How Does a Guy Feel When You Block Him


How Does a Guy Feel When You Block Him

I have heard that when you block someone on Facebook, and they then come to your profile, they can see that you blocked them and get upset about it but can’t do anything about it. Is this true? If so, what did he do about it? What could he do about it? Does the guy feel hurt and mad at me? How does he feel?

He thinks he can’t live without you

Once you decide to end things with your man, there’s no turning back. He’ll be devastated. He might ask for another chance. But just because he asks doesn’t mean he deserves one. Do your best to remain strong and remember that if he truly loved you, he wouldn’t want to make it so difficult for you to leave.

Remember: If a man loves someone, he won’t force her to stay in an unhappy relationship. Instead of taking his calls or answering his texts after you break up with him, tell him that it’s time for you to move on. Nothing is left for you anymore except awkwardness and regret once feelings are involved.

He’s hurt

When a woman blocks or unfriends her man on social media, he could feel hurt. He might wonder if she’s doing it to spite him or if something happened between them that he didn’t know about. It’s natural for men to want to think they are their partner’s biggest priority and that their feelings matter most.

If your man asks you why you blocked or unfriended him and you don’t have an explanation, he may begin to distrust you—even if nothing is wrong. In reality, there are many reasons women may choose to limit their social media interactions with guys other than their boyfriends. Some women may be trying to avoid drama; others might be busy.

He becomes confused about your interest in him

Although it may seem obvious, he won’t be able to read your mind. Blocking someone on Facebook doesn’t mean that he will stop thinking about you. He’ll immediately know that you are trying to make him jealous or that there is something wrong. This isn’t necessarily bad if you have been dating casually and he hasn’t been showing interest in you lately.

For example, maybe your conversations haven’t included flirting lately, or he’s been noticeably disinterested in hanging out with you outside of work hours (all signs of waning interest). Perhaps blocking him is your way of communicating that his lack of effort isn’t appreciated.

He’s more likely to lose interest

In our long-term study of breakups, 90% of men and women said that one party is less interested in continuing their relationship was a key reason for its demise. So it’s no surprise that removing yourself from your partner’s life is likely to send them running for the hills. For most guys, if a woman blocks their number, they’re going to assume she doesn’t want them and move on, says Spira. No amount of explanation is going to change that perception.

So after blocking your ex, keep in mind he might be gone for good—and even if he isn’t, it could take him some time to get back in touch with you. Women need to realize that once they’ve blocked a man, there’s no magic way to unblock him, says Spira. Many women think if they apologize or try to explain why they did what they did, it will help. But usually, by that point, he has already moved on. You can still reach out to him, but don’t expect an immediate response.

You’ll have to wait until he feels ready to talk. And keep in mind that if you decide to give things another shot with your ex, things may not go as smoothly as before. Suppose someone ends a relationship because they lost interest. In that case, chances are they didn’t care about you in the first place, which means they probably won’t put much effort into getting back together with you.

He stops trying

I guess I’m not sure why, but one thing I know for sure is that if a girl blocks me from her phone, there’s no chance of reconciliation. Even if she doesn’t want to break up with me (maybe we just argued), that means she isn’t comfortable being in contact with me. The only way to get past that is by showing her I can be trusted and worth being around again.

So blocking me is basically like saying I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again. At least that’s how it feels to me. But it also makes sense—if someone has blocked you on their phone, they don’t want any communication with you. So even if they aren’t ready to end things yet, blocking them shows how serious they are about wanting space and time away from you.

It’s not something anyone wants to do. Still, sometimes it’s necessary, so people will respect your boundaries and give you some space without feeling like they’re going crazy wondering what’s going on or making themselves crazy trying to figure out how to fix things between them and their partner/friend/family member/etc.

He may give up on dating altogether

Some guys are so emotionally invested in being with you that they’ll give up if you don’t respond to their texts. A study found that men who a woman had rejected found it harder to move on and were more likely to avoid relationships altogether.

This is because of what psychologists call rejection-attribution bias, which essentially means that once we get burned by rejection, we tend to over-read things as signs of rejection rather than taking them at face value. So take heart: Once he finally stops reaching out and gives up on dating altogether (which may take months or even years!), his expectations might be lower enough for him to notice someone new—and potentially become less bitter toward women.


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