How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology


How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology

If you want to continue making a guy chase you, you would first understand how men live and think. You can do definite things to push his buttons and make him fall in love with you if you know how to make a guy chase you using male psychology. Here are some ways to help you understand how to make him crave your attention and want to be with you forever.

Give him something he can’t have

Just as with children, men will do whatever they can. If he thinks you’re accessible and open, you’ll quickly lose his interest. Keep him on his toes. Be funny, coy, mysterious. Act like it’s just so much fun to hang out with him!

Make it difficult for him to predict what you’ll say or do next. Remember: If he knows what to expect, why would he be interested? To keep him focused on your relationship—and not on all those other possibilities out there—you need to show that there is some effort involved in getting close to you. You’ve got his attention as long as he has to work at it. But if you give too much away too soon, he won’t have any reason to stick around.

Acknowledge his success and demonstrate your appreciation

Men are raised to be successful, so they need positive reinforcement. When they do something well or succeed at an endeavor, you must give them your attention and acknowledge their success. For example, instead of just asking him how he did on a test or project at work, ask him about his strategies for studying/working (or whatever he was doing) and what worked best for him.

Everything demonstrates that you have been concerned with more than just his acting skills are concerned with his overall well-being and enjoyment. No one likes playing second fiddle (especially if it’s your man), so try giving him some personal attention!

Tease him, Play hard to get

When it comes to making men fall for you, most women think that playing hard to get is reserved for romantic comedies. However, studies have shown that playing hard to get will capture his attention and make him want you even more. Psychologists found that when we value someone or something, we naturally want them more when they are more challenging for us to attain.

If he knows where he stands with you, it can hurt your chances of getting together. It’s all about how much of a challenge you present! This doesn’t mean you should act like a total jerk, though—play it cool, keep him guessing, and don’t let on too quickly just how interested you are in him.

Make him think about you when he is not with you

Men are visual creatures, so they like to think about that girl they have been interested in when they are at work, out with friends, or doing anything. Use your body language and words to keep him interested of you even though he’s not with you.

Smile and looks happy around other people when he is watching. When he does see other guys talking to you but not paying attention, he seems surprised and walks away quickly. If there are no other guys around but him, act like something else grabbed your attention instead of him. Make him wonder what exactly it took your interest from looking at him.

Choose your words carefully

In general, we think women are better at reading between the lines of what men say and figuring out what they mean. However, if you want to scare him away, you shouldn’t be doing all of his emotional work for him. You should read everything he says with a careful eye and don’t ignore red flags. If he says something like, Let’s take things slow, in response to your plans for getting together again soon, then don’t interpret it as meaning that he wants you around more often; instead, consider what it means about how he feels about things moving forward.

The same goes for phrases like I’m not looking for anything serious or just got out of a relationship. He might be telling you exactly what he means. Still, suppose those aren’t feelings you’re interested in hearing from him. In that case, it’s worth asking yourself why you’re so quick to dismiss them when they come up (hint: because maybe deep down, there’s some part of you that’s afraid of getting hurt).

It’s OK to ask someone point-blank if he has any doubts or reservations about where things are going or whether he sees himself being able to give you what you need from him over time. Just remember: There is no such thing as over-communicating for dating!

Be mysterious

Men are curious, and they want what they can’t have. However, men don’t necessarily know that it’s their job to tell them what they can’t have. So whether it’s not returning their calls or texts, acting busy when he wants to hang out, or just giving him the silent treatment, be mysterious, and guys will come crawling back for more.

They love playing cat-and-mouse—it makes them feel powerful and desirable. And anyway, if somebody else wants you badly enough and would go out of their way to get your attention (although it means being aloof), you would have to be valuable!


Leaving is always more intimidating than going because it’s easier. If they want out of your life, they’ll find a way to leave – even if it means doing nothing at all. But if you want them out of your life, don’t be afraid or hold them back.

Men might seem complex, but usually, when it comes down to making your relationship work or letting them go for good, it is as simple as keeping yourself happy and not settling for less than what makes you happy. Women have been putting up with crap from men for centuries now; why start giving in now? Stop paying for less than what makes you happy, and stop accepting mediocre men into your life! Demand more from men and only accept greatness!