Why Do Guys Lose Interest After They Sleep With You


Why Do Guys Lose Interest After They Sleep With You

As women, we can’t help but overthink situations and try to find the meaning behind everything that happens in our lives – especially when it comes to relationships with men. We think, Is he interested in me? Does he like me? Do I mean anything to him? Of course, we don’t always get the answers we want, which often leaves us more confused than ever! So much so that, sometimes, we can even convince ourselves that things were going great and then they suddenly changed into something completely different and much worse!

Sometimes sex feels cheap

The difference between sex and making love is huge. Having sex, especially for a one-night stand, can make sex feel cheap. If you’re having a one-night stand, it’s best to stick to oral or manual stimulation instead of intercourse because that way both of you are getting what he wants without losing yourself. As soon as a guy sees your body naked and possibly touching it, he will start to lose attraction towards you because now he has what he wants from you. 

When your value becomes less than his goal, his attraction for you decreases as well because there is no longer any reward (intercourse) for him. This happens in all relationships, not just sexual ones.

For example, if you’re dating someone and he doesn’t call you back when he said he would then how much does he really like you? He might have been saying all those nice things to get into your pants but once that happened then his goal was accomplished so why would he want to keep talking to you? It’s simple: There’s no more reward for him so why continue on? This is an extreme example but if someone gives up too easily in a relationship then it’s probably not going anywhere anyway. So don’t let something like sex ruin something good!

Sometimes sex feels like too much

If a guy is pressuring you to have sex or just isn’t interested in spending time getting to know each other anymore, maybe it’s because he feels like too much of a connection has been made and he no longer has anything left to gain. Sometimes sex feels like too much.

Think about it — if things are going well and then you hop into bed together, things change. You can kiss someone without wanting to see them again, but not without having had intercourse. The intimacy of sex makes it impossible not to feel something for another person, even if there wasn’t any spark before that happened.

Sometimes sex feels like a job

You put out so he’ll keep calling. If that sounds familiar, it might be time to rethink your strategy—and your motives. There are lots of reasons why men drop out of communication after sex (or even before sex, for that matter), but there’s one pattern at play in all of them: He loses respect for you when you put yourself on a sexual pedestal, willing to sleep with him when he wants to and setting no boundaries in return. It makes him feel like an object rather than a person—which isn’t what most men want when they have sex. 

Men don’t want sex without feelings; they just don’t always know how to tell us. They also don’t want meaningless sex; they just can’t always articulate what meaningful means.

The bottom line is that if you make it clear that you’re not interested in anything other than casual hookups, then that’s exactly what you’ll get—and if he doesn’t think he can get more from you, then there’s nothing keeping him around once things go south. So stop being available every night of the week and making yourself easy prey by sending mixed signals about whether or not you’re interested in something serious.

Communication makes all the difference

Communication makes a big difference. If he sleeps with you too soon, it’s a sign he doesn’t want to get to know you well and sees your relationship strictly as sexual. That can really hurt your feelings if you have feelings for him or if you think there could be something more in the future.

You don’t have to push him away when he comes on too strong, but do let him know that his advances aren’t appreciated just yet. He should respect your wishes. If he continues to pressure you into having sex with him, then maybe he isn’t right for you. It may be wise to keep your distance from now on.

It might also help to set some boundaries, such as I’m not ready for sex, but I am open to being friends. Just make sure you are honest about what you want from him without leading him on. The truth is often better than a lie.

The best way to get over your problems – talk about them!

Everyone is afraid of being judged. Sometimes, when a guy loses interest after sleeping with you, it’s because he wants to pretend as if what happened between you two never did. In other words, maybe he’s looking for someone who will be able to talk about his problems.

This doesn’t mean that if a guy has lost interest in you after having sex he no longer finds value in your company; it means that he isn’t comfortable expressing himself (or not yet) and needs time to think things through. 

Allow him some space, but make sure he knows that – once again – talking can save your relationship or friendship. It may also help him overcome whatever issues are causing him to pull away from you. If he refuses to open up, however, let go of your feelings: It could just be a matter of timing!

There are so many fish in the sea… Don’t throw yours back! Go ahead and look around. You might find something better! But keep an eye on him. Maybe one day he’ll come running back to you! And then again, maybe not.


Women are difficult, contrary creatures. No matter how easy or simple it is to be with us, we always find a way to make everything complicated and ten times harder than it should be. Maybe that’s why a lot of men decide that dating isn’t worth their time once they have sex with us and move on to someone who isn’t as difficult to handle—someone who is easier for them to conquer and manipulate into thinking he actually cares about her feelings. 

Men don’t just lose interest because you give them what they want. They lose interest because they realize you’re not giving them what they need: your heart. You see, when two people care about each other, there is no limit to what those two people can accomplish together. When two people love each other, there is no problem too big for those two people to solve together.