How To Get His Attention And Get Him To Chase You


How To Get His Attention And Get Him To Chase You

On every dating show or book, the female host or author says that you have to make him chase you to get his attention. What does this mean? You have to go after something you want, but you’re too scared to ask for it directly. Men enjoy the process of pursuing a woman. Just before he realizes you’re interested in him, he’ll undertake even harder than ever before. He’ll continue to do so until you give him an answer one way or another.

don’t be oblivious

Most women know that they want their men to notice them, but they don’t do anything. You can’t let yourself fall into that trap. The one thing guys don’t like more than indifference is being blatantly ignored, so if you want a guy to notice you—do something! Make an effort in your appearance. Learn how to flirt with confidence (and keep it light).

Find some common ground with him, whether it’s something you have in common or have recently discovered through conversation. And never forget – guys love girls who make them laugh! So try to be funny, even if you’re not naturally funny. If he doesn’t notice you after all of these things, maybe he isn’t worth noticing. But at least you tried! – When a guy likes you, he wants you to know it. Most men will think nothing of going out of their way for you when they like someone.

However, most women assume that men won’t put forth any effort unless she makes every move for them first. This is true for some men…but it’s not true for all men. Instead of waiting around for him to come chasing after you…take action and go after what YOU want!

don’t be elusive

The best way to get a guy interested in you is by showing interest in him. Showing your guy that he’s more important than whatever else is on your plate at any given moment will have him hooked in no time. Think about it: If you’re busy emailing or messaging with friends every time he wants to talk, how can he think of anything but himself? Put down your phone and make some real conversation! Think of it as a new experiment; it may not be worth your time if he doesn’t want to make an effort.

But if he does—if he makes a little extra effort for you—then you’ll know that there’s something there worth pursuing. The most attractive quality in anyone is confidence. It shows insecure people and ensures that they aren’t alone, which gives them comfort when they feel like they don’t fit in anywhere else.

Confidence also signals to others that they can trust us because we’re secure enough to be vulnerable with them. So don’t be afraid to show off your confidence; it might just be what attracts someone special into your life!

don’t give in too soon

Making sure you don’t come on too strong is essential for getting a guy to chase. If he knows what he wants from day one, it takes away your leverage. To make him work for it, flirt a little and see how long he will stick around without giving in or coming on too strong. The longer he sticks around, eager for more, the better your chances are of keeping him intrigued and getting what you want: an engagement ring! Men can be so fickle in relationships, but there are ways to keep them guessing and excited about you even after years together.

When You’re Out With Friends…: Make sure not to pay too much attention to him when you’re out with friends. Guys hate that. It makes them feel like they aren’t as unique as they should be (even if they know they’re dating the best girl ever). When looking at other girls or spending time with other people while out with friends, tell him how hot he looks and calls his name repeatedly until he turns around.

don’t be silly

Men are visual, generally speaking. That means a lady’s appearance is crucial when trying to catch a man’s eye. Dressing immaculately and tastefully never hurts, but more than that, it’s essential for women to have self-confidence. Confidence comes with knowing that you’re worthy of your partner’s devotion—not just because of 

not because of how you look or how old you are (or aren’t), but because of who you are.

Suppose you can radiate a genuine sense of self-esteem. In that case, men will notice that first—and then hopefully everything else about you too! But don’t ever think for one second that playing hard-to-get is an effective strategy for getting men to chase after us. It isn’t. If anything, it makes them run in the opposite direction.

We don’t care if you play games with other guys; we know there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, we tend to play games with us because we might be interested in catching said fish and taking her home. So please stop being silly: It doesn’t work on anyone except little kids anyway!

learn when to pull back, but keep it going

It’s normal to miss your man, but it won’t make it easier for him to come back if he knows you miss him too much. If he knows how badly you want (and need) him back in your life, he might feel like there’s no pressure for him to fight for your relationship. Men are wired differently than women—they don’t like being tied down by emotions and feelings. When we start missing someone too much, our biggest fear is that they may no longer want us—so we push them away.


The best part about living in a world where many guys like me are out there trying to woo women is that it means that we have more potential targets. There’s no shortage of people we can meet if we put ourselves out there. But if we don’t do our part – if we don’t take full advantage of these opportunities – then there will always be someone else who does.