Understanding The Great Chemistry | Why He Pulls Away After Sex


Understanding The Great Chemistry | Why He Pulls Away After Sex

I’m sure we all have that one guy who seems like the perfect guy but then pulls away after sex, and it drives us crazy! We keep wondering why he does this, what’s going on in his head, etc. Here are a few reasons why some guys pull away after sex! 

The Great Chemistry Myth

Men often think that if they have amazing physical chemistry with a woman, then she must feel just as strongly about him. This isn’t always true. Sometimes women have a lot of fun in bed with a guy even though they don’t like him and don’t want to continue seeing him. They want to get their rocks off! Similarly, some women also think that if they’re sexually attracted to a man, they are also emotionally connected to him and want to start an official relationship.

Wrong again—attraction is not an emotional connection! So what does all of this mean? It means you need to make sure you’re dating someone who wants a real relationship before physically moving things forward. This also means that whenever you do finally have sex, make rest assured and ask how your partner feels about just what happened.

If they aren’t into it or seem distant or distracted afterward, cut your losses immediately and move on to someone else. Don’t try to convince yourself otherwise—you’ll only hurt yourself down the road when things inevitably fall apart.

Why He Pulls Away After Sex

There have been numerous explanations why a man may withdraw about you after making love. It often has little to do with you but rather his insecurities. It can be that something happened in his past, and he is afraid of repeating it. Or maybe he is just as addicted to sex as you are and find himself unable to put out of bed because he doesn’t want their time together to end. The most important thing for you to understand is that no matter what reason there might be behind him pulling away after having sex with you doesn’t change who he is or your feelings towards him.

A man who loves you will still care about you even if they pull away afterward. That would be beneficial unless you never let yourself believe because he’s no longer interested over you as a result of it. He don’t always learn how to deal with his emotions and may require some space to sort them out on his own. Order to give him space while also trying to express your love for him. Unless he cares regarding you, he will eventually return until you are ready.

When He Pulls Away After Sex

What He’s Thinking: There are many reasons a guy might pull away after sex—the main one is that you haven’t had enough time to know each other yet. If it’s his first time with you and it wasn’t long-term dating or hooking up or anything like that…it can happen. It just doesn’t mean anything was wrong with what actually occurred; it just means things didn’t go further than you both hoped. Now is probably not a good time to bring up your desire for an open relationship if you don’t have any evidence that he’s into those things!

Sex has a lot of facets. Sometimes we feel affectionate and want to cuddle; sometimes, we want to get off; sometimes, we want something in between. But whatever our mood at that moment, it’s important to remember that there are two people involved in every sexual encounter.

And just because you feel satisfied doesn’t mean your partner does too. So make sure you ask him how he feels about everything that went down before moving on to whatever comes next in your sex life together. You may be surprised by what he says (and even more surprised by how much better everything else goes).

How to Deal With His Pulling Away

When a guy starts to pull away from you physically and emotionally (or vice versa), it can feel like your relationship is on a downward spiral. But suppose there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my years of counseling people through their heartbreaks (from both sides of breakups). What seems like an inevitable downhill slide often isn’t. We may not know exactly how or when things will change, but we have to believe that they can—that love can conquer all.

And though you might be upset with him for pulling away at first, you can work towards an even stronger relationship by understanding his reasons for doing so. So please read on because there are some common reasons men pull away and tips for dealing with them.

4 Reasons Why He Pulls Away After Sex

He doesn’t want to get too close: This could be due to something he’s going through right now or just part of his personality. Either way, men who don’t want intimacy don’t see anything wrong with having sex without getting close afterward—and they’ll probably tell you it’s because they’re not ready yet. The reality is that these guys aren’t ready for commitment, period. They might say otherwise (especially if they think it’ll make you stick around longer). Still, deep down inside, they don’t want anything serious right now…and maybe never will.

So if your guy suddenly starts pulling away after sex, check in with him and ask him what’s up. If he says he wants to keep things casual, then accept that and move on before you waste any more time on a guy who won’t give you what you need. He has trust issues: If your guy has trust issues and was hurt by someone in his past, he may pull away from you emotionally as a protective measure against being hurt again.

How You Can Change His Behavior

Suppose you’re in a relationship with a guy who seems to pull away after sex and doesn’t seem interested in cuddling or touching afterward. In that case, there could be a few reasons. Sometimes guys are uncomfortable with intimacy; others may feel bad about themselves for not lasting longer during intercourse.

If you believe your guy is pulling away because of something you did during sex that made him feel insecure, it might be time to bring up your concerns to him. Just keep in mind that guys have feelings too, and just because he’s pulling away from you doesn’t mean something is wrong with him. He may need some reassurance from you!


Even in a good relationship, a man will sometimes pull away from you. Understand that it’s not something that’s being done out of malice or avoiding you—it’s just who men are. A guy will pull back for three reasons: He’s stressed.

He can sense you pulling on him emotionally and physically (and it turns him off), or you haven’t given him what he needs to ensure his desires remain strong. If he didn’t respect and like you before sleeping with you, the chances are good that your relationship won’t last no matter how much chemistry there is.