10 Clear Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings For You Over Text

10 Clear Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings For You Over Text

10 Clear Signs He Is Fighting His Feelings For You Over Text

A guy may be into you, but that doesn’t mean he’s got the guts to tell you directly. Sometimes, guys will express their interest in you via text message, hoping to slip it under the radar and see if your reaction reveals that you feel the same way. If you notice these signs, he is fighting his feelings for you over text; keep an eye out and see if anything changes when you next meet up in person.

1) He wants to see less of you

Whether skipping a few nights out a week or being too busy to meet up, sometimes guys need time away from their girlfriends. Sure, it hurts to see them with other girls (or guys) and wonder why they don’t want to hang out, but before you accuse him of seeing someone else or blowing you off, try asking him what’s going on instead of assuming.

If he says that something is wrong and wants space or can’t make plans because of work or whatever, take him at his word. He may be scared if your relationship has been rocky lately and only needs time to sort out how he feels about it.

2) He replies late or not at all

Most of us are guilty of ignoring messages from time to time—particularly when we’re busy. But when you’re in a relationship, especially one that seems like it might be getting serious, even a few hours can seem like an eternity.

If your crush seems always to be taking forever to respond, there could be several reasons why. His phone might have died, or he might be trying to build up his courage before replying. Either way, play it cool and leave him another quick message about something trivial before heading off for bed.

3) He avoids conversations about your future together

It’s completely normal not to want to jinx your relationship. But that doesn’t mean someone isn’t interested in a future with you when they steer conversations away from how great things are going. Avoiding discussions about how serious your relationship is (and what will happen next) might be a red flag. He’s not sure if he wants more with you and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you. There are many ways to push back on an unenthusiastic response without being confrontational. See where a conversation goes before assuming it means something more significant.

4) He talks about other women

Pay attention if a guy talks to you about how much he likes, respects, and adores other women. It’s unlikely that these words are being spoken in your best interests. He may be looking to remind himself why it’s okay to let go and move on from your relationship.

But more likely, he’s looking for a reason to feel okay about breaking your heart so that if or when that time comes, it won’t sting quite as much. Unless, of course, all of those compliments are intended as gentle ribbing—in which case, they were probably meant with good intentions but not always taken by their recipients!

5) He plans outings with friends instead of you

Suppose your partner or lover has withdrawn from you and hung out with other people instead. In that case, it’s an obvious sign they don’t want to be in a relationship anymore. They may tell you that they are busy or don’t have time to see you, but their behavior and actions speak louder than words. Of course, there could be a valid reason why they avoid spending time with you, such as work-related issues or family obligations.

6) His tone is colder like he’s mad at you

If your boyfriend gets short, snippy, or just plain rude in his replies to your texts, it’s a vital sign that something’s wrong. When guys get mad about their girlfriends or feel threatened by them, they tend to clam up and shut down emotionally—essentially erecting a barrier between themselves and their partners. The less feeling transmitted through a text message, the harder it is to know if anything’s wrong. 

7) His messages are short and curt

This means he doesn’t care about your conversation and has no interest in it. Instead of pouring his heart out, he feels that just saying a few words will do. He is trying to keep things casual, which means he will not put much effort into communicating with you.

8) He doesn’t share personal stuff anymore

Likely, a guy who finds himself falling for someone would eventually open up about his life, hopes, and dreams. Suppose your guy used to share these things regularly, but now it seems like he doesn’t trust you with anything personal. In that case, it may be because he knows that if you find out how much he likes you, there will be no going back to being just friends.

9) He doesn’t start conversations unless prompted

If your guy won’t pick up your texts unless it’s convenient for him, then it means that he isn’t interested in keeping in touch with you. Sure, things can be busy and stressful sometimes, but if someone truly has feelings for you and wants to talk to you, they will make a point. They may not always have time to initiate a conversation. Still, they will respond when you reach out to them.

They might even try to keep some conversations going. At the same time, they are at work or otherwise occupied because they are genuinely interested in talking with you. But if he doesn’t ever seem too concerned about staying connected with you, it probably means that he doesn’t care as much as you think.

10) He acts aloof around you

If a guy has feelings for you, he’ll want to be around you. If a guy doesn’t have feelings for you, he won’t. So if your crush seems like he would rather be anywhere else but with you, that’s not a good sign. It might mean that he isn’t really into you—or it could mean that he is trying to fight his feelings and failing miserably. Either way, it may be time to move on from him as your crush and find someone who wants to spend time with you!


So, men sometimes have a tough time expressing their love. When a man does send such sweet texts or messages to a woman, she may not understand that these are I like your signals. This is especially true when we talk about why men in general. They try to hide their genuine emotions behind jokes and silly texting.