Why Am I Attracted To A Man 20 Years Older Than Me


Why Am I Attracted To A Man 20 Years Older Than Me

Why am I attracted to a man twenty years older than me? In The Social Psychology of Attraction, a female professor lays out scientific evidence that proves that older men are more psychologically attractive than younger men. She notes that the older man is likely to be more mature and energetic, and the younger man has a certain air of mystery about him. But are the older men that much more attractive? 

Why do younger women attract older men?

If you’re young, you probably like to be constantly encouraged and are motivated by gold star stickers. Older men give more attention than younger men, which is why women like them more. While adult men enjoy validation, they are better at operating without it. Less mature men need a steady hit, and they fish for compliments, Facebook posts, and flirt all the time. These guys want to be admired and valued by their standards.

Older men are also better at resolving conflicts. If you and your man have had a big fight over something, the older man will take the time to understand it before jumping to conclusions. Often, women are attracted to older men because they are more experienced in handling difficult situations. This means that an older man will be able to comfort her with the right words. Below we mention some signs of why younger women are attracted to older men.


One reason is their maturity and understanding of boundaries. Compared to younger men, older men tend to be more tolerant of differences and are not as quick to react to a conflict. They are more thoughtful and know how to value the time spent with a woman. Also, older men are more reliable and have a clear goal in mind.

Having more financial security is another factor that makes older men more desirable to younger women. These older men are also more stable in their investments and assets. Although younger men may feel like they have passed their prime, they still can make older women feel special. Older men also have more experience handling women, which means they can handle mood swings and comfort their partner with the right words.

 Older women tend to gravitate toward more mature men. Younger women may think that older men are less materialistic, but this isn’t the case. Older men may have a substantial career and home, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re worldly. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, an older man is a better choice for you.

They are more driven by goals.

The younger woman wants security, and an older man is more likely to provide this. A younger man might stare blankly at you when you ask him about his past, but an older man would happily answer questions about his goals and ambitions. He may be a better employee than you are, but you would never know it if he asked you that.

Dating an older man is not for everyone. It is more challenging and can pose some risks. He may be unsure of himself and still thinks of you as a young, inexperienced woman. If this is the case, don’t take it personally. Older men have a lot to offer, and you can benefit from that experience.

They have a sense of mystery.

Many women are attracted to men who are twenty years older than them. This is large because older men often have interesting world views and personalities. Some men have amazing success and can control lecture halls, while others are not. While older men may not be rich, they tend to be friendly and have a sense of humor. And the best part is that many older men can still make a good impression on younger women.

They are emotional

Older men are more emotional and sensible. You can tell by the way these men treat women. The younger men are more likely to have one-night stands and flings. In contrast, older men are more mature and are not prone to giving silent treatment in conflict. This is because these guys are already more experienced in love and relationships. You can easily fool a younger man into believing he’s the one for her, which is a big red flag.

Why Am I Attracted To A Man Twenty Years Older Than Me?

Older men are more mature and will be more careful about what they say. If you want to impress a guy, be ready for some criticism, but remember that it’s okay to learn from him. Generally, older men are attracted to younger women. 

While some may act upon that attraction, it’s more likely that they will attract the younger man to a young woman. Having a man older than you means he has time for you. That doesn’t mean he’ll become a pedophile, but he’s likely to be more available and willing to date a woman.

If you’re a 20-year-old woman, dating an older man can be a refreshing experience. His older years have seen it all and have probably made the same mistakes as you. As a result, you won’t have to worry about him judging you because he’s already been through it himself. The mature man is also more likely to make good on his promises.

The age difference between the two parties might cause a little discord. Still, it can also be an opportunity to develop a relationship. Whether you’re dating an older man or a younger one, a twenty-year-old man’s experience will help you understand another person. The age difference can also be a positive for your relationship, as he’ll have more experience in relationships and know more about getting the most out of a relationship.

Final Words

Dating men who are 20 years older than you isn’t easy, but it’s possible to develop a successful relationship with a man who’s twenty years older than you. The age difference between you may not be as significant as you think. Still, it’s undoubtedly important for the future of the relationship. When you know your partner better, you can take steps to make him feel loved and secure.