someone has blocked you or whether you have access to their phone number. Try sending them a text or calling them through WhatsApp and checking if they answer. If they do, then you know they probably haven’t blocked you (or else why would they be answering your calls?).

Or, even better, try messaging them, asking if they’ve ever considered blocking strangers who keep messaging them, or even outright asking them whether or not they have messaged and called recently. The chances are good that if it is important enough for you to send that message, it is important enough for them to respond.

How to check if a person has blocked you on Whatsapp

So you think your friend has been ignoring you, or you want to check whether your boyfriend or girlfriend has blocked you from Whatsapp. It is not a big deal. If that person wants to ignore you, they will never try to delete you from their friend’s list. You really shouldn’t feel bad about it. There are ways to access all such messages, even if someone blocks your contact number on Whatsapp.

What are some ways of checking who has Unblocked me on WhatsApp?

There are no official ways to check if you have been unblocked on WhatsApp, but there are some methods you can use which aren’t 100% reliable. These include checking your status (whether online or not), checking your last seen time, and looking at people who recently viewed your profile. You also should double that they did not simply disable notifications for you. They’ll still be able to see where you are online if you’re not notified. Click here to learn more about what to do when someone blocks you on WhatsApp. 


Whether you should be able to view a blocked user’s WhatsApp profile picture is a bit tricky. If your contacts are members of your friend’s list, you will not be able to view their profile pictures unless they unblock you on WhatsApp and allow you to do so.