How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off?


How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off?

So what would men think once you cut them off? And what do they think about when you do? The following guide will give you insight into how men react to rejection and exactly how they feel when you choose to say goodbye to them. This isn’t just based on my own experiences as someone who has been cut off before – I’ve also interviewed over 50 guys about their reactions to being rejected by women, so this guide offers an honest look at how men feel when the relationship ends and how they respond to the breakup.

it feels like this

When a girl first gets into a relationship with a guy, she may have little respect for him and his decisions. He’s merely there to fill her time and keep her company until she gets tired of him or finds something better to do. She might also be seeing other people simultaneously, figuring that he has nothing better to offer and is therefore not worth being faithful to.

Sooner or later, however, she’s going to get a wake-up call when some of her friends are involved in serious relationships (or maybe even an engagement). The girl will see firsthand how much these other people care about their significant others. Seeing how committed they are, she’ll realize how little effort she’s put into her boyfriend.

It makes me think…

Guys have feelings, too. You’d think that would be obvious, but it isn’t to most girls in reality. Guys like us just as much as we like them—they want relationships and companionship. When we end a relationship with a guy, they hurt just as much as we do. But if they’re being dumbasses or playing games, we probably don’t miss them at all…right? Wrong!

When cutting someone off is necessary—when they lie or cheat, and there’s no coming back from that—but more often than not, people deserve a second chance before being pushed away for good. It shouldn’t mean you could perhaps give up on your happiness; all of this means you should seek to comprehend where he’s starting to come from while he can possibly change his views. If he doesn’t, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But try anyway. It might work out better than you expect!

It drives me crazy…

I understand how you feel. I appreciate how difficult it really is to come to terms with those who are afraid of rejection and isn’t big enough to admit it. It hurts because a part of us genuinely cares for that person, but we can’t help feeling like they are using us as a crutch. We end up in these toxic relationships and want out so badly. Still, we decide to try one more time, only to find ourselves repeating that cycle.

The problem isn’t men or women; it’s our inability to let go of people who have shown themselves repeatedly not being able to commit. If you don’t let him go now, he will break your heart later on down the road. If he doesn’t leave her now, he will hurt her later. So, why else do we keep putting ourselves in these situations? Why do we put up with being treated poorly? Why don’t we walk away? Well…because it’s hard!

It makes me want to…

If a guy shows interest in you, he’ll probably be sad, hurt, and confused when you end things. The reason? Guys care just as much about their reputations as women do. So if he’s rejected by a girl he likes, it can affect his ego and make him seem less attractive to others. If you’ve gotten to know him well or he’s someone your friends know well, people will likely hear about it—and may judge how good of a catch he was.

But then I remember…

A guy friend told me that he tends to think of a past relationship as the way things were. I never understood his reasoning, but it became very clear once I started dating someone new. Whenever one of my current boyfriend’s old flames says something nice about him or acts friendly toward me, I can’t help but picture what that would have been like if we were still together.

Insecurities start to creep up, and I wonder if maybe he was better with her or if she did something for him that I don’t do. How do guys feel when their exes are hanging out with other friends? Do they get jealous, or is it just another aspect of your life? How long has it taken before someone no longer required a friend?

What would I say to my sister?

Have a heart-to-heart with your sister about how difficult these changes have been for you. Explain that it’s impossible to reach your goals if she doesn’t come around and support your healthy habits. And ask her why cutting her out of your life is better than trying to make things work.

Get your mom involved; having a united front will go a long way toward smoothing things with your sister. You might also consider getting professional help from a therapist or counselor. It can be incredibly difficult to change your behavior—let alone someone else’s—but sometimes, An unbiased third party can help you see things in a new light and discover solutions that would never have occurred to you anyway.


It’s up to her. Men don’t feel sorry for being rejected. He has one of his own stories, and it’s different from hers. It all depends on what she thinks and feels and whether or not she cares about him. Some men can be sensitive or good at heart, but some jerks play with girls’ feelings.

Overall, a relationship is a game that two people should play for themselves and their partner. If two people play it well, they’ll win each other’s hearts without fail! I can share my personal experience here: When I was still in school, I met a beautiful girl, but things didn’t work out, so we separated from each other after that.