5 Texts To Make A Man Fall In Love With You


5 Texts to Make A Man Fall In Love With You

You might think that the only way to make a man start a relationship with you is to lead him forward and flirt with him constantly, but this is not the case. While it’s true that some men are attracted to the thrill of the chase, there are plenty of other men who need to feel like they matter to you and aren’t just another notch on your bedpost. The key is to give them attention and support while still keeping your interests and personal life separate from theirs until you are sure they’re invested in the relationship as much as you are.

Text 1: I love thinking about our future together

As I said, women can be indecisive. This is no exception. Women, especially the young, tend to fear making decisions that could mess up their present situation or prospects. It’s hard for us to know our future because we worry about messing it up. We’re often afraid of making a decision that might take us somewhere we don’t want to go (or worse, nowhere at all).

It would help if you told her how much she means and how attractive she is and reminded her of your long-term goals together—like travelling or raising kids—and how cool they’ll be once they come true. Remind her that there will always be ups and downs in life but that you will get through them together. Just remember: Be careful not to sound too clingy or desperate! You don’t want to scare her off by being too intense right away.

Text 2: I found something that might interest you

X-Y-Z. I think it could spice up our relationship. What do you think? It’s X by Y. Do you have time tonight? (This is not an invitation, only a suggestion.)

Make sure you bring your A-game and remember that being playful can work wonders. If he responds positively, then invite him over. If he doesn’t respond or doesn’t want to come over, don’t take it personally; continue doing what you were doing before. Because unless he wants to participate in seeing you as well after dinner or lunch, text him at night and think, “I was beginning to think about when we last saw one other.” (Do not say anything else unless he asks for more information.)

Then wait for his response and keep texting back and forth until one of you falls asleep or has to go out on an errand.

Text 3: Are you free later?

This is often when men realize they like someone and want to spend more time together. Getting him alone again should be accessible at that point—send; hey, I’m free later if you are. If he doesn’t answer right away, don’t panic! Just ask one of your other friends what their plans are and if they aren’t busy, invite them out for drinks. If he still hasn’t responded by then, give it an hour before shooting him another text. If he’s genuinely into you, chances are he’ll come up with an excuse to meet up (and if not. well, then there was never anything there in the first place).

It’s also important to note that it’s normal for guys to take a while to respond. The same goes for texting back and forth. Be patient because texting isn’t as simple as calling someone. If you’re constantly getting messages like Hey or What’s up? Trust me, from someone who seems into you; they are interested; wait until they’re ready. And if he never texts back? Then, chalk it up as one less thing on your plate—no big deal! There will always be more fish in the sea. But not all of them will swim over!

Text 4: Do You Like This Song?

This is such an easy and fun text. Choose one of your favorite songs. Then, could you send it to him? It doesn’t matter if he knows what song it is, but make sure that he knows how much you like it. If you’re feeling brave and playful, sing along or hum a part of it while recording yourself—it will be even more exciting for him! A little mystery goes a long way in building sexual tension. Plus, it might get him dancing (which can lead to other things). No shame.

You could also ask him what his favorite song is and then surprise him by sending it on a random day. Either way, it’s always fun to have some music playing in the background as you both get ready for your next date night. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re living in a romantic comedy? The sooner you put on those heels and blow out those candles, girl, the better.

To kick off my three-text plan for winning over your guy, I suggest something simple yet effective: What are you doing tonight? Of course, there’s no need to let it drop there. Just tell him where you’ll be, so he has time to prepare himself for your arrival. Also, remember that asking about plans at least 24 hours before time gives each person enough time to respond appropriately. For example: Are we still on for dinner tonight?

Text 5: What’s Going On In Your World?

Depending on your relationship, asking about his day can be an intimate gesture that says, I care about what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. And since we all crave intimacy and connection, guys are sure to appreciate being asked about their days—mainly because it opens up further conversation possibilities. Whether or not they want to talk more will depend on whether they think they have anything worthwhile and exciting to say.

So give them space if they don’t respond right away; people often need time (and some space) after receiving such a communication before figuring out how best to respond. Allow him to do most of the talking if he opens up and says his story rather than trying to jump in with your thoughts or opinions.


Are you thinking about how to make someone fall in love with you? Looking for ways to seduce him? If so, here are five text messages that will almost definitely guarantee your crush falls head over heels. Getting them (and getting out of them what you want) is a delicate matter, but it can be worth it if done right.