How To Get Him To Chase You Over Text


How To Get Him To Chase You Over Text

Have you ever wanted a guy to chase you? Every girl has probably thought about it at least once in her life; who hasn’t dreamt of being swept off their feet by the hot guy down the street? But how do you get him to do that? How do you make him care enough to put his heart on the line and start begging you to let him be with you? With this quick guide, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know about getting guys to chase you over text and make them fall in love with you!

The best way to make a guy want you

Making a guy chase after you may sound daunting, but it’s pretty easy. Guys love chasing girls that are hard to get. Don’t be an easy catch — make him work for it. Don’t answer his texts right away, and if he tries calling, let it go to voicemail. Make sure he knows that other guys have been pursuing you but that he has something they don’t: You like him enough to play hard-to-get just because of how much attention he gives you!

The better he treats you, the harder he’ll want to chase! Sometimes making a guy chase, you can help your relationship grow stronger in ways you didn’t expect. When you know he likes you more than anything else; it can help keep those butterflies alive when things get dull down the road.

No matter what stage your relationship is, there will always be someone who wants what you have (and thinks they deserve it). But there’s only one person who enjoys all of your greatness: You! Continue to be excellent and so never settle for less than extraordinary.

Why most women fail

The simple reason for most women’s failures is because they wait for a man to ask them out or wait for a man to approach them. There are plenty of reasons why guys don’t do these things, and there are also many great reasons why men should pursue women.

The single most important thing you can do is shift your technique down immediately from expecting anyone else (a man) to solve all of your negative issues, stress, pain, and so on. You need to face those problems head-on to work them out instead of trying so hard not to look at any problems by using self-destructive behavior such as cutting or drugs.

Act more confident on your next date

The first time we see someone, we instantly make judgments about them. In many cases, first impressions reflect who that person is and whether or not they’re someone we want in our lives long-term. That’s where confidence comes into play.

The more confident someone acts, the more likely they are to believe—in other words, if you’re trying to convince your date that your interest in them isn’t just a fling, act as confidently as possible (within reason). Remember: If it looks like a duck, walk like a duck…to steal an old quip.

Prove you have worth over text

Think about what things he values (e.g., is he interested in traveling? Cooking?). So if you want him to chase, prove that it’s worth his time and effort. And don’t make it just about your benefits (I would be so good for you!). Instead, argue why being together—not just sex, but connecting with someone—would enrich both of your lives (Can’t wait to travel together, or Cooking dinner with me would be a great way to learn more about each other). It’s not manipulative; it’s pragmatic.

Show he’s not enough

One of the hardest things about getting over someone is accepting that they’re better off without you. This isn’t always an easy pill to swallow, but it’s very important if you want your ex back. At first, all we can see are their good qualities—after all, that’s what we liked about them in the first place.

Eventually, though, our memories will fade a bit, and some of their imperfections will come back into focus. We know that loving someone means accepting everything about them. So if we’re serious about having our ex-boyfriend or girlfriend fall for us again, we need to accept that they have already moved on…and start chasing them!

How To Do This Over Text

It would indeed be beneficial sometimes when you took control of your relationships with him. This isn’t an email where he can write back whenever he wants. Make sure you set a time and place that works for both of you so that it doesn’t look like he’s being dragged into a date. When we don’t give men enough space, they tend to feel trapped or suffocated by us—and they will shut down and run away. So make sure he knows when and where your date is happening and what time it starts. If you want to keep things moving forward, you have to be clear about your intentions.

Let him know how much fun it would be if he joined you on your adventure! And if he doesn’t seem interested in going out with you right now, just let him know that you hope he has a great weekend and asks him if there is anything else going on next week that might work better for his schedule. If not, tell him how much fun next week will be! Don’t leave anything open-ended; instead, be as specific as possible, so there’s no room for confusion or miscommunication.


Making a person sprint you is the best way to get him to end up chasing you. If he’s interested in seeing you, he’ll do all he can (within reason) to make it happen. It can also be getting more difficult because we frequently believe why we should allow men to be courageous and continue pursuing us. Still, if a guy isn’t going out of his way at least a little, he isn’t that into you or isn’t worth your time. Make him work for it; don’t accept an offer or invite without giving any hesitation. Letting someone else take charge makes them want what they are being offered even more.