Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You?


Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You?

Are you wondering why it takes guys eight weeks to miss you? If so, you’re not alone – this question has been asked many times by women who have seen the signs that their man wants them back but have to wait longer than expected to get the results they want. But do you need to wait eight weeks before your man misses you? This article will talk about what happens in your relationship when he starts ignoring you and how to speed up coming back sooner rather than later.

Example (Clara)

When a guy is interested in a girl, he doesn’t want her dating anyone else. If she ditches him for some new guy, he wants to spend time with her and make sure that nothing happens between them. Most people don’t realize that when a man is chasing after a woman, he wants her to be happy. He doesn’t want her crying on his shoulder over another guy, so he waits before getting upset at losing her. (Clarice): A guy may have feelings for you, but if someone hotter or better comes along- no matter how much he likes, you-he will go for option B.

This can also happen if your relationship is not going well. Even though a guy may like you, he won’t wait forever for something that might not happen. So even though it seems like an eternity to us, girls-it’s only about eight weeks of thinking about what could have been. (Clara): This one makes me sad because I believe there are still good men out there who would never do such a thing, but unfortunately, they are few and far between these days.

I also think it’s important to remember that just because they move on quickly doesn’t mean they didn’t care; they’re just being human and responding to their needs and emotions in ways we can’t always understand! (Clarice): Because of our nature as women, we need more reassurance than men do.

Why do guys need eight weeks to miss you?

I can tell you that if a guy takes longer than that, he’s a pretty cool dude. He knows he’s got time before anything happens and is probably already dealing with commitment issues in other parts of his life. So, make him wait for it! Because unless he has not tried to contact you in more from over eight weeks, it’s time to part ways.

You are better off finding someone who wants you right now rather than waiting around for some guy who doesn’t want to commit. It will only hurt worse when he does come back around looking for sex or something casual. And keep in mind, you are much more meaningful than that! Don’t understand any less than what you’re worth!

How To Avoid The Heartbreak Section

Learning how to handle a breakup can be difficult. Still, if you take these steps, your recovery process will be faster and easier. Even though every product is different, there are some basic recommendations that all men should comply with when it is in a comparable situation.

It’s essential to move on with your life, not just because of your well-being but also because having emotions tied up in someone else who doesn’t reciprocate them is bad for business—if you become fixated on getting her back. She hears about it from friends or coworkers; it could ruin any chance of working together again. First things first: step away from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms where she might hear about what you’re doing.

Steps to help them get over the pain faster

  1. Be prepared and know what they are going through. You can’t discount their harm and suffering, but you can be there if they need someone else to hold on with so they wouldn’t give up.
  2. Don’t stop talking with them because of what happened. As it appears once you’re over him and that he is no longer on your mind at all times, he may still miss your interactions and all of the feelings that did come from being with you.
  3. Give them space when they ask for it. It’s hard to do, but sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to make others happy.
  4. If he asks you out again, say yes! This will show him that you still care about him even though it didn’t work out.
  5. When a guy says I love you, and breaks up with you, don’t try to change his mind or beg him not to leave. This would only knock him down and escalate the situation for you.
  6. Never talk wrong about them behind their back or spread rumours about why they broke up with you. This will hurt his feelings even more than breaking up because now he knows that everyone thinks he made a mistake by choosing to be with you instead of staying single like before (even if it was his choice).
  7. Don’t get mad at him if he starts dating someone else right after you break up. He needs time to get over you and move on with his life. Just be happy for him because once he gets over you, he’ll see how much better off he is without worrying about hurting your feelings anymore.
  8. Let him cry on your shoulder whenever he wants to without feeling guilty about it later. He needs someone who cares enough to listen to whatever he has to say without judging him or trying to cheer him up all at once (that would probably end up making things worse).
  9. Don’t expect everything to happen fast; time heals wounds but doesn’t erase memories.
  10. Remind yourself that you’re better off without him and remind him of that. 


There are no perfect men. There’s nothing perfect about men at all. That’s what makes them so lovable. They can be selfish, emotional, and lazy. Still, they also have endless love and patience for those who matter most in their lives. But sometimes, we as women don’t appreciate how hard our guy works for us. How hard he tries every day to be a good husband, father, and son for us.